A Serendiptious One Word Photo Challenge


Ok, I have probably shown some of these photos before.  But they are a perfect fit for Jennifer’s challenge at Jennifer Nichole Wells which this week is to showcase our rain photos, and for a Serendipitous story for Marilyn’s challenge over at SERENDIPITY.

So this was the start of the day in late February when I went to Taradale Primary School over at Napier to help my parents out with my father’s stall.  When I got up in the morning the sky was a clear blue colour with only a few fluffy white clouds.

This top photo was the sky scene that greeted me when I got over to Napier.


It didn’t take long for the clouds to gather and the umbrellas to come out.


I got bored.  It was cold, wet and miserable.  If we had known that the weather was going to be that cold we would not have gone.  But then again we were not to know that the weather forecast got it horribly wrong.


I passed the time trying to get some good photos of the different umbrellas.  It was hard trying to get just the umbrella without the people under them.

With the bad weather my father had a poor day trying to sell his hand made toys.

It did clear up again.  But by then, it was too late.


One Word Photo Challenge: Wet



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A Serendipitous Story: A New Perspective of Art Deco

Art Deco Lights-004

Good morning from a cold Hastings day.  I am so late this morning as I just couldn’t get out of my warm, cosy bed.  It has been very cold this week and today I didn’t need to get up for anything so why should I?

Anyway this week Cee from Cee’s Photography has asked us for our photos showing different perspectives.

A couple of weeks ago I was really lucky with the weather.  When I got up on this Friday it was raining hard.  I had a plan for our social snappers group.  I wanted to walk around Hastings and take different photos of the Art Deco features.  I wanted to demonstrate the different  perspectives that we can take of the buildings, and in particular our street lights.  Needless to say I wasn’t happy.  I did have a backup plan of photo editing etc indoors, but we want to get out and take photos.

Art Deco Lights-001

As I was eating my breakfast I noticed that the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine.

Art Deco Lights-012

By the time I got into the Women’s Centre at around 9.15 AM the sky had completely cleared.

Art Deco Lights-013

And as you can see, the sky was totally cloudless for the whole time we were wandering around town.

But in the afternoon the weather closed in again and started raining hard again.

Such a serendipitous day, which is also part of Marilyn’s challenge at SERENDIPITY.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Perspective (unusual angle or point of view)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Perspective Power Poles



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A Serendipitous Story: An Upside Down Story


For my story this week I had to search long and hard to find a photo.  My brain is still too cold this morning.

Then I found this photo.  A few years ago I brought a small Olympus point and shoot camera.  I used it for a while and then gave it to my daughter Ruth to use for her art studies at school.  Then last year she gave it back to me.  Well what a revelation.  There were a lot of selfies on it (which I have saved but not used to save her dignity) and other photos that she had taken, but not wiped off.

So I wanted to try it out.  We headed outside and Ruth showed off her gymnastic skills.  When she was 11 and 12 she went to what we call in New Zealand intermediate school.  We have primary school for ages  5 – 10 (generally speaking of course), then intermediate school for 11 – 12 and then high school for 13 upwards.  Ruth was telling me last week that she joined the gymnastic team to have something to do during the lunch hour.  It wasn’t the best of schools but both my children has to go to the school they were in zone for.

Ruth actually did really well at gymnastics.  She had the right body for it and was very flexible, unlike me, who actually did do gymnastics at a gym.  So this night she decided to see if she still had it in her.  And as you can see from the photo, she could still do her handstands and flips etc.

I then lost this camera with my other camera when we moved.  But we did have fun trying it out while I still had it.

This post is my Serendipitous Story of the Week for Marilyn’s challenge at SERENDIPITY.


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Five Photos, Five Stories: A Bee’s Story

A Busy Bee-517

I’m just minding my business.  Actually my life is my business.  I am a busy bee.  My job is to fly from plant to plant and pollinate everything I touch.  At this time of the year the nectar just seems to be so yummy and irresistible.  There is so much to put into the hive to feed our queen.

At least here in this park there are no pesticides.  Now that is hard to spot.  I have seen so many of my friends pass away from this – Tom, Dick and Harry were especially close to me.

Why can’t these big clumsy humans realise that we are the most vital creatures on this earth.  Without us there will be no grasses, no crops, no food.  We pollinate the blossoms that grow into their fruit and foods that they eat.

Those big clumsy humans think they are the most intelligent creatures on this earth.  But us humble bees will have the last say.  When we are not around, they won’t be around either.

So my plea to you big oaf with the strange looking object in your face, is to pass on this message to your fellow humans.  So that Tom, Dick and Harry and others don’t die in vain.


This is for two challenges.  The first one is for Marilyn’s new challenge at  SERENDIPITY where we get to write a story with our photos.

I was also nominated by Emilio at  Photos by Emilio and as part of this challenge I would like nominate Carol from Light Words.  All you need to do Carol is write a story to go with your photo and then nominate another blogger each day.  Your photos are so great.  No obligation.


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One Word Photo Challenge: A Serendipitous stormy story

Stormy Clouds-1854

Jennifer from Jennifer Nichole Wells has finished with her colours and we are now showcasing our weather photos.  This is definitely more of a challenge.  So here are some of the ideas that Jennifer has given us

If you want to share pictures of actual weather events do that! But you don’t have to. Share a photo of how rain makes you feel or what you do during a snow storm. Share an image of your sunny day supplies or your emergency weather kit. Anything goes- it just has to make sense to you!

This week I have chosen this photo that I made a point of stopping on the expressway for.  I had my son with me and I kept telling him to take photos.  Not a good idea.

To go back to the beginning it was a public holiday but the weather as you can see  was rather bad.  I had promised we would go over to my parents in Napier to see them and to sort out their curtains.  On the way over we could see these impressive cloud formations.  I made my son get out the camera and to take photos.  He didn’t want to.  So I had to stop on the side of the expressway and take some photos myself. Sigh.  He did take a few photos but was’t comfortable.  And the photos showed it too.  It’s not that the camera is awkward and hard to manage.  On the contrary it is really easy.

Sigh.  Teenagers.  I gave up.

While I was writing this post I thought it would be a good post for Marilyn’s challenge at SERENDIPITY.  Just because there was a story to go with this photo.


One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

One Word Photo Challenge: Storm


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Serendipitous Photo Story: What is a doofer

What's a Doofer-1962

Marilyn from SERENDIPITY has started up a weekly challenge of writing little stories to our photos.  I am starting to write a little more for some of my posts.  And this photo just begs for a story.


plural noun: doofers
  1. an object or device of unspecified name or nature.

On Monday we had a public holiday.  So I went over to my parents place to sort out their curtains, which had been destroyed by Socks their cat.  That was explained in my post yesterday about how naughty he was.


When we go over to my parents we try not to eat there.  They have a lunch time concert when they put on a video of Andre Rieu.  I’m sorry Mum and Dad, I do like him, just not while I am eating. Also we don’t like to impose ourselves too much.

So we left Napier feeling very hungry.  My son owed me some takeaways so he decided we should eat Burgerfuel – here you can find out about the history of this New Zealand burger chain:


Anyway, to cut a long story short we went there and ordered our burgers.  I embarrassed my son terribly by getting out my camera to take photos.  They had some great stools and lighting fixtures.  What made matters worse was that he had gone to school with our server.  Oops.  We did have a discussion as to whether to eat there or to go home.  We decided to go home to eat them.  Our home is only a matter of minutes away anyway.

Just as well.  The burgers are not like the generic Burger King or MacDonalds.  They are massive.  The meat patty was huge, there was a lot of lettuce,tomatoes and beetroot.  Not to mention lashings of sauce.  Very yummy sauce I might add.  So it was very messy.  So just as well we didn’t eat at Burgerfuel.  We would have been even more embarrassed by our messy eating.

After we had finished I looked into the bag and discovered these cardboard doofers.  What are these for we asked ourselves?  I then googled doofers and found out that they are used to hold the burgers together  and keep your hands clean.

Since I didn’t take any photos due to my very slippery hands here is the explanation of what they actually do.

So the moral of this story is: Check what is in your bag before eating, you never know what you will find.


That was definitely our doh moment.


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