Black and White Challenge: Day 2

IMG_0971 (488x640)

Day 2 of this challenge.  Yesterday I had the simplicity of the one branch of leaves.  So today I have the whole tree.  I found it interesting how the  leaves get larger towards the top of the photo.

Today I would like to nominate Amy at

Her photos are amazing.

So Amy should you accept this challenge you just need to post a black and white photo every day for 5 days and nominate a person each day.  If you can’t manage it then that is fine.

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Black and White Challenge

IMG_0972 (640x484)

Here is a new challenge for me.  Thanks to Meg for nominating me:

Her work is amazing and I love the way she uses textures.

So last night I played around on my iPad.  So here is my first image.  This was taken with my iPhone at my old rental.  It was fun trying to isolate the leaves from the background. Edited with Snapseed and Aviary.  To be honest Black and White is my first real love in photography but I really don’t do enough of it.  For me there can be more ambiance and atmosphere with the monotone that is missing in colour images.  But then again I love colour to.

For this challenge we are to post a B & W image every day for 5 days and nominate another blogger.  If you don’t want to participate that is ok.   So I nominate Woolly Muses to take up this challenge.  I am loving the direction his work is going.

Thanks for visiting.  Must dash – have a breakfast with friends this morning.  Will catch up with everyone when I get home.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: In the Garden

Black and white roses (481x640)

Cee has given us an open topic for her challenge this week.  So I have gone for what I have found in my garden the past month.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

And no spiders were killed in the shooting of these photos.  Actually I sat inside at the dining room table and just zoomed in on them.

Spider web (481x640)

Spider web 1 (481x640)


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges


Good morning from a wet and miserable Hastings day.  I think this heavy rain is to last all day.  But it is needed.

I have discovered an new great app for my iPad.  Aviary.  If I signed up before January I got loads and loads of free filters and frames.  So guess what I was doing last night.  The affects are awesome.

So onto Cee’s challenge. Bridges.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

This is actually a photo of a paper photo that I had taken about 20 years ago when I had belonged to the St Johann Camera Club in the Tyrol in Austria.  I had taken a trip to London to take photos and visit a sister over there.  A lot of the affects you wanted for the image depended on several things, one the processing of the film, two the exposure of the image onto the paper – and the dodging and burning you can do, and three the paper you use.  I used a high grade paper for this image and the image is still good after all these years.   So I just took a photo of it.

That process was expensive and a lot of paper and chemicals were wasted just to get the image affect I wanted.  So I just loooovvvveee my apps and the fact that editing is just a mouse click and that if I don’t like the look then I just click the undo button.

With Aviary I was able to edit this image even further and clean it up a lot more, as well as define the Tower Bridge a bit more.

Dawn at Tower Bridge


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

It seems that the Tower Bridge is a popular subject this week.


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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White Ferns

IMG_0225 copy (500x640)

Good morning from a grey looking Hastings.

It is time for Sally’s challenge for our non–SLR devices again.

It was interesting to see the new camera specs for the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week.  The IPhone 6Plus looks like it could be a mini SLR camera which should be good.  We don’t always have our large cameras with us, but we usually have cellphones on us.

Anyway I have gone for a New Zealand theme today.  The All Blacks won against South Africa last Saturday night in a tight rugby match.  So I thought it would be appropriate to show some ferns in black and white.  These photos were taken in the native bush at Cornwall Park earlier this year.

IMG_0227 copy (500x640)

IMG_0224 copy (640x480)

IMG_0223 copy (640x480)

They have been edited with Snapseed, Perfect Affects 8 and Photoscape.

Let’s Face It…

Thanks for visiting and check out some other great posts for this challenge.



Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

IMG_3782 (640x529)

Good morning from a warmer Hastings this morning.

This being the third Monday in June it is time for some black and white with my IPhone.

These photos have been sitting on my phone waiting to be used.  The first two photos have been edited with Snapseed.  I love grunge look with these.

IMG_3777 (640x480)

My father loves doing jigsaw puzzles when his pain gets too bad to do his woodwork.  I took some photos of one that he had completed.  Then I changed it to black and white.  Then I added this awesome affect from one of my photo editing apps – I’m sorry but I can’t remember which one.  But I love the affect.

IMG_4109 (640x466)


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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Man Made Objects.

2014-02-27 18.31.19

2014-02-27 18.31.41

2014-02-27 18.32.57

Good evening from a muggy Hastings.

Time for Cee’s challenge at Cee’s Photography.  This week is all about man made objects.  Since I have been focusing on Art Deco this week I thought about some of the detail that can be found on the buildings in Napier.

The first image has the bonus of a large Imperial Chryslar from the early 60’s.  Usually Hubby is very knowledgable about early classic cars, but this one had him stumped.  It is about 30 years out of date compared to the buildings.

These have been edited using Snapseed and ColourStrokes.  I am not sure how I did it but when I was adding my watermark I noticed the soft focus on the second and third image.  I thought about editing the images again but somehow I like the contrast of the softness against the hard lines of the buildings.

Here is Cee’s blog for more information

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Made-Made Objects

and other great posts


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Man Made Objects


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A photo a Week Challenge: From Colour to Black and White


I love post processing so was happy to see Nancy’s challenge this week at nancy merrill photography.  Then I saw Cee’s photo at Cee’s Photography and thought wow.  We take colour in our world for granted but sometimes it lacks a little drama.  That I saw with Cee’s photo where the colours detracted somewhat from the image.  But when she changed it from colour to Black and White it was so much more dramatic and interesting.  It was a great photo to start with but I was just blown away by the transformation.

I have chosen this rose for the light affect through the petals.

DSCF8829 1

I edited with ColorStrokes and used the dreamy filter to give it a more surreal look.  Then I added a vignette to just bring out the rose and added the border.

Being me I couldn’t stop at just one photo so here are a couple of others I did as well.

DSCF8797DSCF8797 1

DSCF8947DSCF8947 1

Thanks for visiting and here are Cee’s and Nancy’s blogs to check out.

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W

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IPhoneography Challenge: black and white.


Good morning from a very soggy Hastings.  We have survived yet another earthquake.  It was rather tame here compared to those south of us.  We aren’t called the Shaky Isles for nothing.  We are still getting a lot of little aftershocks but nothing serious.  I know because I have an app on my iPad that keeps notifying me of them.   One blessing is that we have rain but no wind with it so I am happy.  We need the rain as it was getting very parched here.

So, onto this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. The Phoneography Challenge.  This week it is black and white.  This is harder than you think as we live in a colourful world. But then black and white gives a completely new angle to photos.  I chose these photos as they can change into something completely abstract.

First I went to Colour Strokes and changed them all to black and white.

IMG_1886 B&WIMG_1882 2 B&WIMG_1883 B& W

Then it was over to FX Photostudio Pro to tweak it a bit and add a frame.

IMG_1886 B&W 1IMG_1882 2 B&W 1IMG_1883 B& W 1

They look so different to the original images.  Two look more like something out of science fiction.

Thanks for visiting. Here are some other great blogs to check out as well.

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Black and white

River Of…..Nightmares


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Sonel’s Split Toning Challenge and Cee’s Black and White Challenge


Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

Today I have decided to do two challenges at once.  To be honest the photos improved with the black and white filter, showing a lot more detail than it shows in colour.

I don’t just take photos, which is my greatest passion, but I also knit, sew and crochet.  Every year I set myself a new challenge.  One year it was to learn to knit and crochet using very fine silk and beads.  Another year was to do crazy quilting. Last year was to learn Tunisian Crochet.  My grandmother had taught me over 30 years ago the basics but obviously I had forgotten.  So I found some very long Tunisian Crochet hooks online and lined up a few UTube videos and retaught myself.  I am amazed at the different stitches that can be made with this technique.  It has opened up a new world.  I managed to do two baby blankets.  The first one was with two colours and rather small.  It was a hard one to start with but I gave it to my stepdaughter for my husband’s first grandchild.  This one, however I will keep.  It really was a labour of love and took well over 60 hours to make in between sewing and knitting other garments such as my baby black and white NZ outfits which I sell.

But I digress.  Here are the original photos taken inside with the wrong lighting.


You can barely see the stitches.


Here is the macro for Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge.  The detail is still fuzzy.

So to go for Cee’s Photography Black and White Challenge  I edited them with the Colour Strokes app which gave them a grittier look to them, but also really shows up the detail of the stitches.

blanket 2Untitled

Blanket 1Blanket 3.

Here the details are really strong.  Actually I reminds me of the vintage pattern books I have from the thirties and earlier where the details are shown in black and white  as a guideline.  I find that modern books with their colour photos are not quite as interesting.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the challenge.  It is not my usual type of editing but sometimes the most simple edits are the most effective.

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