The Daily Post: Nighttime


Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

This prompt is rather apt for New Zealand today as tonight we go into daylight saving.  That means an hour less sleep.  My daughter will find it hard as she gets up at 6 during the week for work, while my son will have it easier as he has two weeks off with his school holidays.  It will be nice to have longer evenings.

Actually since my camera is very slow I tend not to take photos at night.  I had to trawl through all my photos to find this photo.  This was taken when I was staying at my parents house after being thrown out by ex-hubby.  I was sitting at the dinning room table and happened to look down at my cellphone which was reflecting the light fitting above the table.  I was fascinated by it and tried to take some photos.  This was the best one I found.

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