A Word a Week: Orange – Autumn Colours

Autumn colours 7

Good morning from a wet and grey Hastings.

I had this post all planned last night and then this morning I read my emails and found that this weeks Word a Week challenge is orange.  So now I can use these photos in this challenge.


Sue showed the most amazing sunrise.

Today here in New Zealand it is the official start of winter.  So yesterday I made the most of the sunny and warm weather and headed out to take some photos of the autumn colours.  So I think all the shades of orange have come out.

Autumn colours 1

The first place I went to was Oak Avenue.  This is a short avenue lined with oak trees that were planted in 1874.  I found it hard driving up this road as it was breathtaking.

Autumn colours 2

Then on both sides of the avenue there are orchards which are just glorious at the moment.  I had to go when the sun was up at a certain angle to really get the depth of colour.  The farmers have sent their sheep in to keep the grass down among the trees.  This group took off as soon as I started to head towards them.

Autumn colours 6

Then it was off to Pakowhai Park.  The colours were breathtaking.  There was no wind and the stream was like a mirror.

Autumn colours 5

Autumn colours 4

Autumn colours 3

Autumn colours 10

Autumn colours 9

Autumn colours 8

Here is another great post for this challenge by Nowathome.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Leaves and Trees


Good morning from a dark Hastings.  It is now 5.52 AM.  In case you are wondering why I am up at the computer at this ungodly hour, my son has to get up this early for his bible class so I get up to make sure he gets up.  But it is also a great time to sit down with no interruptions to do my blog.  Then the day is mine.

Anyway this weeks challenge, the second in her Mother Earth series is Leaves.  As we are now in autumn the leaves are just such a glorious show at the moment and it is easy to get carried away just taking photos of them.  Hence I do have a lot of photos today.







A couple of New Zealand ferns



Then I just looked up around me as I loved the canopy above me.


If you look hard enough you can just make out a fantail among the leaves.  These birds are really hard to photograph as they are like butterflies and just flitter around.  They have even flitted right around my head, within inches in fact. Just to tease me.





Another fantail.  I love the silhouettes of the leaves against each other when I zoomed up on them.


Here is Cee’s blog to check out about this challenge.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Leaves and Trees

And a couple of other posts I loved as well.





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IPhoneography Challenge: Nature


Good morning from a dark Hastings morning, the sun hasn’t come up yet but it should be a nice day, the camera battery is charging, the bread for the ducks is prepared, so that is where I will be heading after Hubby goes to work.

So welcome back Sally with her challenge.


Being the first Monday in the month it is all about Nature.

I have been having fun with some new apps on my phone and have started an Instagram page – Decocraftsnz. I must say I have been really impressed with the quality of the camera on the IPhone 5S,  It zooms in well and is sharp as well.  I can use it just as much as I would my Fujifilm.

These first photos were edited with Distressed FX which adds textures and some saturation to photos.







It also adds some glow as well as saturation.



Then Amanda from Unique So Chic kindly told me about this app 100 Cameras for this photo taken on Sunday on the way to Meanee for the car show.


Finally I haven’t forgotten the Waterlogue app either.


It is so much fun playing around with the apps and unleashing the inner artist in me.

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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Small Objects


Good morning from a cool but dry Hastings morning.

This week the prompt  from Cee for this challenge is small objects.

I used ColorStrokes for the black and white editing as I like the fact I can do different lighting affects.  For all these photos I have used the dreamy affect which makes the textures show up a bit more and make the subjects stand out against the background.


Some more mushrooms.



A magnolia seed pod (?) I found on the ground.


Another leaf.


I have used this photo as I love the silhouette of the birds in the tree.

To find out more about this challenge visit Cee’s blog here

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small Subjects

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Mandarin Orange Monday: 89


Yesterday I spent some time on the computer just playing around with my blog – as you can see I have updated it hopefully to make my photos stand out a bit more.

Plus I set up a website to sell my photos as prints, greeting cards and cell phone covers which can be found here


Anyway I spent some time playing around with Photoshop filters for this challenge.

So this is the first photo


I added the fresco filter

Fresco 1

Then the water paper filter

water paper

Then the accented edges filter

accented edges 5

Finally the orange gradient map filter

gradiant map

Then here is the second photo.


First I used the poster edges

Poster edges

Then a diffuse glow

Diffuse glow 2

Then the water paper

Water paper 3

Then I solorized it.

solarized 4

Finally the orange gradient map

orange gradient

I played around with this image quite a bit, actually I really didn’t know what I did but managed to get several layers together on this.

DSCF5645 gradient to repeat

When I merged them together I played around a lot  with a few layers.

final image

The top left I used several layers to give a three dimensional feel or a feel of movement.

It was fun to see what I could do.

Check out Lorik’s awesome works of art here


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A Word in your Ear – Sign


Good morning from a rather damp Hastings.

This weeks challenge for A Word in Your Ear is Sign.

I don’t usually take photos of signs. So  I am showing signs of autumn.  Last Saturday I was on a mission to take photos of autumn for this local photo competition.  So here are some I took.  I love the colours of autumn but am not looking forward to winter as I don’t cope to well with the colder weather.  I know the northern hemisphere are so relieved to get signs of spring after their horrible winter.


DSCF4665 1


There have been some great signs –





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Phoneography Challenge: Nature


Good morning from a rather soggy Hastings.

This challenge by Sally is nature this week.  I found these rather interesting leaves at the home improvement store I visited last week with my parents.  Actually left to my own devices I would have spent hours there.  The types of plants were amazing.

IMG_3440 + dry brush

I added a dry brush with Photoshop.

IMG_3440 + poster edges

And then poster edges for some more definition.

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2012: A Greg Odyssey…


These were taken with my IPhone 5S.

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Playing with FX Studio Pro

vintage rose

Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I haven’t posted for a couple of days as I have been trying to restore 300 GBs of photos from Time Machine onto a hard drive.  It has taken a couple of days but I have managed it.  I felt lost without these photos.  My husband needs some photos so I am searching for them but so far no luck.  Anyway it is all done and I feel whole again.  It did take all night to update all the thumbnails so now I can see again.  Ah the joys of computers.

Anyway I spent some time last night just playing abound with FX Studio Pro.  I just tried out the different filters.  I was inspired by www.UniqueSoChic.com‘s post yesterday. I thought her images were amazing. I was also interested in the     Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I    by The Daily Post.

Black and White bubblesSoft bubbles

These two are obviously the same image.  The one on the right was edited again in Photoshop for the colour.

Orange beauty 1Tritone rose

Some more roses.  Again I edited the right one in Photoshop to bring out the leaves a bit more.

Night Vision leavesX Ray leaves

For these two I wanted a more dramatic feel to them, accentuating the pattern of the leaves.

Ranunculascolour explosion

I tried to keep the orange colours of these images.  But with the right image I added a little rainbow affect.

Rainbow watersSolarised leaves

For these two images I gave them colours that wouldn’t occur in real life.  The image on the right has a rainbow filter on a diagonal to go with the pattern on the water while the one on the right has been solarised so that the green has turned purple while retaining the red leaves.

Glowing rose

Finally a glowing rose which I just really added a vignette to get rid of unwanted background.

It is soooo much fun playing around with images.  It can take an average photo and turn it into something amazing.

So have fun with editing.

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Festival of Leaves Week 7



Good morning from a grey and cool Hastings.

I have loved seeing some of the photos of this challenge.  Leaves are so interesting.  There are so many shapes and textures especially when the light plays on them or through them.  I have posted some photos of leaves before but this is the first time for this challenge Festival of Leaves: Week 7…  For this challenge I found a few submerged leaves.  As usual I have included water – I am a water bearer so that maybe explains my love of taking photos of reflections.  So here are the others.





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Split toning with Sonel’s Corner – Change of season



Good evening from a very windy and gusty Hastings.

I have just spent some time playing around with these leaves that I had shot back in the autumn.

This is the first change of colour via the colour gradient.

brown leaves - split toning

Brown, but it didn’t have the texture I wanted with the leaves.

green leaves for split toning

The next adjustment with the gradient map turned it green with more texture.

blue and green leaves for split toning

I played around with the colour adjustment to see if I could increase the contrast.

yellow, blue and green leaves for split toning

Then back to the gradient map for the more contrast.

yellow, blue and green leaves for split  toning + magenta


For something different I added the magenta colours.

colourful centre split toning


Finally I used one of the filters to just give it a colourful centre, which gives the affect of an inner glow.

I should add that to start with I used the poster edge filter just to strengthen the lines.

The end result is so totally different to the beginning.  But that is all part of the fun.

Cheers from Raewyn