One Word Photo Challenge:


Good morning from a very calm and sunny Hastings day.  A relief from the strong winds the last few days.

This week Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for our baby photos.  So what else could I show but this duckling being protected by these two ducks.  Last spring there weren’t so many ducklings as in previous years. I don’t know why but I think it is natural selection – the previous year there was a lot.


One Word Photo Challenge: Baby

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Travel Theme: Camaraderie at a Cricket Match


Good morning from a glorious spring morning here in Hastings.  I have seen that snow has fallen for a few of my blogging friends so I hope you are all warm and cosy.

This week Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack?: Camaraderie wants to see our photos of camaraderie.  What an appropriate theme this week after all what has been going on around the world this week.

So on searching through my archives I found these photos of a cricket game at Cornwall Park on Labour Day – last Monday in October for us in New Zealand.


I love the way people come and make themselves at home and use it as a chance to catch up with friends while watching the game.


Of course there is the team camaraderie as well.

Travel theme: Camaraderie

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A Photo a Week: Soft

Social Snappers Garden Bees--7

Good morning from a windy spring day in Hastings.

This week Nancy from nancy merrill photography has given us the prompt of soft photos.

Yesterday I went to this wonderful little oasis just down from Cornwall Park with my Social Snappers group.  This is a small rose garden with lots of different old fashioned roses and other plants.  I was in seventh heaven again, taking nearly 1000 photos. Then I had the challenge to find out what the names of some of the plants are.  These cinerarias were such a gorgeous lavender colour and the petals not in focus blended to make such a beautiful background to these bees.

Social Snappers Garden Bees--8

Social Snappers Garden Bees--10

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: At Cornwall Park


Good morning from a beautiful sunny spring day here in Hastings. Such a relief as I have my Social Snappers group this morning.  We are off to a small garden with some old fashioned flowers and roses.  Right up my alley.

This week Cee from Cee’s has an open topic for her Black & White Challenge.

I love black & white.  As you know I do a daily post of monochrome images.  This was always my first love and now with digital photography I am able to take my images a bit further.  I did purchase the Nik Collection with Silver Efex which I love experimenting with – as you have seen in the past couple of months.  My favourite preset filter is the Antique Plate II.

Arum Lily-

It works well with my florals such as this arum lily.


As well as my ducks.

I have always loved all the sepia toned postcards and photos of the early 20th century.


I do like experimenting with other filters such as the first image and these lilies.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

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One Word Photo Challenge: Ants


Good morning from a cool and cloudy spring day here in Hastings.

Jennifer from Jennifer Nichole Wells has finished with her weather series.  Now we are onto People, Places and Things.

First up is ants.  Well I searched high and low, thinking I had some photos of ants on flowers.  After some time I came across this image.  I am sure I have some more somewhere.

Looking up from a ant's view-

Then I thought I would show a photo looking up into the foliage – just to get an ant’s view of looking up.


Travel Theme: Faces


Good morning from a cloudy spring day here in Hastings.

My heart goes out to those in Paris.  Living here in New Zealand we are rather isolated from this sort of terror.  But we can send our prayers to those who are hurting so much at the moment.

Auckland’s Sky Tower has turned red white and blue in a show of support for the French people.

The Auckland Museum also donned the tricolour on Saturday evening.

Earlier, more than 200 people gathered at Aotea Square in Auckland to support the French people following Saturday’s terror attacks in Paris.

The colours of the French flag lit up Auckland's Sky Tower.


The colours of the French flag lit up Auckland’s Sky Tower.

The Auckland Museum has also donned the tricolour in a show of support for France.

The Auckland Museum has also donned the tricolour in a show of support for France.

This week Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our faces.  So here are some feathered faces I found in my archives.



Take care everyone.

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Travel theme: Faces

WPC: Birds in Flight

Feathered Friends-8

Good morning from a cool but sunny spring day here in Hastings.

This week  from The Daily Post has asked us for our photos of victory.

In your photo this week, focus on the win, the victory — that moment of glory and pride you’ll remember forever. I can’t wait to cheer for you.

So I am showing some of my birds in flight. Above is a mute swan running down the water to take off.

Feathered Friends-1

I have slow reflexes and it wasn’t until I got my new camera and faster lenses that I can feel a sense of victory and satisfaction of getting some more interesting photos of ducks than just swimming around.  They can be good too.  But I wanted some action.

Feathered Friends-8-7

It is like being in training – training my reflexes and eyes to spot a chance

Feathered Friends-8-8

Feathered Friends-8-10

I also want to thank Cee from Cee’s for some tips for the next couple of photos.

Feathered Friends-8-13

Feathered Friends-8-14


Going to the beach in Napier gives me a good chance to practice and win some great shots.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory and a Joke

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Serendipitous Photo Story: Learning about Gifs


Good morning from a cool and cloudy spring day in Hastings.

I woke up this morning determined to try and work out how to do gifs.  You know all those short animated videos that are now becoming popular. Just looking at this is actually making me dizzy though as I am writing my post.

Anyway when I go out taking photos I tend to take a lot of shots together so that when I go through them fast I could see a short video.  So I got up early this morning and went to Photoscape where I found it was relatively easy.  I managed to save it as well.

 But the problem came when I tried to upload to Facebook. Apparently they hate gifs there – well they can be uploaded everywhere else easily.  I suppose they think that they are a law until themselves.  But, after googling it I managed to work out how to do it. Then it promptly got lost in cyberspace.

It really was just an exercise in learning something new.  I still prefer stills, but when I get something like this I will try again.

Feathered Friends-1-4

Here is the same duck.  I just loved her reflections.

Feathered Friends-1-5

I actually am trying to work on my reaction times.  I have a lot of photos of both ends of ducks and lots of water.  They do move so fast.

Feathered Friends-1-6

As you can see.

All in all a work in progress.

Check out Marilyn’s  prompt over at:


Travel Theme: Frame


Good morning from a cloudy spring day.

Well, New Zealand’s All Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup.  So we, as a nation can relax for another 4 years.  To be honest, if we had lost, we would have had a week of national morning and the postmortems would have gone on forever.  I imagine that will be happening over in Australia right now.

I  got woken up by some rather loud cheering from my neighbours, and then some booing.  There was absolutely no travel on the road.  No-one was out walking.  In other words dead silence.  I turned on the radio hoping that I wouldn’t have to listen to it.  The radio obliged, for a short time.  Normally early on Sunday mornings there is just music, very little ads and no announcers.  Not today.  There were interruptions giving updates on the game.  So, what do you do.  Start following it.  The news bulletin was all about the result.  Apparently no other news today.  The celebrations will go on for some time.

Anyway Ailsa from  Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Frame has shown some great photos where she has taken advantage of natural framing. So I had a dig around my archives and found these.


These two images were taken at Cornwall Park.  I love these hobbit bridges and have been trying to take some successful photos using the round shape as framing.  The light was perfect this day.


This was taken at Parkowhai Park.  The path was like a tunnel leading to a magical land beyond.


These blossoms were framed by the tree trunk.


Finally I love the way the branches frame this black bird.

Travel theme: Frame

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