Phoneography Challenge: Painted Macros

Painted Daisy-051

Good morning from a very windy Hastings day.  We have just had the most glorious sunrise so I have been outside with the camera in my  dressing gown.  I will post some of the photos tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post.  Apparently the downside of this sunrise spectacle is rain.  So that is what we can expect this afternoon.

I have started doing acrylic  painting classes.  It takes a lot longer to create a masterpiece than a painted photo. So for a change I used the Glaze app on my iPad to create my artwork with these macro photos.  So much easier and less mess.  Still I am really enjoying it – both actually.

Painted Pink Beauty-047

Painted Pink Beauty-049

These last two photos didn’t really come up that well when I first edited them.  I thought they worked better with this app.

For this last photo I used Distressed FX as I wanted to focus on the strong autumn gold in this leaf.

Golden Leaf-040

This is for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally where we just use our mobile devices – no cameras allowed.

I will catch up with my reader later.  Am running late due to the sunrise.

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Phoneography Challenge: Nature

Pink Beauty (5 of 1)

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.  We are now into autumn but we are expecting temperatures in the high 20’s – celsius that is.

Another Monday – or for me Tuesday and that means it it time to show off our photos taken with our cell phones or other non camera devices.

My first two photos were taken at our Women’s Centre.  I had to wait to meet someone and was chatting about setting up a Social Snappers group when I spotted this potted plant.  So guess what I did – take photos of course.  I don’t know if they had even noticed.

Pink beauty (4 of 1)

The colour was so gorgeous.

Clouds (1 of 1)

These clouds were taken yesterday at our local supermarket.  The clouds were amazing.

Clouds (2 of 1)


Phoneography: Nature

The Loch, The Castle & The Monster…

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Phoneography Challenge:Black and White Petunias

Black and white Petunias

Black and white Petunias

Here is my entry for Sally’s challenge at  These were taken at the dentist’s surgery last Thursday.


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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Morning glory macro (488x640)

Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings morning.  Yesterday we hit 33 degrees and had the highest temperature in the country.  Phew.  It was so bad for me – this house is rather cool with all the windows open.

Anyway onto this challenge by Sally.

I have gone for a sci fi look about my photos today.  When I did the editing on this last night on Snapseed I was thinking about The X Files which is what these photos remind me of.  While I have been beading madly I have been watching this series from the beginning – I am now up to series 2 episode 14 I think.  Anyway these photos somehow remind me of the opening graphics.  Sort of.

Morning Glory macro 1 (640x484)


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Phoneography: Natures colours


Good morning from a windy and hot Hastings.  We had some rain yesterday but it only made everything more humid and uncomfortable.  Even during the night.

So I decided to do a post of cheerful colours for Sally’s challenge. This is also to cheer up those snowed under.  Our days here are getting shorter, yours are now getting longer.  I saw that the groundhog has predicted another 6 weeks of winter.  so just enjoy the colours.

These photos were taken last October when my mother’s garden was in full colour for spring.  Now everything is dry and a fire hazard.  No colour left.

I have edited them on my computer with Photoscape and Fotor to enhance the colours.

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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

Good morning from a grey cloudy day here in Hastings.

It is nice to be back online after a few days off.  It didn’t worry me so much but my children missed it terribly.  I just used my phone as a hot spot just to download my emails.  Appropriate for this challenge. I have noticed that the internet speed is somewhat faster than what we are used to so that is a good thing.

Thank you for all your messages of support.  Yes our move went very smoothly.  It only took 1 1/2 hours to move all my belongings.  I had everything packed up and so it was just a matter of picking everything up and shifting it.  The only problem is that my camera has gone missing and I can’t find it.  I have unpacked most of my stuff, but still have a few boxes in the shed to check out.  I will find it.  So for now it is a just my cell phone.

These two photos of the toxic weed morning glory were taken just as I was waiting for the new landlord to do a house inspection before picking up the keys to our new home.  I tried to edit these with apps but couldn’t get the affect I wanted so just edited them this morning with Photoscape and Fotor software.


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Phoneography Challenge: St Nicklas

St Nicklas (417x640)i

Good morning from a muggy and cloudy Hastings.  I am a bit late today as I have just taken my son into the CBD to do his last minute Christmas shopping.  It was great as it was early enough for the carparks to be nearly empty and in one shop we went into we were the only ones there. Phew.  Just have to do my food shopping tomorrow. Not so good.  I did manage to get some photos in with my phone though, as you do.

I was just checking out what the prompt is for this week and phew, this comes under food photography for Sally’s challenge:

So for this week I have gone for a Christmas theme.  Yesterday my children got a huge parcel from Austria fill up with chocolate from their father.  One of the chocolates they got was this St Nicklas.  When my daughter unwrapped it last night she commented on the details of it.  So guess what we both did? we both got out our phones.

So I want to wish all a merry Christmas to all those who follow this challenge.



Phoneography Challenge: Black and White: Black Roses

Black rose 3

Good morning from another cool Hastings morning.

My best wishes go out to those in Sydney who were involved in the hostage drama yesterday.  I was so shocked to see something like this happen in Sydney – our neighbour so to speak.  Anyway I hope that all those affected by this can get all the help they need to recover from this.

Maybe I must have known something as I chose black and white roses for this challenge by Sally:

These are miniature roses found in a corner of my garden.  I went out after the rain had stopped to see what I could find.

Black rose 1

Black rose 2

My beautiful double delight photos are now at the end of their beauty.

Black rose 4

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Rose macro 1 (640x483)

Since last week everyone loved my roses here are some more, as macros for Sally’s challenge.  I haven’t done any editing as the colours were fantastic on their own.

Rose macro 2 (483x640)

Rose macro 3 (640x483)

Rose macro 6 (640x483)

Rose macro 7 (483x640)

Rose macro 5 (640x483)


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Phoneography Challenge: Double Delight

Double Delight 7 (481x640)

Just a few photos of this gorgeous and very fragrant roses that are just starting to bloom in our garden.


Double Delight 6 (481x640)

Double Delight 5 (481x640)

Double Delight 4 (481x640)

Double Delight 2

Double Delight 1

Dobule Delight (640x640)

The hardest part was trying to take photos when it was so windy.  I ended up holding the stem for these photos.


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