Floral Friday Fotos


Good morning from another grey Hastings morning. I know that we are now into Saturday here, but it is still Friday around the world, so I still qualify.

This is another new challenge for me –Floral Friday Fotos.  I am hoping that by doing this I might learn a bit more about the flowers I am photographing.  Anyway there are some awesome photos out there of flowers so here is my humble offering.





They have all been edited with FX Photostudio Pro.  I was just playing around with some of the effects.  These photos were taken a couple of days ago after the rain had stopped and before the wind had started to dry out the flowers.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: one Item or the Number One

Lonely duckling


Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.  Yes it does rain here.

I love the photos from Cee’s Photography  – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and

  have decided to take up this challenge today.  These photos were taken yesterday at Cornwall Park.  My daughter is about to finish school and had the afternoon off to prepare for her graduation dinner last night so we went down to the park to  feed the ducks before going out for last minute shopping for shoes and makeup as you do with teenagers.

So here is my offering for the challenge.

Sparrow on the moveSparrow on the lookoutSparrow in the bush 6Sparrow in the bush 4

Sparrow in the bush 3Lonely bird

Sparrow in bush 2Sparrow in bush 1Sitting Duck


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Mandarin Orange Monday 66

Good morning from another sunny Hastings morning.

This is the first time I have entered this challenge – Mandarin Orange Monday.  Technically speaking it is Tuesday here, but it is still Monday in the United States so I will still be in time. I love the work of LorikArt and thought about what I could do this morning.

I started off with three images.




I then turned to FX Photostudio Pro to turn them orange with the Groovy Lo- Fi filters and a couple of others.  I just go with the flow with them anyway so really couldn’t say what I used.  The end result was these three photos.

orange background

Orange buttons

Orange rope

Then it was over to Photoshop to turn the buttons and the rope into PNG images and then pasted them onto the background.  I just went for something totally abstract that has absolutely no rhyme or reason.  Just the idea of improving my editing skills.

orange rope with buttons

orange rope with buttons mandarin

Finally I adjusted the colour to make it more of a mandarin colour.


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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Intricate

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This week’s challenge by Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Intricate is intricate.  You have to pick a photo relating to the theme and then add a quote that a goes with it.  As I do another post called Words of Inspiration I already had a lot.  But I decided to do a new one.  Actually it is more appropriate to the theme Eerie from last Saturday (Friday) or Halloween.  I looked through my photos to see what was intricate and came up with these cobwebs, which I edited using both Aperture and FX Photostudio Pro. Then I looked up this quote by Sir Walter Scott:-

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When we first practice to deceive.

Web of lies 4

web of lies 2

Web of lies 3

Cobwebs 4

I  then added the quote to this image.

A tangled web of lies

I used different affects for the different cobwebs, depending on their backgrounds.  Rather spooky looking.

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The number Two



Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This weeks A Word A week Challenge is two.  So again I got into my archives and found these photos of two blooms.


The roses tend to grow in packs so to speak so it was easy to pick out photos of 2 blooms together.


Two budding peonies.


Two golden ranunculus.


Two blooms on this flower head. This was used for my Halloween photos.


Finally two gerbera.  I thought that this photo had some great potential for some special affects so here is what I did.


A bit more dramatic I think.  I hope you think so too.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

Eerie 1

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge topic is Eerie from The Daily Post  It was coincidence that I was thinking the same thing when I took these photos in Hastings CBD the other night.   It was the twilight zone really and so looking at these chandeliers through the window brought some interesting affects.  I have taken them at night so the just the lights show but taking them at this time of the day added another dimension.  I have edited these photos with the vintage filter on FX Photostudio Pro and added the same G &A frame as they were all taken around the same time.  The vintage filter let me keep some colour while adding a sepia affect as well.

Eerie 2

Eerie 3

Eerie 4

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Having fun with FX Photostudio Pro

vintage garden


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.  WE have a long weekend this weekend.  Today is a public holiday for us as it is our anniversary day and then Monday is Labour Day.  Traditionally it is the time to plant your veggies for the year.  That I will avoid.

Anyway thanks to Sonel and Amanda ♥ Unique So Chic I am learning so much about photo editing.  I headed to the app store and downloaded FX Photostudio Pro.  Well, what a lot of fun.  I have always wondered how to get the frame affects and now I have them.  The affects are amazing.  I have also joined an online camera club – view bug.com.  This is an incredibly positive club where only positive comments are given – you get points for liking and faving other photos and generally encourage them.  There are contests to enter as well.  But these photos are getting well received.  In two weeks I have received over 800 likes and 150 peer recognitions.  It really does make you feel that you want to learn more as well.  Anyway there are quite a few photos today as I have just had so much fun it was hard to stop.  I go out and take photos which I love, but then what do you do with them afterwards?  Have fun editing of course.

Rose with edgingrose vintage greenrose sepiaA full bush - agedBilbao budsold roseRoses pink backgroundBilbao rose


I have found my roses to be really popular with a lot of likes and peer recognitions.

unusual seed headtritione seed head


These two photos were of an unusual seed pod of some flowers I had taken before.  They were just amazing and of course made for some awesome affects.

tokyo leafCabbage treeOrange leaves


Lines are amazing for photo editing.

marine reflectionsCharcoal sketch Cornwall Park


The first photo is a reflection at Cornwall Park.  This is with the marine filter and it really gives a depth to the photo, while the other is the charcoal sketch filter.  I love the creativity of the filters and how it can completely transform an average photo and really lift it.

Aged daisies


The sepia toning is good on this app as well.  I love the G & A frame on this which gives an old postcard or photo look to it.

Sepia forest

Finally this is the photo that everyone seems to like.  There are two sepia filters with this app.  The other sepia photo above was the aged photo toning but this one was with the sepia filter itself.  I am not sure as I can’t really remember how I got to this, but I think I changed it to black and white first, before adding the sepia filter.  The colour photo was good, but the toning and editing have really brought out the rays of light and added depth to the photo.

So have fun with photo editing.

Cheers from Raewyn