A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Shadow

DSCF1568 1

Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

This weeks word from A Word in Your Ear is shadow.  So I immediately remembered taking these photos last autumn at Frimley Park.  Actually I had gone up to take photos of the sunset as I thought it would be a better place as you have a better view of the sky.  The sunset didn’t eventuate but I found these really long shadows instead.  It was just starting to cool down as well so there was a slight touch of frostiness in the air.

They have all been given a vintage touch with All Vintage Studio as I wanted a retrospective feel to them.

DSCF1579 1


DSCF1566 1


DSCF1569 1


It is funny how you notice the long shadows in autumn, not not in spring.  I suppose the sun is getting stronger in spring and you look forward to the longer warmer days.  But in autumn all the long shadows do is remind us that winter is on it’s way and that the days are getting shorter.

Enjoy the photos.

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An Elf among the Bluebells

1_Canterbury Bell

Good morning from a sunny and warm Hastings day.

I have been working on my Photoshop skills lately.  I found this book with CD ROM of designs for fairies and elves and thought it a great way to learn more about Photoshop Elements and working with layers.  I did find using a tablet a lot more satisfying that with a mouse.  I can magnify it and then work on it with more accuracy.  This is a Canterbury bells Elf.  I used different layers to add the shading and to give it a roundness to the figure.  I then used the feathering lasso to fade out the periphery in order to make it come out in the photo a bit better.

DSCF5546 2

I searched through my archives to find a good photo and found these bluebells with a lone tulip.

Blue bells

It was over to All Vintage Studio for a old photo look.

Canturbury Fairy among the Blue Bells

Back to Photoshop to adjust the tone to a blue tone and then I added the elf.  It would have been better to have Canterbury Bells around but I haven’t found any so the bluebells had to do.

I used the photos taken by the girls early last century who faked the fairy photos as my inspiration.  Today we can do a far better job of combining fantasy with reality.  So this is my humble effort.  Any comments on how to improve merging photos would be greatly appreciated.

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Mandarin Orange Monday 69



Good morning from a  wet and grey Hastings day.

Even though it is Tuesday for me it is still Monday for those in the United States so I can still participate in this challenge.  Well I did all the editing on a Monday anyway. I loved the groovy psychedelic feel to LorikArt‘s post this week.

I love the way editing can completely transform images from something that is interesting into something completely different.  It is also such a fun process.


This was my first image.

MOM Flower

Over to FX Photostudio Pro to solarise it.

MOM Flower 1

Then to All Vintage Studio for some grainy effects.

MOM Flower 2

Then it was to Photoshop Elements 11 for some colour enhancements using both a gradient map and also the colour enhancer.  I still like each stage in their own rights.  Especially the image from FX  Photostudio Pro.


I chose this image for the single leaf that pops out of the image.

Leaves MOM

I used the Yellow Stroke filter in FX Photostudio Pro to make this leaf stand out.

Leaves MOM 1

Then with All Vintage Studio I tried to make some of the background block out.

Leaves MOM 2

Then it was to Photoshop Elements 11 for a gradient map filter for the orange.

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Directions

Direction 6

Good morning from another beautiful sunny Hastings day.

Another week, another challenge by Ese’ s Voice –      Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Direction      

I had to do some thinking for this challenge as I scrolled through my archives.  Directions.  Then I searched for a quote and came up with this one.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

Dr Seuss.

So I found these photos from an early morning frosty walk at Pakowhai Park, on the side road between Napier and Hastings, last winter.    I was the only one there and the photos I got were amazing.  So I chose these photos as they had tracks leading in different directions. These have all been edited with either All Vintage Studio or FX Photostudio Pro to give a misty or vague look to them so that the directions are not always clear.  I believe totally in that quote in that life is full of choices and each choice we make determine what direction our lives take.

Directions 4

We can walk alongside others as this path meanders alongside a stream.

Directions 3

Or we can take a lonely road by ourselves.

Directions 9

Sometimes it can be dark and lonely.

Directions 5

Other times it is like a step into the unknown.

Directions 8

Others cross our paths going in completely different directions to us and at different speeds.

Directions 7

There are times when we have a hard time deciding what direction we should take.

Directions 2

Yet other times it is easy to see what direction we should take.

Directions 1

No matter what direction we take life is always interesting.

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot and Quote Challenge – Intangible

Intangible 1


Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.

This week the challenge by Ese’ s Voice is intangible.  So this is my quote.

“Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible.  No one can take them.  You, and you alone, can give them.  You will receive abundance for your giving.”

W, Clement Stone

For these photos I used the All Vintage Studio app to edit them.  I wanted a will o’the wisp feel to them.  But when I looked up the meaning for that it meant to be lead astray.  Actually I was thinking of having something that is there but delicate and hard to grasp. So I chose these fairies.  Well that is what I call them, they are light and float around, but end up getting caught up on branches.

Intangible 2Intangible 3

Then there are these dandelions.

Intangible 6Intangible 4Intangible 5

These fairies are like life.  We can float around but we will inevitably come into contact with other people. It is what we do with that contact that matters.  Like the quote says, it is up to you alone how you regard others around you.  You don’t know what impact you can make on others lives.

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Mandarin Monday Orange Week 68



Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

Today is Monday, and I am on time with this challenge –     Mandarin Orange Monday 68       by LorikArt. Today I have gone for another abstract image.  But with a New Zealand flavour.  I love taking photos of ferns.  There is a lot of texture in them.  With this one I went for depth of focus, just centring on the middle of the image.

Fern grey

Using FX Photostudio Pro I changed it to black and white.

solarised fern

orange fern

Then I saturated it with the orange filter.

orange fern + frame

Added a frame.

orange fern + frame + beige stain 5 1

Then I went to a new app I found called All Vintage Studio.  This has some really cool affects which I love.  This is the beige stain 5 filter.

orange fern + frame + beige stain 5

Then it was over to Photoshop to enhance the colour to this orange hue.  A bit different to the original photo.

I love trying out new apps and seeing what I can do to make my images more interesting.  Doing these challenges are great to see what I can come up with.


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