A Word a Week/ A lingering look at windows

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I love windows.  There are so many possibilities with the reflections.  I have always been fascinated with the way the sunrises and sunsets are reflected in the windows.  This one was another of the photos I took the same night as the sunset I showed yesterday.

002 (640x487)

Please excuse the quality of this photo.  I took this early one morning from the car with the sunrise behind me, reflected in the windows of the school building.  So the light was really poor.  The sunrise that morning was amazing and my daughter and I had our phones out and stopped every so often to take photos. I had the brush affect without even trying.

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Windows All Over the Place

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A Lingering Look at Windows

Window Reflections

A lingering Look at Windows shows a reflection of plant life in our garden.  That orange tree is loaded with really juicy mouth watering oranges.  There is nothing like going out into the garden to pick fruit right of the tree.


Textures in Venice

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 26

IMG_4594 (640x462)

Good morning from a cold Hastings morning.

I was going through my photos and found this image of the window reflections at a local pizza parlour.  I loved the different lights and how they reflected back in the window.  I was with my daughter who rolled her eyes when I got out the cellphone. You can see the price lists also reflected in the window.

As you can see I had fun with the editing.


Windows with a Difference

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A Lingering Look at Windows Week 23

Sunset through the window (640x486)

I haven’t post for this challenge for a while so it is time to get back into it all.

While staying at my parents I was fascinated by the sunset through this large window and the patterned curtains.  I also love the reflection bouncing off my car as well.

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A lingeringLook at Windows Week 18


Another week and another window.  I found this window while out walking one day.  I loved the way it reflected the bushes around it while seeming to be in darkness.


A Lingering Look at Windows: Somewhere in France

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A Lingering Look at Windows #17


Last night we had a good sunset but I was struck by how it was reflected in the windows of our house.


The window frames made a good frame so that the windows became pictures of their own.


Puzzling Windows

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 9 – Art Deco – Look Up, Look Down



Good morning from a foggy Hastings.

Where is the time going.  We are up to week 9 for Dawn’s challenge  for The Day After. As some of the photos are looking up at windows they can also go for Debbie’s challenge at Travel with Intent – Look Up, Look Down Week 28,

Continuing with my Art Deco theme this week I am focusing on the windows in the Art Deco centre of Napier.  They are so decorative and colourful.  I edited these with the Pacific Filter in the FX Photostudio Pro as I wanted to get a vintage  feel to them, appropriate to the Art Deco era. But also they remind me of the colours of Miami when I visited there 20 years ago.

There are quite a few.  It was a matter of where to start and when to stop.  It is a photographers paradise.













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