One Four Challenge: February Week One

Dandelion Week 1

Now that I have settled into my new home I can get back into this challenge.  It is a fun challenge and I love seeing how other photographers edit their photos.

So for this month I found this dandelion and thought I would just go through some of the editing that I do, rather than something abstract.

I will post the original in Week 4.  But for this week I just sharpened the image somewhat and then added 75% backlighting with Photoscape. There is a spot on the head that is bleached out and I am not sure if I can address that at all – will see.

 I welcome constructive critique and any advice on how to improve this.

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Sunday Stills: White


A good evening from a warm, muggy Hastings.

I was just playing around with my photos when I saw the email from Sunday Stills come in with his challenge –     Sunday Stills, the next challenge: White!      .

So of course I searched out for some of my white flowers.  Since we don’t have snow where we are the next best thing I can do are these images.

White flowers are actually quite hard to get the textures etc when there is a strong sun.   Just like red, it gets bleached out.


Of course I have my favourite roses.


Then there are other white flowers around.  I am not sure what they are.



These have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro, but only minimally with vignettes and frames.

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Getting up close and personal with nature.

DSCF0642 2

Good morning from a crisp but sunny Hastings.  It must  have been cold overnight or at least early this morning as I woke up to the sound of the drone of helicopters over the orchards and vineyards.  Apparently they hover just over the plants while the rotor blades prevent the frost from settling on the buds.  It can get really loud so no need for an alarm this morning.

I want to wish all Team New Zealand and Dean Barker the best for today.  The America’s Cup fever is gripping New Zealand.  So close and yet so far.

Every day I try to get out for a walk.  I plug in my head phones and go into my own little world but my eyes are always scanning around looking for new photos.  I try to get a variety of photos just working on improving my technique.  Here are some of my macro shots I took yesterday.  Dandelions are quite tricky for the depth of field.  Where do you focus?

Hanging on by a thread

This photo was taken with f.4 1/160.


This is f.4 1/170

DSCF0642 2

This image and the first image was f.4 and 1/320.

I did use the iPhoto editor to sharpen these up a smidgen.  Just to really define the different lines.


I am a big fan of penstemmons.   They make a great show in spring.  I leaned over a fence for this photo which I call Open Wide.


The bees are getting more active with the warmer weather.  I am a bit weary of  getting too close to them as I am allergic to their stings.  I had the camera back a bit more for this image.  This is taken at 32.3 mm f.5 and 1/450.

This image is called ‘The best is always at the top’.

I do have to have an alarm on my phone as I could stay out all day just looking for photo opportunities.  It is like going into a Tardis – hard to keep track of time.

Happy photo hunting

Cheers and have a nice day.