WPC: Anticipation of Christmas


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The Daily Post: Anticipation

Thanks to everyone liking my posts. I have been flat out this week getting ready for our last market of the year.  I am dressing up as Mrs Claus and giving out sweets (candies) to all our young visitors.

PS: I made this nativity scene some years ago – with machine embroidery.

WPC: Early Morning Magic


Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Just a quick post this morning as I have another market to go to today.  We are now trying to get back to normality here in New Zealand.  Hastings, where I live, is back to normal.  We had a couple of days with stormy winds but got through that ok.

Wellington is still badly affected with many buildings off limits due to danger of collapse. Kaikoura is slowly getting more supplies in and trapped tourists out.  We are a hardy bunch here in New Zealand.

Again thanks for all your kind messages.

This week  wants to see magical images.  When I was searching through my archives I came across this folder, aptly called ‘Early Morning Magic’.  So I have edited them for a more ethereal feel to them.




WPC Challenge: Magic

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WPC: Small Things Around Us


Good morning from a cloudy and somewhat damp day here in Hastings.

 from The Daily Post has gone small today.

In this week’s challenge, show us tiny. Capture something at a smaller scale. Create your own miniature scene. Or experiment with the tilt-shift technique — Instagram and other apps have this built-in tool.

You can also interpret the theme in other ways by capturing your favorite tiny things — from your baby’s hands to belongings that are special to you — or documenting a small, quiet moment in your day. Have fun!

So first up is some tiny blue bells nestled among larger leaves.


While at a stopover in Palmerston North I found these tiny ducklings wandering around the town square.  My son was panicking as he thought I would be too engrossed in taking photos that I would miss the bush.  I didn’t of course.


Finally this helicopter looks tiny in the photo.

Sorry that I haven’t been around to all your blogs but have been busy.  Today I am taking a road trip to scout out another market, and then of course I am at Otane tomorrow.  So will catch up with everyone next week.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

WPC: Chaotic Leaves


Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This morning  wants to see our chaotic photos.  Actually my life is a bit chaotic at the moment. So I must apologise if I haven’t been to your blogs this week.  Time……


Just like with building blocks of all types, we’re often under the impression that photography needs to be orderly and neat, and serve some overarching design or idea. What I loved about the brick pit — and my photo of it — is that it embraced the creative potential of disorderly randomness: one huge heap of colorful, pixel-like atoms.

This week, share your own take on chaos, whether it’s the mess in your living room, a busy street crossing, a party on the verge of getting a little out of hand, or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.

When I go out into the native bush or parks I love the chaotic pattern of leaves when I zoom in on them, rather than a beautiful tree or whatever. I have lots of photos of chaotic leaves so here are just a few of them.



The Daily Post: Chaos

WPC Challenge:Transmogrify Reflections in Wellington


Good morning from another glorious spring day here in Hastings.

This week   has introduced us to a new word.  I had to copy and paste it just to make sure that the spelling was correct.


“to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”


So I had a bit of a think about this word and what photos to use.  Then I remembered the wonderful reflections of the buildings in the modern glass buildings in Wellington.  Last time I was in Wellington I used a wide angled lens.  This time I used the zoom lens to focus on the details of the reflections.


WPC Challenge: Transmogrify

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WPC: On a Quest for Birdlife


Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings morning.  I am up very early today as I want to get used to being up really early as tonight we change our clocks for summer time, or as we call it daylight saving.  So as I would normally be getting up at 5 AM on a Sunday to go to Otane, I will be getting up at 4 AM which will be a challenge tomorrow.  We change over very early here in New Zealand.  I don’t mind as it means I can get more done before the light goes.

So this week  is sending us all on quests.  Whenever I go out to take photos it becomes a quest.  Or more like a challenge to improve my skills.  Such as taking photos of birds in trees. At the moment tui are very active, and very hungry. Which makes them a little easier to get good shots of them.


Sparrows are very busy too, as well as being very vocal.


It was a quest in itself to stalk this magpie and get half decent photos of it.


And it is not just bird life, or blooms that I look for. But interesting photos such as this large palm tree which is home to dozens of pigeons.

The Daily Post: Quest




WPC: On the Edge


Good morning from a cold and blustery morning.  I am up very early as I have a lot to do today and I am taking part in the Blossom Parade today dressed up as a Suffragist.  At least I have a very long, very warm woollen retro coat to keep warm.

This week  is living on the edge.  That is our prompt is edge.



This week, share your own interpretation of “edge.” Take a photo from an actual edge, like a balcony, a window, or a seaside bluff (wherever you are, stay safe!). Focus on a sharp angle or object, or show us the outer margins of a building, a face, or a book. I look forward to seeing your photos!


I won’t be able to visit you all this weekend.  So I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

The Daily Post: Edge

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