Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Art Deco lights

Art Deco Lights (640x499)

Welcome to my entry for Cee’s challenge.

Thank you Cee for featuring my cola bottles from my post a couple of weeks ago.


These photos were taken yesterday while I wandered around town.

All the lights are in the Art Deco style in the CBD.  This first photo mirrors the road below it.

Art Deco Lights 2 (639x640)

Art Deco  Lights 1 (640x499)

Art Deco Light + reindeer (498x640)

And finally a Christmas photo.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lights

Plus I can enter this for Debbie and her Look Up, Look Down Challenge:

Liver Birds Overhead


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Friday Floral/Look Up, Look Down


Good morning from another frosty Hastings morning.

Wandering around our garden last week I found this sprig of Jasmine peaking through the empty branches.  I love the lingering aroma of Jasmine.


Perfect also for Debbie’s challenge:

Turning Gum into Art

One Statue – Looking Up and Looking Down



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Floral Friday/ Look Up Look Down

DSCF3691 (640x470)

Good morning from a freezing frosty Hastings morning.

This weeks Floral Friday photo is looking up to these daisies.  Just the thing to brighten up chilly morning.


This is also for Debbie’s awesome challenge Look Up. Look Down.

Not the London Eye



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Good morning from a freezing frosty

A Photo a Week, Look Up, Look Down: Flight

Flight 4

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This week Nancy’s prompt is Flight.

These photos were taken at the vintage car display at the Art Deco Weekend last February.  There is always an aerobatic display and the planes fly down close to the beach.  These were taken with the IPhone 5S and I had a little bit of fun with the editing with FX Foto Pro.


As I am looking up it can also enter Debbie’s challenge at

New Windows on the Block

And here are some amazing photos from Cee


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A Photo a Week: Stripes, Look Up, Look Down


This week Nancy has talked about stripes for her challenge.

As it is ANZAC Day I have a New Zealand theme for a couple of photos for both these challenges.

DSCF5240 2


For these photos of New Zealand Ferns I have used the leaves as stripes rather than the actual petals as in the first photo.



This plant I found underneath a huge, old tree at Frimley Park.  The striped leaves stood out to me.


Finally back to striped flowers with this geranium.


Kitesurfing Heaven

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A Photo a Week: Texture, Look Up, Look Down


This week the prompt from Nancy is texture.


Since we have had a lot of rain over the past 2 weeks the mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere.  I found this one at Cornwall Park.  What caught my eye was the texture on it.


As I was looking down for these photos I can also add this to Debbie’s Look Up, Look Down challenge.


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A Photo A Week, Look Up, Look Down






Good morning from Hastings.

I am killing two birds with one stone today.  Two challenges. Well actually 3.  Nancy has challenged us to take photos of backlit subjects.  I do this a lot a I love the way the colours stand out.  The second challenge is for Debbie’s Look Up, Look Down.

These photos were taken looking up with the sun just coming up.  They caught my eye as the colours really stood out.

The third challenge is a local photo competition for the colours of autumn here in the Hawke’s Bay.  I have until the end of April to take some photos to hand in.  I am not sure how many photos are allowed.  They were rather vague.  So I will need to narrow it down I would imagine.

So I am asking for some imput here.  Which are your favourites and why?

Check out Nancy’s challenge here.


And Debbie’s here.


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A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 9 – Art Deco – Look Up, Look Down



Good morning from a foggy Hastings.

Where is the time going.  We are up to week 9 for Dawn’s challenge  for The Day After. As some of the photos are looking up at windows they can also go for Debbie’s challenge at Travel with Intent – Look Up, Look Down Week 28,

Continuing with my Art Deco theme this week I am focusing on the windows in the Art Deco centre of Napier.  They are so decorative and colourful.  I edited these with the Pacific Filter in the FX Photostudio Pro as I wanted to get a vintage  feel to them, appropriate to the Art Deco era. But also they remind me of the colours of Miami when I visited there 20 years ago.

There are quite a few.  It was a matter of where to start and when to stop.  It is a photographers paradise.













Thanks for visiting and you can find out more about this challenge at Dawn’s blog here


and see Debbie’s awesome post here

The Sound of Music

Here is Debbie’s post for her challenge

Mushrooming Toadstools!

And Irene’s awesome post

Look Up, Look Down Challenge: Bucketts Scenic Walk (Wk 28)

Thanks for visiting and putting up with all my Art Deco this week.

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Look Up, Look Down: Week #28



While out walking one day I came across this little poser up on top of a tree.  A great series for Debbie’s challenge at Travel with Intent

Here is Debbie’s post to admire

Adore and Endure

and Irene’s great post as well.

Looking Up, Looking Down: Fraser Island (Week 27)

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Look Up, Look Down Challenge: Week 24


Good morning from a cloudy Hastings.

For this weeks challenge I am just looking up.  This is the bandstand right in the centre of the CBD of Hastings.  My daughter and I went hunting for photos one night and I found this.  Actually it has obviously been there for some time but this was the first time I had really had a good look at it.



I like the way the silhouettes of the design really showed up.  This has a native american feel to it but it also has the Maori koru as well. Below shows the distinctive koru – the arrow shape up the top.






As you can see I had fun with the editing.

To find out more about this challenge check out Debbie’s post at:

Water Tank in Ixelles

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