WPC Challenge: Art Deco Doors in Hastings.

Hastings doors-081

This week  from The Daily Post has asked us for our doors.

For this week’s challenge, publish a new post with a photo of a door (or multiple doors!). Consider how color affects the image, but also think about size, shape, texture, and details — how might these elements add up to tell a story?

As everyone knows I live in Hastings, New Zealand. Our city, along with Napier was badly damaged by an earthquake in February 1931.  So the rebuild was done in the Art Deco style.  So the CBD reflects this rejuvenation of our city. Even today the colours are still important – there is something fresh and summery with them.

Hastings doors-098

Hastings doors-018

This door is above the Information Centre.

Hastings doors-086

It is never boring walking around Hastings as there is so much to discover – all the small details that was so important in the Art Deco era.





Thursday Doors & WPC Doors

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Doors

Doors in Barcelona


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Travel Theme: Old Fashioned – Art Deco 2015

Hawke's Bay Express

Good morning from a cool but sunnier Hastings day.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our old fashioned photos.  So it was back to my Art Deco photos for some inspiration.  First up is the Hawke’s Bay Express.

Art Deco

Then it was an old fashioned car.  I didn’t get many photos of cars this year, I focused more on the car mascots.  I will have to see what I want to focus on next year.

Both edited in Photoshop CC and then onto Photoscape for the Antique Preset filters.

Old Fashioned Rose-6012

Finally I couldn’t resist and old fashioned style rose.

Travel theme: Old-fashioned



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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Bees

Macro Blooms-2752

Good morning from a slightly warmer – i.e. not so frosty Hastings day.

This week for Sally’s challenge I have gone back to the Art Deco from last year.  My battery died on my camera so I ended up using my cell phone.   My iPhone 5S was new at the time and so I wanted to see how the zoom worked on it.  Just because I didn’t want an unwelcome sting.  I was pleased with the results.

This is part of Sally’s Mobile Device challenge which this week is macros.

Macro Blooms-2748

Macro Blooms-2749




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WPC: On the way to Art Deco

Art Deco Steam Train-0358

Good morning from a very cold and frost Hastings.  I am sure that this week has just got colder and whiter each day.

So for this week Michelle from The Daily Post has asked us for our photos on the way to anything.

So I went to my warmest photos of the Art Deco Weekend last February.  I stopped on the way to Napier to catch the steam train on the way to Otane, which is south of Hastings.



#FridayFoto: On My Way…



Flying High




On The Way in West Virginia

WordPress Weekly Photo On The Way

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A Serendipitous Story: A New Perspective of Art Deco

Art Deco Lights-004

Good morning from a cold Hastings day.  I am so late this morning as I just couldn’t get out of my warm, cosy bed.  It has been very cold this week and today I didn’t need to get up for anything so why should I?

Anyway this week Cee from Cee’s Photography has asked us for our photos showing different perspectives.

A couple of weeks ago I was really lucky with the weather.  When I got up on this Friday it was raining hard.  I had a plan for our social snappers group.  I wanted to walk around Hastings and take different photos of the Art Deco features.  I wanted to demonstrate the different  perspectives that we can take of the buildings, and in particular our street lights.  Needless to say I wasn’t happy.  I did have a backup plan of photo editing etc indoors, but we want to get out and take photos.

Art Deco Lights-001

As I was eating my breakfast I noticed that the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine.

Art Deco Lights-012

By the time I got into the Women’s Centre at around 9.15 AM the sky had completely cleared.

Art Deco Lights-013

And as you can see, the sky was totally cloudless for the whole time we were wandering around town.

But in the afternoon the weather closed in again and started raining hard again.

Such a serendipitous day, which is also part of Marilyn’s challenge at SERENDIPITY.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Perspective (unusual angle or point of view)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Perspective Power Poles



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Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Clouds over Hastings

Train in the city-8305

Good morning from a very chilly Hastings day.  Yesterday morning when I did my posts it was pouring with rain and freezing cold.  It was even snowing in Napier.  It never snows in Napier.  Even the flights were cancelled at the airport – which is sea level.  But after I did my post the weather suddenly cleared up and we ended up with a very crisp sunny day.  Still freezing though.

Anyway my mobile photos with my iPhone 5S were taken about a month ago.  I was supposed to be on my way to my painting class when I noticed this cloud formation.   Soooo, as you can imagine I was very late to my class.  This train is actually running right through the centre of our CBD.

These are for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally.  Which this week is challenger’s choice.

Clouds over Hastings-8295

Hastings Art Deco Lights-8316



Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Food


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One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

Enjoying a day at the beach-1

This week Jennifer from Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for our hot photos.  So on searching my archives I found this photo from last year’s Art Deco Weekend where these gentlemen sat on this log, enjoying the hot sun.


One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

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Cee’s Oddball Challenge:

Ice Cream statue-0495

Good morning from a cold and frosty Hastings day.  Winter is definitely on the way.

Monday for me means it is time to showcase my oddball photos.  Thank you so much Cee from Cee’s Photography , for featuring my post last week.

022414 feature banner

Those curly fries are definitely yummy.

This week is yet another Art Deco photo from February.  Both Napier and Hastings do have some interesting statues.  I have no idea what this represents but it is most definitely fun.  What is it?  Either an ice cream cone or a vase with flowers?

Hopefully I will be getting a new laptop today.  My insurance company has accepted my claim.  I will be very careful with my coffee in the future.  I promise. My son will be coming with me to make sure I get a computer I can use – especially for Photoshop.  I do have to pay for the deductible but I don’t know what the limit is or what specs the insurance company will pay for.  Should be fun.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #20





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Travel Themes: Art Deco Hats

Cloche Hat-018

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This week Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us to show off our hats.  Soooo, as everyone knows I am a huge Art Deco fan.  I love getting into the spirit of the event by dressing  up with the dresses, gloves and of course hats.

So for this first hat I brought a ready made cloche felt hat.  Then I had some beaded lace left over from my dress which I carefully cut out and glued onto the hat.  For some extra embellishment I added this silk rose.  It is a bit weird wearing it as it goes right down over my forehead.  This makes it difficult to take photos.

Crochet Hat-054

This second photo is of my daughter Ruth modelling this hat I crocheted. I have a book with original knitting patterns starting from the early 1920’s.  From this time all the women’s magazines always included knitting or crocheting patterns which also included hats and gloves.  This was one of them from 1932.

The Art Deco period was such an elegant era.  There was a strict etiquette regarding what to wear to what event.  You can see this if you are a fan of Downtown Abbey.  I remember there was one scene where Mary was asked by a man to go to London.  She then asks him on the phone what she needed to bring – was this rendezvous during the day, at night, what restaurant were they going to, and to what jewelry she needed to bring.  But then that was for the rich.

But even the working class wouldn’t be seen without gloves or hat when going out.  This is where the magazines were so important.  They provided the poorer women with a chance to keep up with the latest fashions.  Their hair would not have been as messy as Ruth’s was either.

Travel theme: Hats

Travel Theme: Hats


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Cee’s Fun Fotos: Car Mascots

Car Mascot-0541

My entry for this week’s challenge by Cee.

Below is a gallery of all the mascots I found at the Art Deco weekend last February.  I think it is a shame that they don’t have them anymore.

I found that the colours were too distracting so I have done them in monochrome.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars – New, Vintage, Toys, etc.

Toy Cars

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars Today and Yesterday




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