Walk a 100 Steps and take a new photo; Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 21


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Good morning from a sunny but cool Hastings.  For those out there suffering from heat waves and polar vortexes keep cool, warm and safe.

This is a different challenge by Cee’s Photography.  Actually I have cheated and this was taken just after Christmas.  I would imagine this adorable kitten was a Christmas Present judging by the red collar.  This is was just a few houses down the street taken on a day with more energy.  It was sooooo cute and adorable.  It was so much fun just watching it play.

So I can catch up with two challenges with this.  The other being Michelle’s Pet Challenge at Hope* the happy hugger.  

Firstly here are some great blogs for Cee’s photo challenge.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

And here are a couple for the pet challenge.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

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