Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro Raindrops

Macro drops-1

Good morning from a grey spring day.

What a coincidence this morning.  Two other talented bloggers I follow have also post photos of raindrops for Sally’s challenge where we get to showcase our non- camera cameras.  Recently I upgraded to the iPhone 6S and the photos are stunning.

A couple of weeks ago I went for a walk in some light rain. The light was good enough for me to take some great shots of raindrops.  The macro function is great.

I edited this in Lightroom, Colour Efex and Analogue Efex as when I uploaded these to the computer I deleted them before I had a chance to see these on my iPad.

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Phoneography Challenge: Painted Macros

Painted Daisy-051

Good morning from a very windy Hastings day.  We have just had the most glorious sunrise so I have been outside with the camera in my  dressing gown.  I will post some of the photos tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post.  Apparently the downside of this sunrise spectacle is rain.  So that is what we can expect this afternoon.

I have started doing acrylic  painting classes.  It takes a lot longer to create a masterpiece than a painted photo. So for a change I used the Glaze app on my iPad to create my artwork with these macro photos.  So much easier and less mess.  Still I am really enjoying it – both actually.

Painted Pink Beauty-047

Painted Pink Beauty-049

These last two photos didn’t really come up that well when I first edited them.  I thought they worked better with this app.

For this last photo I used Distressed FX as I wanted to focus on the strong autumn gold in this leaf.

Golden Leaf-040

This is for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally where we just use our mobile devices – no cameras allowed.

I will catch up with my reader later.  Am running late due to the sunrise.

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Morning glory macro (488x640)

Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings morning.  Yesterday we hit 33 degrees and had the highest temperature in the country.  Phew.  It was so bad for me – this house is rather cool with all the windows open.

Anyway onto this challenge by Sally.

I have gone for a sci fi look about my photos today.  When I did the editing on this last night on Snapseed I was thinking about The X Files which is what these photos remind me of.  While I have been beading madly I have been watching this series from the beginning – I am now up to series 2 episode 14 I think.  Anyway these photos somehow remind me of the opening graphics.  Sort of.

Morning Glory macro 1 (640x484)


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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Rose macro 1 (640x483)

Since last week everyone loved my roses here are some more, as macros for Sally’s challenge.  I haven’t done any editing as the colours were fantastic on their own.

Rose macro 2 (483x640)

Rose macro 3 (640x483)

Rose macro 6 (640x483)

Rose macro 7 (483x640)

Rose macro 5 (640x483)


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Phoneography Challenge: Macro – Finishing my Quilt

hand quilting (640x476)

Good morning from a lovely sunny morning.  It is finally warming up now after winter had returned last week

So, another week has gone by and it is time for my phone challenge.  This week we get to showcase our macro photos.

But no editing today.  A couple of weeks ago I posted about my bucket list and top of the list was this quilt.  Or should I say quilt pieces.  Well for a week I was on a mission to finish it.  It helped to get over the tiredness a bit as I could see that I was really going somewhere with it.  That always help when you can see the end in sight.

So I did things my way, as I do and hand stitched the borders, and then hand quilted them.  I found it to be very heavy so it was easier on me to hand quilt it.

trimming the quilt (501x640)

Then it was trimmed.  Ok, a couple of photos in this post aren’t exactly macro.  I had taken these photos for Instagram to show my progress.

finishing touches (501x640)

Then it was hand stitching the binding.  I am not sure I like looking at my fingers so close up.  A bit freaky.

And voila:

Finished quilt (501x640)

One finished quilt.

 Every time I look at it I feel really proud of myself.  It is not perfect, but I did it all.  I would rather think of it as naive.  I started it to learn new techniques and that as I went on with it I would hopefully improve.  I meant to do it all by hand.  That went out the window for the last 4 blocks where I went to the sewing machine.  This is based on an antique quilt with the designs, so I figure that the sewing machines arrived in the mid 1800’s so I could say it was progression in technology.


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Sunday Stills: Macro/A Word in your Ear: Delicate

Delicate macro (491x640)

I know Ed with his challenge this week doesn’t want too many flower macro but with this image I kill two birds with one stone.  The other challenge being for Sue’s A Word in Your Ear which is delicate.

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Phoneography: Macro

IMG_4013 (489x640)

Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.

This being the second week of June it means for Sally’s challenge it is macro.

I must say I have been impressed with the IPhone 5S camera.  The macro function is great – in some ways better than my Fujifilm.  I don’t have such a problem with sharpness.

These photos were taken last April.

IMG_3988 (487x640)

IMG_3885 (489x640)

Normally I would have edited these on the phone but this time I just did minimal editing with Photoscape.

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IPhoneography Challenge: Macro


Good morning again.

Last week it was my birthday and I got a lovely bouquet of gerberas (I think that is the spelling) from my husband without any prompting (!).  They were just beautiful and of course I have immortalised them on my 5S. I have found the phone on the 5S to be a lot sharper than the 4S.

The above photos were edited in Photoshop while the ones below in Snapseed.



It wasn’t just the flowers that were interesting, but also the pink dotted paper.



More interesting abstract images.  They were a lot of fun to play with.

This is part of Lens and Pens by Sally  IPhonegraphy challenge.

Thanks for visiting.  Here are a couple of other great blogs.

Keep Your Chin Up…

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Iphoneography Challenge: Macro.

Iphone 3

Good morning from a cool sunny Hastings.

This week this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally is macro.  The other posts I have read so far have been all to do with nature.  There are some great photos out there.

So of course, I have decided to be very different.  On another challenge I showed a blanket that I had made with the Tunisian Crochet technique.  Well today I am showing some beadwork and embroidery that I have done.  I made this Punjabi tunic for a friend a few weeks ago.  While I was making it I thought what a great photo opportunity to see what I could do with the macro on the phone.  

The first photo is of the beads at the back.

Iphone 2

This is the single strand at the front.

IPhone 7


I liked the idea of the different colours showing up the details of the beads here.

Iphone 1


Again I used a rainbow affect.

IPhone 8


Dark circles – a bit eerie I think.

Ipnone 4


Here is some of the embroidery close up.  It looks so different to a  normal view.

IPhone 6IPhone 5


Here you can see what the tunic actually looked like.

So here are a couple of other blogs that I loved.

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Macro

Macro Monday and Phoneography Challenge: Macro

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IPhoneography Monday Challenge: Macro


Good morning from another sunny day here in Hastings.

I have been loving this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally, especially Amanda at and her photos.

So I thought I would have a try with my iPhone 4S.

Last night it rained and so this morning I went out with the iPhone and found these few flowers left.  I don’t use the phone much for photography, preferring to use my Fujifilm, especially  for macro.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  These are edited with FX Photostudio Pro.  I kept the editing to a minimum.  They have all had a vignette added as well as the frame.  I felt that it was best just to keep it simple.








I hope you like them.

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