Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Around Hastings

Beware of Sheep-385

Good morning from a cool and misty Hastings day.

Last Friday my Social Snappers group wandered around the centre and into the CBD on the hunt for some interesting photos.  There were a lot of oddball photos to find.  First up are these sheep signs.  When I was growing up it was a common sight when driving off the main highways to find the road blocked by flocks of sheep.  But we didn’t have these signs.  Now we have the signs, but a lot fewer sheep.  But you can still come across sheep blocking the road on the more rural roads.

Colour Wheel-

I love all the colours in this.

Lost car-295

And finally this lost car on a fence.

You can find more details about this great challenge over at Cee‘s blog.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 19

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Cee’s Oddball Photos: Thou Shalt Not Park Here

Thou shall not park-

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings morning.  As I drove down to Otane yesterday I found noticed that the autumn colours are finally emerging.  I will have to drive down one day soon with just my camera and try to do these colours justice.  Just as we are now going into winter.  It has been a long hot summer and the warm days are still here.

Anyway onto Cee‘s great oddball challenge which is now into week 18. Where has the time gone.  So for this week here is this garage door which as been painted with the 11th commandment – “Thou Shalt Not Park”.  This garage was attached to a big church.  My daughter said that she had never noticed this sign, despite walking past it regularly.  I just thought it was rather clever myself.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 18

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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Escapees on the Highway.


‘Good morning from a wet and miserable Hastings day.

I had a reasonable day yesterday at the market.  I am now in charge of social media so that means going around taking photos and posting on Facebook.  Yay.  It was quiet though which meant I could do a lot of posting.

What was even better was stopping off on the way home to take photos of toadstools.  I haven’t seen them since I was a child.  I will post them later.  Anyway I found these escapees just pecking around the rest stop where they had managed to get through the flimsy fence.

Their plumage was just so colourful.  Great for Cee‘s oddball challenge this week.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge Week 15 2016

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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Making Recycling Fun

Recycling Containers-1373

Good morning from a cool foggy morning here in Hastings.  It should be a warm day, nice after a wet and soggy weekend.

Monday for me means it is time for Cee and her fabulous challenge where we showcase our oddball photos.  That is those great photos which don’t really fit any category.

This week my photo comes from Wellington Zoo.  I love the way that they have made recycling fun for all ages.  And it is a great way to teach children who will take this idea home and teach others.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 15, 2016


Wandering Iris

This, That and the Other Thing

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Cee’s Oddball Photos: Penguins in Wellington

The Penguins have popped up in Wellington-778

Good morning from a warm Hastings morning.

It is Monday here for me.  I have noticed that I am a day ahead of everyone with their Colour Your World posts.  I have just posted my Shamrock image while everyone is still on yesterday’s colour of Shadow.  It is fun to see how the new colour pops up as the world turns.

Anyway it is time for Cee Neuner‘s oddball challenge.  Thank you so much Cee for featuring my image of the zorbas last week.  It has been crazy in my world and I feel guilty at not acknowledging this honour.


So this week I have some penguins – not from the zoo, but at Te Papa museum.  There is a Dreamworks exhibition on there which my daughter really wanted to see.  The art works were amazing as well as the models.  Then I saw something I really, really want this Christmas please Santa.  Some 21″ interactive writing tabs for PC.  Ooooooh.  (Dream on).

Anyway I love the penguins in Madagascar – they are so cute and one has to love a trier (or two, or three).


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 14

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Zorba Balls

Zorba Balls-

Good morning from a foggy day here in Hastings.

The weekend was glorious weather.  Perfect weather for market days.  Unfortunately not for me though – didn’t sell much.  But I was rich in photos.  Every so often I would get up and walk around to see what I could find.  These zorba balls were fascinating at the Maraekakaho Market.  They glistened in the sun and the kids were having a ball.  I chose this photo just because the kids were upside down.

Great for Cee Neuner‘s oddball challenge this week.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 12

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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Big Eyes on the Birds

Big Eyes-

Good morning from a cloudy Hastings day.

It is Monday for me, (yes I come to you from the future) which for me means it is time for Cee Neuner‘s wonderful oddball challenge.

This morning as I was going through my photos looking for my Colour Your World post I came across this photo.  Technically the birdcage is better than my other photo but the focus on that is the colour.  What caught my eye was the frog’s eyes.  So big and bulging and eyeing up the birds in the cage. Such a fun photo.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 11

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