Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Up Close and Personal with a Fungi


Good morning from sunny spring day here in Hastings. Yesterday I was in short sleeves for the first time this spring.

Just down the road from my home is this tree stump.  On it was a fungal growth – and yes it was this colour.  So I went for a walk with my cellphone and got up close and personal with it.  I don’t know what anyone passing but would have thought about my derriere up in the air.  I don’t care.  I got my images.

Edited in Pixlr.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macro

PS: Sorry if I haven’t replied to your wonderful comments but I have been rather busy lately’

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Hot House Macros

Phone Macros-

These images were taken at the hot house in Cornwall Park.  Not true macros, but close enough.

Phone Macros 1-

Taken with iPhone 6S and edited with Aviary.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macros

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge; Nature’s Clouds

Nature at it's best-

Monday (Tuesday for me) is time for this great challenge hosted  by Sally where we get to showcase our images shot with our mobile devices.  Showcasing Nature is the first week of the month.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago with my iPhone 6S on the way back from Otane.  I couldn’t resist this and it was so much better on my phone than my Nikon. There is very little editing – just increased the clarity to highlight the cloud formations.

Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Nature

This is also for Nancy’s challenge too this week.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Alien Fungi

Alien Fungi

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Yesterday I spent the day at the centre trying to sell our paintings.  It didn’t work out so well – the wind picked up and blew our paintings everywhere.  Plus being Monday it was quiet anyway. So hopefully today will be better.

I did manage to get out and quickly took a few photos with my iPhone 6S.  I found these fungi in the garden.  Everyone was laughing to see me hanging over the railings to get these photos.

Alien Fungi-2

Edited with Snapseed and Aviary.

I have managed to find a way to import to a new folder, rather than to a generic month folder.  So I didn’t have to search forever to find them.  Thanks for all those who offered advice.


Here is just a taste of some of my paintings for sale.



My entry this week for Sally’s challenge over at. lensandpensbysally

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Travel Theme: Mother Christmas

Selfie among the Christmas Tree

A Christmassy good morning from hot and humid summer’s day here in Hastings.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has given us the challenge of posting our selfies.  I thought I would bite the bullet and show a selfie that I have been working on for a couple of days.  I took this photo using the YouCam MakeUp app on my phone.  It enhances your selfie – you can even put make up on etc.  It can alter the shape of your face, but not wobbly chins so I then superimposed my selfie onto another image taken last Friday so it looks a bit creepy I must admit – I seem to have a bauble as a beard.  But at least no wobbly chin.

I have changed my photo on Facebook and got called Mother Christmas – what do you think?

Travel theme: Self

Sally D’s Mobile Photography:Editing and Processing a Rose

Apricot Rose

Good morning from the first day of summer here in Hastings.  And to be expected it is raining.  We need the rain after the heat from last week so it is welcome.

I need some help if possible.  I have spent the past two hours trying to find photos in the Windows Photo app.  You upload the photos.  You can find them in the Photos app.  But you can’t find them in Photoshop, Lightroom or even Adobe Bridge.  The only way I could find them was when I restarted my computer and then it was added to the November’s folder.  But then I had to scroll forever just to find my mobile photos.  There doesn’t seem to be a way to download the photos into named files, making them easier to find.  Whoever designed this app is obviously not a photographer but some nerd stuck in a back room somewhere and no knowledge of what we really want.  I was stupid with the way I imported the photos anyway.  Normally I would go to Windows Explorer, right click on my phone and import that way.  But for some reason this morning it wouldn’t recognise my phone.  So any advice is welcome.

Rant over.

It is the 1st December for me now.  Yet I know that many bloggers are still in the last day of November.  Which was a fifth Monday of the month. So that means we show off some of our editing on our mobile devices.

So after much searching I found this image.  I spent a great afternoon showing a friend how to edit on the phone and some of the different apps I have.  This rose was edited using Distressed FX, just to bring out the richness of the apricot colour.  I didn’t go overboard this time, actually I have been rather conservative in the editing.

Original Rose-

This was the original.

Check out Sally’s challenge over at lensandpensbysally.

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Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Lines and Chairs


Good morning from a cool but sunny spring morning here in Hastings.  I got up early this morning to get organised by putting the rubbish out.  I noticed that there was a bit of fog around so headed back inside to grab my camera.  The light was beautiful.

It is nice when I can just grab the camera and go out for a short photo shoot.  This was not the case for these photos.

Last week my father was in hospital so I ended up looking after my mother who is now in a more severe stage of her Alzheimer’s.  So everyday I would take her up to the hospital to visit Dad.  And each day I was in the lift I would see these lines.  But didn’t get an opportunity to grab some photos.  Mum was in too much of a hurry to see Dad.

So the last day that Dad was in hospital I had the opportunity to be in the lift on my own.  So out came my iPhone 6S and this is the result.  An abstract that I normally don’t do.  But it looks great in black and white.


This is the landing on the 4th floor.  We used to go early and sit in these chairs and look at the world outside.  Again I was able to just take a photo with no-one around.

Last week was hard, with no real opportunities to go out at all.  My Dad is fine and and back home.

This is my entry this week for Sally D’s mobile challenge:

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro Raindrops

Macro drops-1

Good morning from a grey spring day.

What a coincidence this morning.  Two other talented bloggers I follow have also post photos of raindrops for Sally’s challenge where we get to showcase our non- camera cameras.  Recently I upgraded to the iPhone 6S and the photos are stunning.

A couple of weeks ago I went for a walk in some light rain. The light was good enough for me to take some great shots of raindrops.  The macro function is great.

I edited this in Lightroom, Colour Efex and Analogue Efex as when I uploaded these to the computer I deleted them before I had a chance to see these on my iPad.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: A Colourful Spring


Good morning from another beautiful spring morning here in Hastings.

At the moment when I go for a walk it is rather stressful when I leave the camera at home.  So frustrating for me.  The colours at the moment are glorious.  Spring has been about a month late in coming.  But it was worth the wait.  To start with I just tried to walk.  But no, I couldn’t just walk.  So out comes my iPhone 6S. The only problem with the new operating system is that the music is cut off while I access the camera.  Have to work on that one. Anyway at least I do have a camera on me. So here are some photos just taken around the block where I live.





No need to edit them as the colours speak for themselves.

This is for Sally’s great challenge for mobile photography.

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