Phoneography Challenge: Sharing secrets

Secrets (640x482)

Good morning from a lovely Hastings morning.

The third Monday in November.  It is only  weeks to Christmas.  A scary thought.

Anyway it is time to show some black and white photos for Sally’s challenge:

I have shown these fairies before as colour in a previous post but I love them in black and white. They are from my mothers garden.

They look like they are sharing a secret in the garden.

Secrets 1 (640x482)

From the looks on his face it looks like he is saying something naughty and the girl is being shy or coy about it.

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Phoneography Challenge: Hastings at Dusk

Hastings at Dusk (2) (480x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings morning.  Yesterday it rained soooooo hard all afternoon.  So it was a great time to sit down on my quilt.  It is slowly coming together.

This week, being the fourth week of October means it is the challenger’s choice for Sally’s challenge for non SLR digital devices.

Every Friday night we have a movie night.  My daughter has all the Marvel films on her iTunes and so we have started from the beginning and last Friday we were up to The Avengers and this week I believe we are seeing Ironman 3.  We should be up to date by Christmas.

So what has all this to do with this challenge.  Well last Friday I picked her up from work and we headed down to the local supermarket to get our munchies and then some takeaway food (Carl’s Jr which was horrible) just to make a night of it.

As I was heading to pick her up I could tell that the sunset was going to be a good one so while she went into the supermarket I sat in the car taking photos .

Hastings at Dusk 3 (640x480)

Hastings at Dusk 4 (640x480)

All have been edited with Snapseed.

The movie was good though.  My children told me I had to see the whole series from the beginning to pick up all the in jokes.  I do annoy them by being ignorant and ask them questions at the wrong time.  But it is some memories for my daughter to take with her when she leaves for university next year.  To make up for all the other bad times this year.

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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

IMG_0410 (506x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings day.

Since it is the third week of October it is black and white for Sally’s challenge:

You might recognise this first photo.  It is the one I used for my post on twins for Nancy Merrill’s challenge:

IMG_0412 (506x640)

IMG_0411 (512x640)

Everything looks so different in black and white.  All taken with my iPhone 5S and edited on my phone with Snapseed.

I am starting to see some photos from the iPhone 6 and 6Plus.  They look great but I am still very happy with my 5S.  I brought it in February so it is not that old and I am really happy with the quality of the images with it.  I didn’t like my 4S as it was not as clear so I noticed the difference when I upgraded.

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

IMG_0413 (512x640)

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

A nice bright photo to start my post today.  Since this is the second Monday of the month it is time for macros for Sally’s challenge:

I found a couple of macros I had taken with my 5S and played around a bit on my iPad with the editing as I do.

ipad2 159 (512x640)

I am not sure what this flower is – I found it in my mother’s garden.  I think it is a tree lily????IMG_0415 (512x640)At my parents front gate there is a huge pointsettia

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Phoneography Challenge: Editing Fun

Duck - iPhone 5S

Good morning from a grey Hastings.  The sun is trying to shine through as I am writing this so I am hoping for a nicer afternoon.

I am a bit late posting but it took forever to update my internet security.

Since this is the 5th Monday in September the prompt for Sally’s challenge is my favourite one – editing using the same themes as last week.

So it is back to my ducks.

IMG_0340 (640x473)

Firstly I headed to Snapseed and used the drama filter for some added texture on the water.

Glowing duck

I added a bit of glow with the old lens filter.

PS Express

Then I headed to Photoshop Express to add a vignette.

IMG_0343 (640x473)

And a filter – which I can’t remember – except it was to add a stronger feel to it.

IMG_0344 (640x480)

I headed to an app called Artwork HD for a comic filter.

Sketched duck.

And finally I used the Sketch app with the original image to create this black and white drawing.

It is a lot of fun playing around with all the different apps to get the different affects.

You can check out the challenge at Sally’s blog as well as a couple of other posts.


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Phoneography and Non-SLR Challenge: Abstraction

Abstract Duck

Good morning from a calmer Hastings morning.

Yesterday we had such a stormy day with very strong winds and rain, and freezing temperatures.  There was quite a bit of snow around the country – just a spring storm.  Auckland had no power for a while so I am thankful that I was warm and cosy here in Hastings.

.  I had to go to the dentist and drove past Frimley Park to find branches scattered across the road. It lasted until well into the evening last night.

Thanks for all the well wishes for the dentist.  That went well but I couldn’t eat much all day.  It was actually relatively painless getting the filling done, but it is the sound affects of the drills that get to me.  Ugh!

Anyway onto this challenge by Sally:

This photo was taken back in June this year.  Even though it was totally out of focus I didn’t delete it.  I actually liked the affect.  It just needed some extra affects and colour so I headed to Distressed FX and added a more colourful filter.

Here is the original:

Abstract original

Here are some other great posts for this challenge:

Dubble App


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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White Ferns

IMG_0225 copy (500x640)

Good morning from a grey looking Hastings.

It is time for Sally’s challenge for our non–SLR devices again.

It was interesting to see the new camera specs for the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week.  The IPhone 6Plus looks like it could be a mini SLR camera which should be good.  We don’t always have our large cameras with us, but we usually have cellphones on us.

Anyway I have gone for a New Zealand theme today.  The All Blacks won against South Africa last Saturday night in a tight rugby match.  So I thought it would be appropriate to show some ferns in black and white.  These photos were taken in the native bush at Cornwall Park earlier this year.

IMG_0227 copy (500x640)

IMG_0224 copy (640x480)

IMG_0223 copy (640x480)

They have been edited with Snapseed, Perfect Affects 8 and Photoscape.

Let’s Face It…

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro – Amarylls


Good morning from another beautiful sunny Hastings.  It really is nice to see some sun for more than 10 minutes after last week’s miserable wet weather.

Time for Sally’s challenge for my IPhone 5S.  It is apt that tomorrow Apple will be giving us a new IPhone.  The camera should be interesting to see.

As I have spent a lot of time at my parents house I make use of my cellphone when my mother has interesting flowers.  This was the most gorgeous pink amaryllis.

So I have spent some time playing with different apps on the phone.  Sorry I can’t remember which ones I used – most of them are combinations to get the affects I felt were more interesting.

007 (506x640)

I think this one was with SnapSeed as well as PhotoStudio for the frame.

002 (485x640)

I think this was with PS Express and I inverted the colours as you can see.

003 (485x640)

I definitely can’t remember this app at all.

005 (480x640)

This was SnapSeed and possibly PhotoStudio.

It is so easy to get carried away with the apps.  For me it is like going into the Tardis – several hours go by before I emerge from it again.

You can check out this challenge at Sally’s post here:

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Phoneography Challenge: Editing with Apps

IMG_4565 (640x640)

Good morning from a coolish Hastings.

This week, being the 5th Monday for June (although I am already into July), it is editing with the cool apps available.  That is the fun part for me.

I love Snapseed and it seems to be a favourite with other bloggers too.  The grunge affects are just so awesome.

IMG_3775 (496x640)

It adds atmosphere to the image as well as defining the flowers a bit more.

IMG_3773 (480x640)

IMG_4563 (513x640)

I can’t remember what I used here but the glow affect is interesting.

IMG_4548 (495x640)

I definitely can’t remember what app I used here.  When I get going I just move from app to app to see what affect I get and whether I like it or not.  I loved art at school and would have loved to take it further at university but family circumstances did not allow it.  So with all these apps I can start to unleash my inner artist in me to make up for time lost.

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Phoneography and Sunday Stills: Urban Landscape

IMG_3366 (640x471)

Good morning from a very chilly Hastings morning.

This week the challenge by Sally is the challengers choice  – from Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel.

Ed has asked us in his challenge for black and white landscapes

So I have joined the two challenges today with this urban landscape in black and white.

It is a view from the third floor of our local hospital – actually the only big hospital in Hawke’s Bay, here in Hastings.  I was visiting my father in hospital last March when I had to get out my phone and take photos.  It was a lovely day and the view was amazing.  There are no high rise buildings in Hastings, only one level bungalows as they would be called overseas. In the distances are our ranges which get covered in snow in the winter.  That is as far as I like to get to snow.

So that is my home town.

The graininess at the top is the dirty window – I do miss my Mac for the processing.

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