IPhoneography Challenge: Macro


Good morning again.

Last week it was my birthday and I got a lovely bouquet of gerberas (I think that is the spelling) from my husband without any prompting (!).  They were just beautiful and of course I have immortalised them on my 5S. I have found the phone on the 5S to be a lot sharper than the 4S.

The above photos were edited in Photoshop while the ones below in Snapseed.



It wasn’t just the flowers that were interesting, but also the pink dotted paper.



More interesting abstract images.  They were a lot of fun to play with.

This is part of Lens and Pens by Sally  IPhonegraphy challenge.

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IPhoneography Challenge: Nature


Good morning from a dark Hastings.  The sun hasn’t come up yet .  So that means the days are now getting shorter, and the nights longer.  It is also cooler in the mornings too.  Summer is on it’s way out.

Another week, another iPhoneography challenge hosted by Lens and Pens by Sally

These photos were taken with the my 4S outside our local bank.  I had just pulled up in the car park when I notice this monarch butterfly and immediately got out the phone and started taking photos.  It didn’t like what I was doing so flew off.  I started to put the phone away when it came back again.  So out came the phone again.   Much to the disgust of my son who was with me.  He shrunk down into his seat and wanted to disappear.  He was so embarrassed.  Luckily for him no-one was around to see this.

The second time around I was able to up close a bit more using the zoom on it to get these photos.

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IPhoneography Challenge: Architecture




Good morning from a very cool Hastings morning.

Another week, another challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. This week is architecture.  Last month on 30th December I did a post on architecture and showed some houses built in the 1920’s down our street.  You can catch it here


So today I have gone for the modern glass buildings at the end of our street.  I have taken quite a few photos of this building as I love the reflections of the sky and other buildings in the glass. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast that day and there is little reflection of the clouds.

This building is on the corner of the our street and the main business district street that runs the length of Hastings.  You an see other smaller commercial buildings reflected in the glass.  It is only a 10 minute walk into the CBD from our house which is great.  We have a very minimal bus system as it is easy to get anywhere.

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IPhoneography Challenge: black and white.


Good morning from a very soggy Hastings.  We have survived yet another earthquake.  It was rather tame here compared to those south of us.  We aren’t called the Shaky Isles for nothing.  We are still getting a lot of little aftershocks but nothing serious.  I know because I have an app on my iPad that keeps notifying me of them.   One blessing is that we have rain but no wind with it so I am happy.  We need the rain as it was getting very parched here.

So, onto this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. The Phoneography Challenge.  This week it is black and white.  This is harder than you think as we live in a colourful world. But then black and white gives a completely new angle to photos.  I chose these photos as they can change into something completely abstract.

First I went to Colour Strokes and changed them all to black and white.

IMG_1886 B&WIMG_1882 2 B&WIMG_1883 B& W

Then it was over to FX Photostudio Pro to tweak it a bit and add a frame.

IMG_1886 B&W 1IMG_1882 2 B&W 1IMG_1883 B& W 1

They look so different to the original images.  Two look more like something out of science fiction.

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Iphoneography Challenge: Macro.

Iphone 3

Good morning from a cool sunny Hastings.

This week this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally is macro.  The other posts I have read so far have been all to do with nature.  There are some great photos out there.

So of course, I have decided to be very different.  On another challenge I showed a blanket that I had made with the Tunisian Crochet technique.  Well today I am showing some beadwork and embroidery that I have done.  I made this Punjabi tunic for a friend a few weeks ago.  While I was making it I thought what a great photo opportunity to see what I could do with the macro on the phone.  

The first photo is of the beads at the back.

Iphone 2

This is the single strand at the front.

IPhone 7


I liked the idea of the different colours showing up the details of the beads here.

Iphone 1


Again I used a rainbow affect.

IPhone 8


Dark circles – a bit eerie I think.

Ipnone 4


Here is some of the embroidery close up.  It looks so different to a  normal view.

IPhone 6IPhone 5


Here you can see what the tunic actually looked like.

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IPhoneography Challenge: Nature


Good morning from a cooler Hastings morning.  I hope everyone is staying warm and dry in the big freeze.  It looks sooooo cold.  So keep safe.

This week the challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally is nature with my IPhone 4S.  These images were taken the same day as the ones I took last week for architecture.  I was a bit annoyed at not being able to use my big camera to zoom in on these roses as it had rained the night before and the flowers were just calling out to me to take photos of them.  If I used the HDR setting on the phone it drained the battery rather quickly so I had to really make the photos count.  Still I was happy with what I took.

Phone 4Phone 3

Phone 2Phone 1

As you can see I had a bit of fun with the editing.

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iPhoneography Challenge: Architecture.

Untitled copyHOUSE 2

IMG_1869 1HOUSE 3

Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I love this challenge byLens and Pens by Sally as it makes me use my phone a bit more, not just as a source of music when out walking.  I had corrupted my memory card so I had to use the phone the other day.  It is hard to go for a walk anyway without a camera.  I have itchy fingers and get frustrated when I see something interesting.  I drive my family nuts.  At least I have my iPhone 4S on me.

Anyway as usual I digress.  I thought about this challenge while out walking and decided to take some images of these houses just down our street.  Our house was also built at the same time – the 1920’s.  What makes these houses so interesting is that they survived a big earthquake in 1931.

Here is what they say in Wikipedia. (They say it better than I can.)

The 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, also known as the Napier earthquake, occurred in New Zealand at 10:47 am on Tuesday 3 February 1931, killing 256[1] and devastating the Hawke’s Bay region. It remains New Zealand’s deadliest natural disaster. Centred 15 km north of Napier, it lasted for two and a half minutes and measured magnitude 7.8 Ms (magnitude 7.9Mw). There were 525 aftershocks recorded in the following two weeks. The main shock could be felt in much of the southern half of the North Island.

Nearly all buildings in the central areas of Napier and Hastings were levelled (The Dominion noted that “Napier as a town has been wiped off the map”)[4] and the death toll included 161 people in Napier, 93 in Hastings, and two in Wairoa.[1] Thousands more were injured, with over 400 hospitalised.

The local landscape changed dramatically, with the coastal areas around Napier being lifted by around two metres.[4] The most noticeable land change was the uplifting of some 40 km² of sea-bed to become dry land. This included Ahuriri Lagoon, which was lifted more than 2.7 metres[4] and resulted in draining 2230 hectares of the lagoon. Today, this area is the location ofHawkes Bay Airport, housing and industrial developments and farmland.

Within minutes fires broke out in chemist shops in Hastings Street, Napier. The fire brigade almost had the first fire under control when the second broke out in a shop at the back of the Masonic Hotel. The hotel was quickly engulfed in flames. The wind at this point also picked up strength and began blowing from the east, pushing the fires back over the city. With water mains broken the brigade was unable to save many buildings. Pumping water from Clive Square they were able to stop the fires spreading south. Only a few buildings in the central Napier area survived. Some withstood the earthquake only to be gutted by fire. Trapped people had to be left to burn as people were unable to free them in time. By Wednesday morning the main fires were out but the ruins still smouldered for several days.

In Hastings, the fires were quickly brought under control.

The death toll might have been much higher had the Royal Navy ship HMS Veronica not been in port at the time. Within minutes of the shock the Veronica had sent radio messages asking for help. The sailors joined survivors to fight the fires, rescue trapped people and help give them medical treatment. The Veronica’s radio was used to transmit news of the disaster to the outside world and to seek assistance. The crew from two cargo ships, the Northumberland and Taranaki, also joined the rescue works, while two cruisers, HMS Diomede and HMS Dunedin, were dispatched from Auckland that afternoon with food, tents, medicine, blankets, and a team of doctors and nurses. The cruisers sailed at high speed overnight, arrived on 4 February and provided valuable assistance in all areas until their departure on 11 February.

A group of prisoners working at Bluff Hill in Napier had four of their number buried in a landslip by the quake. The remaining prisoners dug them out, but two had been killed. The prisoners re-assembled without any attempt to escape and were locked up in the Napier Jail. In Taradale, Mission Estate missionaries accommodation block had been built and opened in February 1931. The next day the Hawke’s Bay earthquake struck, causing serious damage to the entire Mission. Two priests and seven students were killed when the stone chapel was destroyed. In Havelock North, St Luke’s church was damaged (but not destroyed) just before a wedding was due to take place. The couple got married later in the day, but outdoors.

Within four days of the quake, cinemas around New Zealand offered news specials about the disaster.

Another casualty of the earthquake was the Napier trams. The tracks were twisted by the earthquake, and were never restored.[5]

New Zealand’s first commercial air disaster occurred six days after the quake, when a Dominion Airlines Desoutter monoplane crashed near Wairoa. The small airline had been making three return trips a day between Hastings and Gisborne, carrying passengers and supplies. All three on board were killed.

The Napier Daily Telegraph had recently celebrated its diamond jubilee with an article describing Napier as “the Nice of the Pacific”. The newspaper office was destroyed by the quake. The Hawke’s Bay Herald offices in Hastings were also destroyed.

It is still possible to see the original path of the earthquake from Napier Prison.[6]

 The rebuild of both Hastings and Napier were carried out in the Art Deco style which I love.  Every year in February we have the Art Deco Festival with Great Gatsby picnics, cabarets, vintage car parades and other activities.  We all dress up in Art Deco costume which is so lovely to see such colour.  The atmosphere is just brilliant.  So much fun.

We do still get earthquakes but thankfully nothing as bad as this one.

I used FX Photostudio Pro for the post editing.  I thought the sketch filter suited the images and gave a more timeless look to them.

Sorry about the history lesson – this is for lady sighs.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day for the last one of this year.

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iPhonegraphy Challenge: The Fourth Monday


Good morning from a cloudy Hastings.

The subject of the fourth Monday Phoneography Challenge is the photographer’s choice from the following:  Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel.

I have chosen Street Photography, or is it night photography or even travel….  These photos were taken on the road to Napier at twilight on the 26th April this year.  The sunset was awesome and I was happy to use my iPhone 4S so as not to miss it.  These were all taken in a moving car – my husbands 1972 Pontiac Firebird which you can see the bonnet of.  He thought the photos were great – he really meant the ones with his prized car in them.







They haven’t been edited, I have just added the frames.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your Christmas Eve.


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iPhoneography Challenge: The Hobbit – Gandalf


Good morning from a humid, muggy Tuesday in Hastings.  I know I am a day late, but some countries are still in Monday so I think I still qualify for this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally.

I thought long and hard about this challenge this week and searched through my archives and then I found these photos.

Last year we were down in Wellington 4 days before the release of The Hobbit move.  This was filmed around Wellington by Sir Peter Jackson and the premier was held there.  We were wandering down this street, not knowing where we were and then we came across the theatre where the premiere was being held and lo and behold there was Gandalf above us.

Black and White Gandalf

Black and White Gandalf with door 1

These were edited with Colour Strokes with a medium hardness to the image for a more dimensional look to it.

Of course I couldn’t resist editing further, much to the disgust of my daughter.

 Black and White Gandalf 1

Black and White Gandalf with door

Black and White Gandalfsketch

I prefer these images but my daughter said the challenge was for black and white and the top two had too much colour.  I just think that they add to the images and make them just a tad more interesting.

What do you think?

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IPhoneography Monday Challenge: Macro


Good morning from another sunny day here in Hastings.

I have been loving this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally, especially Amanda at www.UniqueSoChic.com and her photos.

So I thought I would have a try with my iPhone 4S.

Last night it rained and so this morning I went out with the iPhone and found these few flowers left.  I don’t use the phone much for photography, preferring to use my Fujifilm, especially  for macro.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  These are edited with FX Photostudio Pro.  I kept the editing to a minimum.  They have all had a vignette added as well as the frame.  I felt that it was best just to keep it simple.








I hope you like them.

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