WPC: Reflections of Nature

Spring time. 163

Good morning from a beautiful sunny spring day here in Hastings.

On the first day of spring I went to Cornwall Park to take more interesting photos than the sunrises and sunsets that I seem to have focused on this winter.  It was a stunning warm day.  No wind and the reflections were perfect.

Spring time. 138

I took a lot of photos of these sparrows taking a bath in the sun.

Spring time. 876

This may not look like reflections but the surface of the water was reflected on the bottom of this pond with the clear water.

The Daily Post: Mirror

This week, show us a mirror. You can take this photo challenge literally, and find reflections in mirrors, or in the stillness of a natural body of water. Live in an urban area? Some skyscrapers are beautifully reflective of the cityscape around them. Or, use this challenge to take a photo of yourself in the mirror. Self-documentation is important, especially for those of us who are usually behind the lens. Enjoy!

I have a very busy weekend so please excuse me if I can’t get to all your posts at all.

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WPC: Framing Nature

Showground reflections 099@0,1x

Good morning from a very windy Hastings morning.  The spring equinox winds are here.  At least it is a bit warmer.

But onto stiller times. I think that as photographers we always have an eye out for the perfect framed image.  Such as this one where the bare trees frame the evergreen in the background.

Napier and Otane 014@0,1x

I was fascinated how there is a crown of flowers framing the centre of this pelargonium (?).

This week, I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!

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WPC: Rare Art Deco Vintage Cars

Feb 2016 1 865@0,1x

Good Morning from a very wet and miserable Hastings day here.  We needed rain and we are certainly getting it.

So, an update on my WordPress woes.  I was told to use the app instead of the Internet version.  And that works.  No more bloatware.  Quick and responsive.  Not sure that I am that keen on writing posts with it.  I suppose I will get used to it- eventually. Actually no, I had to go to the Internet version for this post in the end. But the reader is definitely an improvement.

Anyway onto much happier times.  more specifically our Art Deco Weekend last February.  Some wonderful rare vintage cars from the 1930’s.

Feb 2016 1 867@0,1xFeb 2016 1 854@0,1x

It really is a photographers paradise. A case of where do you point the camera.

The Daily Post: Rare


WPC: Old MacDonald had a Farm

Wellington 1 1271@0,1x

Good morning from a slightly warmer Hastings morning.

After all the bad weather last weekend and mishaps with my knitting it is time to have some fun.  from The Daily Post has challenged us to find some fun photos.  So here are some photos from Wellington Zoo.

This is MacDonald’s Farm.  Here children can learn where our food comes from.

Wellington 1 1288@0,1x

My daughter and her flatmate had a lot of FUN going around and opening everything up.

Wellington 1 1285@0,1x

And I mean everything.

Wellington 1 1280@0,1x

Actually it really was a lot of fun here.

Wellington 1 1272@0,1x

I think my favourite animal just has to be the sheep.

Wellington 1 1275@0,1x

Being a knitter myself I thought this was a fun way to show how important sheep was to our lives.

The Daily Post: Fun

PS  I am having a  lot, and I mean a lot of problems with WP at the moment.  It is hard for me to comment too much.  So please don’t be offended if I don’t admire your work so much as before.  I think it is because of, as my son says, bloatware.  In other words those related reading thingys that they put underneath the image or what ever means that it takes forever to load.  So come on WP we really don’t need all that.


WPC: A Stormy Morning in Hastings, NZ

A Stormy Morning 037@0,1x

Good morning from a very stormy Hastings day.  This is the view I see when I sit at my desk this morning.  We are very cold, very windy and very wet.  So it is rather appropriate with this morning’s prompt from The Daily Post’s .

Imagine your typical morning. You might picture your favorite coffee mug. A streak of sunlight coming through your bedroom window. Or the roosters in your backyard that sound off at 5 am.

Or how about a snapshot of a once-in-a-lifetime morning, like a panorama of snowy mountaintops you’ve taken during a trek in the Patagonian Andes? Or a photo from breakfast of a pastéis de nata, a delicious Portuguese egg tart pastry, while on holiday in Lisbon?

There are countless ways we can start our days.

My mornings always start the same way.  Everyday.

A Stormy Morning 028@0,1x

Sitting at my messy desk when I read the local online newspapers and do my blog.  My parents gave me another TV, so I have hooked up my one to my computer so that I can actually read.  And have a better view of my photos.  It is just as good as another monitor.

A Stormy Morning 032@0,1x

I did try and venture out the door to take some photos of the storm.  But it was too cold, wet and windy to take more than one step out.  Apparently we are to have snow down to 200 metres today.  Many of the roads are closed due to snow.  We have been lucky so far this winter.  But this storm is really making up for it.

To add to the morning theme.  I always write ‘Good morning from a Hastings day’ as we are the first country to greet the new day.  So theoretically I live in the future.  So it is my way of greeting the new day.

WPC: Morning

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WPC: A Narrow View

Around the Library 398@0,1x

Good morning from a very cold and frosty Hastings day.  At least it is sunny, but the temperatures are just above freezing at the moment. My heater is going and I am wrapped up with a blanket at the moment. I really am looking forward to spring.

Anyway, enough of the grumps.   has given us the prompt of finding something narrow.

This week, let’s keep things narrow (but not narrow-minded!): share a photo with your take on the theme. You could focus on a slender object, or shoot an image where your field of vision is restricted. Alleyways and half-open doors, seesaws and water slides, spaghetti and electric cords… the world is full of narrow things. I can’t wait to see which one you’ll pick for your entry.

So, first up is the narrow view through some tree trunks at the branches and skies above the tree.

Around the Library 145@0,1x

Then there are these narrow vertical lines.

Around the Library 414@0,1x

And narrow horizontal lines in this lego tower.

The Daily Post: Narrow

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WPC: Cherry on the Top – A Golden Day

The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour

Good morning from a cool Hastings day.

This morning  has added to last week’s prompt by asking us to add the cherry on top – or the icing on the cake.

This week, share an image of a finishing touch from your own life. Maybe it’s a photo of the blooming rose bush that’s the centerpiece of your garden, or a shot of the sunset that was a perfect end to a wonderful day. Perhaps it’s a snapshot of the glowing grin on your daughter’s face after she achieves a longed-for goal, or a picture of the statue on top of a beautiful old building in your city.

When I sit at my desk in the mornings I see the colours of the day dawning.  I always have my camera next to me, so that I can capture the golden hour.  And in winter the golden hour is simply so colourful.

Showground reflections 310@0,1x
Capturing the light

Then on another day, it was capturing the light at the park, especially how the fountain is highlighted against the tree.

Home photos 025@0,1x
The last sun rays of the day

And the icing on the cake or cherry on top, is the sun going down and getting those sun rays.

The Daily Post: The Cherry on the Top

WPC: Details in Nature

Around the Library 163-Edit@0,1x

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This prompt is a hard one for me.  Hard, because it was difficult to chose which images to use.  wants us to focus on the details.

For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. Zoom in on details in unexpected places — it can be something from the natural world, or it can be human-made. We’re excited to see what you find with your lens.

So where to start.

Around the Library 027-Edit@0,1x

Raindrops are always a popular detail for me.

Raindrops on Friday 039@0,1x

Especially on spider webs.

Friday, Social Snappers in the rain 598@0,1x

Then freezing the movement of water to focus on where it came out of the fountain.

The Daily Post: Details

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WPC: Looking Skywards

Havelock North, Anderson Park 661@0,1x

Good morning from a very wet and soggy Hastings morning.  The rain stopped last night around 8 PM.  That was a relief.  There was a lot of surface flooding and I had an interesting experience driving through some mud.  My Social Snappers group went to the showgrounds to see our paintings that we had entered for the Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers Association. That was under the grandstand and dry which meant a lot of people were there to shelter from the rain.  And to stand near the huge heaters.  We didn’t hang around for too long.  Then we had to drive through the mud to get out.  Such a rural experience.

Anyway onto drier and colder times at Havelock North.   has given us the prompt of looking up to find something new.

For this week’s challenge, take a moment to look up. Whether it’s the fan above your head at work, your bedroom ceiling, or the night sky, what do you see? Is it familiar? Or does it show you a new perspective on your surroundings?

When I am out and about, especially in the parks I am always looking up for bird life.  I listen out for their bird song, and then I look up to see if there is any movement before zooming in on them.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 171@0,1x

Such as this native New Zealand bird, the tui.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 785@0,1x

And of course a fantail.


And finally this harrier hawk over our orchards.

The Daily Post: Look Up

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WPC: Opposites

Opposites 2

Good morning from a very cold and chilly morning – lots of frost and ice.  At least no rain.

This week  has asked us for our images of opposites –

 In your photo this week, show how opposites can tell a story about people, places, or objects. The tension can reside in what you choose to show — old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light — or in how you frame and design your shot. I look forward to seeing your entries!

Yesterday my Social Snappers group wandered around the CBD here in Hastings to see what kind of reflections we could find in any puddles still around.  As you can see we did find a very large puddle with some great reflections.  So this first image shows a car wheel opposite it’s reflection.

Opposites 1

I like the opposite feel in this image – dead leaf versus the evergreen of the lavender bush, or even green opposite orange. Or large opposite small.


And this last one – man made object – the steel bar and line, opposite the spider web.  Also straight lines opposite the curved and random lines of the web.

The Daily Post: Opposite

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