Sunday Stills: Bad Weather





Good evening from a cool Hastings.

This week’s challenge by Sunday Stills is bad weather.  This one has had me stumped.  We don’t get snow where I live, although I have some photos from Austria.  But they are not on my computer.  I am not a fan of snow.  It is rather overrated after a long winter.  I am quite happy to see snow on the ranges behind Hastings and that is as close as I will get.  We have had a couple of days in the past 13 years since I have lived here where it has been cold enough to snow at our level, but the snow disappeared quickly.

Soooo.  What shall I use.  Then I thought of these photos taken of a bad frost on 17th July last year at Pakowhai Park.  Just north of Hastings, on the way to Napier.  It was a really heavy frost but the photos I got that morning justified walking around in the freezing cold.

Here are some other great snowy and thundery photos to check out.

Sunday Stills: The Next Challenge: Bad Weather

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