Monochrome of the Day: A spooky moon

Spooky moon (2 of 1)

Marilyn from SERENDIPITY has tagged me for this 5 day challenge.  Her photos are awesome so check them out here:


Normally you get to nominate another blogger, but as I have already done it I won’t do so.

I have decided to do a monochrome image a day just to see what I can do with my photos.  I do love black and white or just monochrome.  When I was really serious about my photography over 20 years ago I loved experimenting with different coloured monochromes – not just black and white and sepia.  Not always successful but it was a lot of fun.

This above photo was taken last Saturday night with the full moon.  I haven’t had to do much editing with this at all. Rather spooky I think.

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