Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Abandoned or Alone

Distopian Gerbera-6121

Good morning from a warm and muggy Hastings day.

Cee from Cee’s Photography has asked us for our abandoned or alone photos.  I tend not to take photos of people, only at Art Deco Weekend or the Blossom Parade.  But I do like taking photos of flowers that are half dead.  Such as this one.

Solo Rose-7866

But my favourite photos are of roses.  It is funny but at my painting class we were discussing the number of flowers to make a harmonious image.  This means that two or four is not a good number, one or three objects in a triangle is better.  So I do have a lot of photos of solo roses, especially buds. This one was taken by St Matthew’s Church in the CBD.

 This top photo was taken at Frimley Rose Garden.  I just thought this gerbera was so much more interesting when it looks weather beaten and down trodden.  I am reading The Hunger Games at the moment and this fits right into that book.

I won’t be able to check your posts until later today.  I have my Social Snappers group.  We are going to the hot house in Cornwall Park as it is a great place to start with macros.  No wind.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Abandoned or Alone

Alone on Top of the World


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Floral Friday: Gerberas


Good morning from a grey morning here in Hastings.

For this week’s Floral Friday post I found these gorgeous gerberas at the flower house at Cornwall Park.  This is where they prepare the flowers before they plant them around the park.  It is a great place to get some great photos without anyone yelling at me.  At the moment they are fill of gerberas and african violets and the colours are just amazing.

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