Travel Theme: Charming the Ladies Routine

Singing Chaffinch

Good morning from another hot Hastings day.  Yesterday at 5 PM it was still 32.5 degrees celsius.  Overnight it is still 20 degrees celsius – not to mention the humidity.  Hard to sleep.  Just a short post today and I will try and get around everyone’s wonderful blogs later.

ailsapm has given us the challenge of getting back into a routine now that the holidays are over for her Where’s my backpack?  Travel Theme.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the park to see what damage had been done from the heavy winds on Friday.  There were leaves everywhere and one tree had lost a large branch.  But among all the winds and leaves I was serenaded by this chaffinch going through it’s morning routine of chatting up his lady friend as well as the odd preening.

Singing Chaffinch-2

It was lovely to hear and very calming and peaceful.

Singing Chaffinch-3

All puffed up to impress.

Travel theme: Routine

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Weekly Pets: Friendly Feathered Friends

Time for a speech

Good morning from a warmer but grey Hastings day.

I have been going through my archives on my external hard drive and rediscovering some totally forgotten photos.  So they will be popping up a bit more. Then I went to my Flickr account and found some of my photos that were on my Time Capsule so now I can show some of them as well.  It is like finding old friends really.

So these photos today were taken a couple of years ago at Cornwall Park.  I love shooting birds as they are more of a challenge and teaches me to move quickly and also to be more aware of what is around me.  Talk about living in the moment.

Golden beak

I wanted to show some common introduced birds today.

The law of nature

The sparrows do get up close and personal with the ducks, particularly when people are throwing bread to them.  Actually bread is the worse thing to feed both birds and ducks.  It clogs up their insides.  But most people don’t know that, and I must admit that I was guilty of heading to the park with old bread.

Feathered Friends--3

This chaffinch is eating a snail or something meaty.  That is their diet.  Not our diet.


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