One Word Photo Challenge: Arid

Black Sheep among the dry grass-0340

This week as part of her weather challenge Jennifer at Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for our arid photos.

Here in the Hawke’s Bay, where I live we can have extremes of temperature.  Not too much though.  Our snow a couple of weeks ago was the ultimate extreme.  It is extremely rare to have snow.

What is more common for us is to have droughts.  I have lived here for 14 years next month.  Usually the summers are long and hot.  Which means that our pastures and grass lands can dry out and we have water restrictions on.  I can remember one summer when we had no rain from around September right through to late March.  The farmers were really desperate.  They had to sell off their livestock and import their feed from other parts of the country.

You would think that having a dry hot summer would be great.  It is to start with.  But in the end the dust gets to you.  I remember just wanting it to rain.  You start watching the sky every day wanting the clouds to form.  All we got was some great sunrises and sunsets, but nothing much else.  Everywhere is brown.  Our lawns dried up and of course we were limited with our watering.

Finally it did rain.  By that time, the damage was done and a lot of our farmers were really set back and had to receive help from the government.

I know that parts of California are having a severe drought at the moment.  We don’t know just how important water is, until it is in short supply.

These sheep were taken on the way to the Art Deco Weekend.  As you can see they didn’t like my camera and ran away from me.  By February the ground cover is brown and dry.  Perfect for Jennifer’s prompt.  And for Marilyn’s Serendipitous Story Challenge at SERENDIPITY.

Running from the camera-0350

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One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

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Cee’s Fun Fotos: Farm Animals

Three's Company

Here is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto challenge.  These black and white sheep was taken on the Art Deco weekend.  I didn’t realise until I got home and uploaded the photos that these three sheep were all synchronised.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Farm Animals

Cee’s Fun Foto: Farm Animals



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