WPC: Rare Art Deco Vintage Cars

Feb 2016 1 865@0,1x

Good Morning from a very wet and miserable Hastings day here.  We needed rain and we are certainly getting it.

So, an update on my WordPress woes.  I was told to use the app instead of the Internet version.  And that works.  No more bloatware.  Quick and responsive.  Not sure that I am that keen on writing posts with it.  I suppose I will get used to it- eventually. Actually no, I had to go to the Internet version for this post in the end. But the reader is definitely an improvement.

Anyway onto much happier times.  more specifically our Art Deco Weekend last February.  Some wonderful rare vintage cars from the 1930’s.

Feb 2016 1 867@0,1xFeb 2016 1 854@0,1x

It really is a photographers paradise. A case of where do you point the camera.

The Daily Post: Rare



Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge: Around Hastings CBD

Unusual Audience

Good morning from a drier Hastings morning. Yesterday we had a lot of rain.  I mean a lot.  I got drenched within minutes of going out in the rain to go down to teach sewing.

A big thank you to Cee for featuring my black & white florals last week.  I feel very honoured to be chosen.

So this week I found some photos from warmer and drier times around the Hastings CBD.  I thought this first photo was just so funny.  That the only audience this busker had was the pig holding up a sign outside one of our banks.

Mirrored Storefront Hastings

Then there is this sign from the window of another bank- I think that the window cleaners didn’t really do a good job here.

Vintage Store Front Hastings

Finally a vintage photo.  All these photos were taken during the Art Deco weekend back in February.  So this wonderful table was outside the Information Centre.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Storefronts

I have to rush so can’t catch up with everyone’s amazing blogs as I have my Social Snappers group this morning. So I will catch up with you all later.

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Cee;s Oddball Photo Challenge: Shoe Shiner Out of Time in Napier

Shoe Shiner in Napier-

Good morning from a cooler Hastings day.

I must apologise if I haven’t answered all the wonderful comments that you may have left on my blog.  It was a crazy weekend.  On Saturday I spent the whole day sewing Art Deco slips and tap pants.  It took longer than expected but I did manage to finish them (and sell a set).  While yesterday I was down at the Otane Market which was part of the festival so it was busy.  I managed to sell a few things which was great.

Now that the festival is over I am back to my art again.  I have a competition in June to start work on, and I want to do more photography as well.  Work on my Photoshop skills really.

Which is what I have been doing this morning.  I have brought two Topaz preset filter sets – the textures and restyle so that I can really work on my vintage style.  Thus my two colour posts today are done in the vintage texture filters to give an antique feel.

So for Cee Neuner‘s Oddball Challenge today I tried to give a vintage feel to this shoe shiner I found in Napier last week.  I love how everyone really gets in the Art Deco era – clothes and accessories and really just embrace the festival.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 8

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Clouds over Napier

Clouds Over Napier 2-

Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

Yesterday I dressed up and went over to Napier to see what was happening for the Art Deco Festival.  It was rather quiet, but the excitement and events start building up today and then over the weekend it is huge.  So I was able to wander around and take a few photos in peace.

This was the weather when I first arrived.  Sunny, and hot and very, very humid.

Clouds Over Napier 1-

And then I looked towards the south and saw these clouds rolling in.

Clouds Over Napier-

Looking down Emerson Street, the main thoroughfare of Napier CBD.

Clouds Over Napier 3-

And looking up towards Bluff Hill.

As you can see the storm clouds were rolling in and yes it did rain, but I was indoors for it and so didn’t catch any photos of it.  But the humidity is a killer – I had my heavy beaded dress on – thank goodness as it was windy too.

This is for Cee Neuner‘s black and white challenge this week – our weather photos.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Weather

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WPC: Time for Art Deco

Time for Art Deco 2-

Good morning from a humid Hastings day.

Just a quick post today.  I am off to the market today so wish me luck.

At the moment it is time for dressing up in Art Deco clothes.  I have my beaded dress on.  Red lippy and nails too.  It is like dressing up as a child, but much more fun as the clothes fit.

So here are some timeless photos of our clock tower.

Time for Art Deco-

Time for Art Deco 1-

These are cards I am selling.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Art Deco Lights

Art Deco LightsMay 15, 2015-May 15, 2015

Good morning from a cooler summers day here in Hastings.

This week Cee Neuner has asked us for our black & white photos of lights.  So what can I show but our Art Deco Lights here in Hastings.

Art Deco LightsMay 15, 2015-May 15, 2015

Art Deco LightsMay 15, 2015-May 15, 2015

They are very photogenic.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lights

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A Photo a Week: Vintage Hastings

Vintage Hastings-10

Good morning from 2016 here in Hastings, New Zealand.  So what is the weather look like for the start of the New Year – in one word – lousy.  It is wet and miserable and it is supposed to stay that way for a couple of days.  But then again the farmers need the rain. My Monochrome of the Day images were taken south of Hastings and the hills are just so brown and dry.  So hopefully it is a sign of a good year for us.

Anyway nancymerrill  from


has asked for our vintage photos.  I loved the idea of vintage photography.  Last year I purchased the Nik Collection for my editing.  Right what I wanted to do.  So here is a collection of vintage photos from last year’s Art Deco Weekend.  I have made these into cards – I will take them into the Information Centre here in Hastings to see if I can sell them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I have been going over old photos, taking photos of them and then editing them with Silver Efex Pro 2.


A baby photo of my twin sister and myself.

My Grandmother's Wedding-

And then I edited my grandmothers photo.  I could have fixed the cracks up but they are part of the photo.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Art Deco Doors and Windows in Hastings.

Art Deco Windows and Doors-2

Good morning from a cooler, wetter Hastings day.

This week Cee Neuner has asked for doors and windows for her wonderful fun challenge.  So what else could I show but some of our Art Deco doors and windows here in Hastings.

Art Deco Windows and Doors

The Westermans’s building above the Information Site.

Art Deco Windows and Doors-3

And below.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Doors and Windows




Bleak House

Early Doors and Windows on Tanna: Cee’s Fun foto Challenge


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Lace Impressions


Good morning from a cooler Hastings day.

Yesterday I went down to Otane, which is just south of Hastings to a market to try and sell my paintings – didn’t do well but was asked to go back again next week. The last Sunday before Christmas is really busy so hopefully will do better.

A big thank you to Cee for honouring my blow up Santa last week.


This week I am combining this post with Ailsa’s challenge this week which is fabric.

Where’s My Backpack?: Fabric


I love lace. It is so luxurious. I have just made another Art Deco dress. This time it is just so frothy with layers of this lace. I was showing it to a friend who wanted to take some photos. So I took a photo of her taking a photo. And here is another photo of the lace. I will show the full dress another time.

Travel theme: Fabric



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #50



No They Aren’t!

Eclectic Mix: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Art Deco Engines


Good morning from a cool cloudy Hastings day.

When I saw what the prompt is this week from Cee over at Cee’s Photography I knew exactly where to look in my archives.  Of course my Art Deco photos.


Every year this steam train and the small tram in the top photo are dusted off and put to use again.


I have included this as it is one of the earliest motor cars.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things with Engines or Motors

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