A Word in your Ear – Sign


Good morning from a rather damp Hastings.

This weeks challenge for A Word in Your Ear is Sign.

I don’t usually take photos of signs. So  I am showing signs of autumn.  Last Saturday I was on a mission to take photos of autumn for this local photo competition.  So here are some I took.  I love the colours of autumn but am not looking forward to winter as I don’t cope to well with the colder weather.  I know the northern hemisphere are so relieved to get signs of spring after their horrible winter.


DSCF4665 1


There have been some great signs –





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A Photo A Week, Look Up, Look Down






Good morning from Hastings.

I am killing two birds with one stone today.  Two challenges. Well actually 3.  Nancy has challenged us to take photos of backlit subjects.  I do this a lot a I love the way the colours stand out.  The second challenge is for Debbie’s Look Up, Look Down.

These photos were taken looking up with the sun just coming up.  They caught my eye as the colours really stood out.

The third challenge is a local photo competition for the colours of autumn here in the Hawke’s Bay.  I have until the end of April to take some photos to hand in.  I am not sure how many photos are allowed.  They were rather vague.  So I will need to narrow it down I would imagine.

So I am asking for some imput here.  Which are your favourites and why?

Check out Nancy’s challenge here.


And Debbie’s here.


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A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Shadow

DSCF1568 1

Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

This weeks word from A Word in Your Ear is shadow.  So I immediately remembered taking these photos last autumn at Frimley Park.  Actually I had gone up to take photos of the sunset as I thought it would be a better place as you have a better view of the sky.  The sunset didn’t eventuate but I found these really long shadows instead.  It was just starting to cool down as well so there was a slight touch of frostiness in the air.

They have all been given a vintage touch with All Vintage Studio as I wanted a retrospective feel to them.

DSCF1579 1


DSCF1566 1


DSCF1569 1


It is funny how you notice the long shadows in autumn, not not in spring.  I suppose the sun is getting stronger in spring and you look forward to the longer warmer days.  But in autumn all the long shadows do is remind us that winter is on it’s way and that the days are getting shorter.

Enjoy the photos.

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Split toning with Sonel’s Corner – Change of season



Good evening from a very windy and gusty Hastings.

I have just spent some time playing around with these leaves that I had shot back in the autumn.

This is the first change of colour via the colour gradient.

brown leaves - split toning

Brown, but it didn’t have the texture I wanted with the leaves.

green leaves for split toning

The next adjustment with the gradient map turned it green with more texture.

blue and green leaves for split toning

I played around with the colour adjustment to see if I could increase the contrast.

yellow, blue and green leaves for split toning

Then back to the gradient map for the more contrast.

yellow, blue and green leaves for split  toning + magenta


For something different I added the magenta colours.

colourful centre split toning


Finally I used one of the filters to just give it a colourful centre, which gives the affect of an inner glow.

I should add that to start with I used the poster edge filter just to strengthen the lines.

The end result is so totally different to the beginning.  But that is all part of the fun.

Cheers from Raewyn