Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Glass

Glass 1 (497x640)

Good morning from a calm and warm Hastings day.

I don’t normally do still life but I have had this challenge on my mind all week and these bottles caught my attention as they were standing on the bench and the sun caught them.  So I set them up in the window to catch the sun as it was rising.

I normally don’t do product placement either.  The reason I say this is that every Friday night we have a movie night.  My children are into Marvel films and they decided that I needed to watch them to, from the beginning onwards.  My daughter buys takeaways and she gets the movies from iTunes and we have a great night.  What I have noticed in the movies is the product placement.  Not subtle.  Just in your face products.  Apple and General Motor spring to mind.  It is so obvious.

I don’t know what we are going to do tonight as we have now reached Guardians of the Galaxy, but that hasn’t been released in New Zealand  yet.

So I have these cola bottles.  I have used them, not as product placement but because I like the shape of them and the light was interesting showing through them.   I tried to hide the logo as you can see.

Glass (3) (497x640)

The background is grainy because of the dirty window pane.  The light was amazing at this time and as you can see shows up a reflection but also showed up every spot of dust.  It just made the background interesting.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Glass


Travel theme: Shine

056 (640x473)

Good morning from a grey and wet Hastings Sunday.

This week the travel theme is Shine.

Travel theme: Shine

These photos are of our front door.  I just love Art Deco and I was lucky to find this house to rent with loads of Art Deco features.  We have molded ceilings, sunray door handles plus lots of other Art Deco features but with modern heating.

I was fascinated with this door and the way the light, especially the setting sun shone through the glass and giving out different patterns.  So here is a close up of the main glass.

053 (640x473)

Another of the middle stripe of different patterned glass. I love the way that the colours of the garden are allowed to show through.

047 (493x640)

Stepping back you can see the different glass design.

043 (360x640)

Finally the whole door.

What I like about this glass is the way the light shines both ways.  We can see the light shining through from the back, but also the light bouncing off the textured glass in the front and so giving us the patterns.  If you know what I mean.

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