A lingering Look at Windows: Week 5 Lines and textures.



For this week’s entry I haven’t strayed far from home.  These have all been taken around my home at night time to catch the golden glow.  I have been fascinated with the lines of the venetian blinds contrasting with the view through the window in the last photo.  There are so many lines going in different directions.

I was also fascinated by the contrast of the textured window pane against the hard lines of the blinds.



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A lingering Look at Windows 2014 #4



Good evening from a muggy windy Hastings.

It is time for another lingering look at windows for the challenge by The Day After.

This is a local church two streets down from our house.  I often walked past it without really noticing it but then after starting this challenge I looked at it differently.



There are so many strong angles to the stained glass windows.



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A lingering Look at Windows: week 3


A couple of weeks ago while out walking I noticed how the light shades from this Carl’s Jr fast-food store really stood out through the windows.

I loved the  post by The Day After which you can see here;


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A Lingering look at Windows Week 2


Good morning from a cool Hastings.

This is the second week of this challenge by The Day After.  This photo was taken through a car window looking into the side mirror with the reflection of the sunset the other night.  This was the only position I could see the reflection.  When I moved around the car it disappeared.


This photo is looking through the trellis onto our neighbours window.

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A lingering Look at Windows: Week 1

Windows 5.Windows 2.

Windows 3.Windows 11.

Windows 9.Windows 6.Windows 4Windows 1

Good evening from a windy and warm Hastings.

So yet another challenge for you Amanda Lakey.  When I get up in the morning I get my one and only cup of coffee and sit down to read blogs and the news online and then do the crosswords and trivia questions.  After that  I go for a walk.  By reading the other blogs I then have an idea what to concentrate on.  This morning I read about this challenge that I haven’t taken part in.

A Lingering Look At Windows:  Week 1

So I went on the prowl for some interesting windows.  We have plenty here as we have so many different architectural styles.  Today I just focused on the lead light windows from the houses built around about the end of the  19th Century to the early part of last century when lead light was totally the trend.  I love them and think it really adds to the character of the property as well as dating them.

Anyway it is now evening and as we only have one TV I tend to sit on the computer and go through my photos and edit them. I can’t stand Coronation Street which my husband loves.

Here is the same window from a different period but just as interesting with two different reflections.

Windows 13.Windows 12.

It was just a matter of moving a couple of feet.

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Week # 1

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