One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane – a Sheepish Serendipitous Story


Jennifer from Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for hurricane images.  I came across this poor weather beaten tree at Frimley Park.  It looks like it has been bent over in heavy winds as it was growing with no protection for the elements.

Actually there is a sheepish story for this challenge – so this is for you Marilyn at SERENDIPITY.

Last March New Zealand faced their own version of a hurricane –

I was really worried as it Cyclone Pam had already devastated Vanuatu and it was heading towards New Zealand.  I was posting weather updates twice daily.  Civil Defence had been activated for Hawke’s Bay where I lived.  Shops had been emptied out as people expected the power to go out etc.  I didn’t go to that extent but yes, I was worried.  My son and I braced for the worse.

So the Monday morning arrived.  It was raining heavily.  No wind, just rain.  I had my camera ready to get some really awesome shots. So I was ready.

And ready. And…….


Just the heavy rain.  But other parts of the country was hit with the heavy winds and rains with flooding.  Mostly up north and in the Bay of Plenty.

So I had got myself worked up and prepared for just a really bad wet Monday.

I did manage to go to Napier to get some shots of the wild surf:

Now that was windy.  It was hard to stand  up straight and take some good photos.  Even the  other foolhardy, intrepid photographers there for the surf struggled with their tripods.

But the moral of this story is:

Be prepared.  You never know what will happen.  Even if nothing happens.  You are prepared.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane


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Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Odd root at the beach (1 of 1)

Good morning from a dark Hastings morning.  I can see that there will be a great sunrise so will be jumping up and down waiting for the light to improve.

This morning I will be going horse riding.  I have only been on a horse a couple of times so it should be interesting.  My father laughed when I told him.  He said that when I was a child I fell off a horse and swore I would never get back on a horse again.  I can’t remember this.  Well I will see how I will get on, literally.  I am rather short, and horses are rather big and tall.

Anyway, onto this great challenge by Cee at Cee’s Photography  This is the chance to show off our photos of oddball subjects.  They are great photos, too good to throw away.

I found this root of something while at the beach taking photos of the high surf after the cyclone.  It looks like a carrot but there seems to be roots on both ends of it.  I have absolutely no idea what it is.  There was a lot of odd objects thrown up by the surf.  What made me sad was that there was a lot of man made objects among the seaweed and other natural objects.

022714 Odd Ball

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #12

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After Cyclone Pam: High surf along the coast

Good afternoon from a cloudy and windy Hastings day.

Cyclone Pam has now moved away from us and has headed to the Chatham Islands where a state of emergency has been declared.  We were lucky and got off relatively lightly compared to Gisborne and especially Vanuatu. There have been deaths many many thousands have lost their homes and basically all their possessions in Vanuatu.  Here is a website with information about donating to the relief effort:

Cyclone Pam: How you can help Vanuatu relief efforts

This morning I headed over to Napier, along Marine Parade to catch the tail end of the cyclone with it’s heavy seas.  It was very loud and still very windy – I had some trouble standing up straight and it was hard without a tripod.  There was some driftwood and debris lying around but I was surprised at the amount of man made rubbish that had been brought in with the high surf.  I had a few hairy moments with my little car being buffeted and had to hold on tight.

Thank to all the good wishes that have been posted on my posts and I appreciate all your thoughts.




Cyclone Pam Update

DELUGE: Heavy rain covers Gisborne and Hawke's Bay as well as the western Bay of Plenty and the tip of Great Barrier Island in this  11.28am rain radar image.


DELUGE: Heavy rain covers Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay as well as the western Bay of Plenty and the tip of Great Barrier Island in this 11.28am rain radar image. Hastings is just below the blue spots on the east coast.

Just an update on how things went today.

We have had heavy rain off and on all day.  But the heavy winds didn’t hit us as expected.  It has turned cold as a cold front from the south has come up, saving us from the worse of the winds.  So all in all a non event (touch wood as it is not quite over yet)

Freelance photographer Andrew Brunton snaps away as waves crash in the background along the Hawke's Bay coast at Haumoana

Freelance photographer Andrew Brunton snaps away as waves crash in the background along the Hawke’s Bay coast at Haumoana

Clinton Llewellyn/Fairfax NZ (both of these images)

This is the coast near where I live.

A man with a Go Pro camera tries to get up close to the swell along the Hawke's Bay coast at Haumoana.

I will try and get out tomorrow and take some photos.


Cyclone Pam Update

Good morning from a very wet and soggy Hastings.

An update on the cyclone that is currently hitting New Zealand.

We have had a very wet night but not much in the way of wind.  That is expected to hit us this morning.  Gisborne has literally closed down all schools, the port, airport and told everyone to stay home.  We haven’t had that warning and my son has left for his college. The sun is up but it is very dark. I was supposed to go horse riding today but that has been postponed for a week.  That is a relief not to have to go out in this rain.

So the worse is yet to come.

Thanks to everyone who wished me well.  I do appreciate you all.


Update on Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam weather graphic

Just to let everyone know that at the moment it is still quiet.  The rain this morning didn’t last long but we have had a bit of wind.

The cyclone has been downgraded from a category 5 to a category 3 but that it is still huge.  I am fully expecting us to lose power at some stage over night as we have power lines down our street and they will be in for a hammering.  So I will schedule a post and when the power does come back on I will post again.

The hardest part is waiting around for it to hit.  Even the birds have been crazy this afternoon.  They were busy picking grasses and food everywhere.  I have taken a few photos.  Then all of a sudden they flew off.  They know something is on the way.

I have just seen photos of Vanuatu and that is devastated and desperately need help and aid.

I was supposed to go horse riding tomorrow but that has been postponed until next Monday.  I have told my son to check with his college to see if they will be closed for the day as well.  I can’t see many people will be on the roads tomorrow.

So will catch up with everyone after the cyclone has passed,


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