Mandarin Orange Monday


Good morning from a cooler Hastings.

As it is Monday it is time for this awesome challenge by LorikArt.  It is a great way to learn about photo editing and just to let the imagination go wild.

For more about this challenge here is her blog

So I started off with these two photos from the car show at Meanee yesterday.

The tree photo didn’t really need much editing to get where I wanted.


I can’t remember the filter for this particular photo but it was edited with FX Foto Pro.  I wanted some more definition to the tree to make it stand out more against the background so added the Hippie filter.


Which gave me my orange image.

The tower photo had a few more steps.


I first dodged it to make the tower pop out a bit more against the sun behind it.


Then the bright spots filter.


Finally I used the gradient map filter for the orange image.6

In Photoshop I then tweaked around with the colour hue and also tweaked the shadows and light so that it stood out a bit more.


For the final image I flipped the tree vertically so that the tower was just a shadow in the background.

This is a lot of fun just playing around and trying different filters and getting to know new apps and editing programs.

Thanks for visiting.


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Mandarin Orange Monday 91



Good evening from Hastings.

I haven’t done this challenge for a while – sorry Lorik but I have been having problems getting your posts.

But I do love doing this as it is all up to your imagination and it doesn’t have to be so formal.

These two photos were taken at the same spot – by our local tennis court.  I love how the spider webs are building up around this woven heart.

I will start with the tap.

I have found a great new app – FX Foto Pro so I started there.

Scratched paper

I added some texture to the tap with some scratched paper.


Then the marine filter.


And the vintage filter.


Then I went to Photoshop and added the fresco filter.

Finally I went orange

Orange gradient tap

I did do some tweaking with the shadows and highlights but lost the photo.

For the heart I also started at FX Foto Pro

Glowing Hue

First I used the glowing hue filter.


Then added a little texture with the silk filter.


Finally I added the hippie filter before heading back to Photoshop.

Poster Edges

For some poster edges.

Sorry but I can’t upload the orange gradient photo.

I tweaked that a lot with the shadows and highlights in order to get more detail in the  heart.

Framed final image

Then I tweaked around a bit more and moved the tap to the bottom left of the image before heading back to FX Foto Pro.

Absolutely final image

I framed it and then used the vintage filter for the absolutely final image.

It is not perfect but more of a surreal photo and is a means for me to learn more about photo editing.


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Mandarin Orange Monday: 89


Yesterday I spent some time on the computer just playing around with my blog – as you can see I have updated it hopefully to make my photos stand out a bit more.

Plus I set up a website to sell my photos as prints, greeting cards and cell phone covers which can be found here

Anyway I spent some time playing around with Photoshop filters for this challenge.

So this is the first photo


I added the fresco filter

Fresco 1

Then the water paper filter

water paper

Then the accented edges filter

accented edges 5

Finally the orange gradient map filter

gradiant map

Then here is the second photo.


First I used the poster edges

Poster edges

Then a diffuse glow

Diffuse glow 2

Then the water paper

Water paper 3

Then I solorized it.

solarized 4

Finally the orange gradient map

orange gradient

I played around with this image quite a bit, actually I really didn’t know what I did but managed to get several layers together on this.

DSCF5645 gradient to repeat

When I merged them together I played around a lot  with a few layers.

final image

The top left I used several layers to give a three dimensional feel or a feel of movement.

It was fun to see what I could do.

Check out Lorik’s awesome works of art here

Thanks for visiting

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Mandarin Orange Monday: 88


It has been a while since I have done this challenge.  I like it because I get to explore the different filters.  I was thinking yesterday that I am not really adventurous enough with my editing.  I tend to stick to the same filters.  With this challenge I am determined now to go into uncharted territory and really go outside my comfort zone.  It may not always be successful but at least I will give it a go.

This photo was again taken at the home improvement store – see my Oddball photo this week.  An orange baugainvillia.

So I am orange to start with.

IMG_3443 ink outlines

Then I added ink outlines to emphasise the lines in the leaves.

IMG_3443 ink outlines + pastel

Then I went for the pastel strokes.

IMG_3443 ink outlines + pastel _ gradient orange

Then I added the orange gradient.

Final Image

Finally for my final image I tweaked at the shadows and highlights.

For more information on this challenge check out Lori’s post here

Thanks for visiting.

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Mandarin Orange Monday/77



Good morning from an overcast Hastings morning.

Today is Monday so time for LorikArt‘s challenge. I loved her post this week which you can find here:

I also was totally impressed by lady sighs post for

So I thought I would have a go with these two photos.  I can’t show you what I did as my blog crashed when I uploaded the photos for some strange reason.  I can tell you that I used Photoshop for editing the photos into the orange colour.  I used a couple of the filters – poster edges and fresco.  Then it was over to GIMP for a tweak with the cartoon filter before I used the paper curl filter to do the final image.  It took me a bit to work out that I could actually load two images together to get the layers.  But here is the final result.  At least that wasn’t corrupt.

DSCF7888 poster edges + film grain + gradient map.jpg = GIMP.jpg final image

I hope lady sighs doesn’t mind, but I was totally wowed by her post.  For me it was more of learning about different editing programmes and to stretch my mind.

Thanks for visiting.

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Mandarin Orange Monday: 76



Good morning from a  windy Hastings today.

This is my first MOM for this year.  I loved LorikArt‘s post this week of Castro the cat.  When I opened up the IPhoto the first thing I found was this cat.  It is a calico cat – that is it has an orange, black and white coat.  So I am halfway there. LOL.


So first it is over to GIMP for the cartoon filter.

MOM cat 1

Then to FX Photostudio Pro for a vignette.

MOM cat 1 + vignette

Then I added a hot yellow filter.

MOM cat 1 + vignette + Hot yellow

Finally the hippie filter.

+ Hippie


First to GIMP for a cartoon filter.

MOM Cat 2

Then to FX Photostudio Pro for a vignette.

MOM Cat 2 + vignette

Then a lindale filter.

MOM Cat 2 + vignette + Lindale

Then the black and red comic filter.

MOM Cat 2 + vignette + Lindale + Black and red comics

Then the lindale filter again.

MOM Cat 2 + vignette + Lindale + Black and red comics=


First is the cartoon filter from GIMP.

MOM Cat 3

Then the vignette from the FX Photostudio Pro.

MOM Cat 3 + vignette

Than the sparta filter.

MOM Cat 3 + vignette + Sparta

Finally the lindale filter.

MOM Cat 3 + vignette + Sparta + Lindale

Here is Lorik’s post for you to browse through and admire.

Thank you for visiting.

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Mandarin Orange Monday 73


Good morning from a  cooler sunny Hastings.  We have had a sharp contrast in weather lately – 29 degrees on Saturday to 19 degrees yesterday.  The weather forecast does not bode well for us on Christmas Day.  We shall see.

Anyway it is Mandarin Orange Monday again with the challenge by LorikArt.  This time I went for 2 photos and combined them.


Both taken at the same place.  Hollyhocks are really tall this year but I like the contrast with nature against the fence.  The same with the fruit.

bilbao hollyhockCrystal River

The Hollyhock – Bilbao effect.   Fruit – Crystal effect. Both FX Photostudio Pro.

Lauderdale HollyhockAltamont effect

The hollyhock – Lauderdale filter.  Fruit – Altamonte filter. Still with FX Photostudio Pro.

Poster edgesFresco 1

Hollyhock – poster edges filter. Fruit – Fresco filter.  Both Photoshop Elements 11.

oraange hollyhockorange fruit

Both had the orange gradient map applied to them.  They then had the highlights and shadows adjust and then the Hollyhock was adjust to 60 % opacity while the fruit only 50% opacity.

MOM hollyhock and fruitMOM final image

This is the combined image.  I wanted the Hollyhock to be more prominent. The one on the right is with a 50/50 split.

I hope you like this challenge.

Thank you for visiting.

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Mandarin Orange Monday: 72


Good morning from another sunny Hastings.  I have just read the long range forecast for Hastings for Christmas.  Not really good I’m afraid.  Never mind.  I have already been for a walk to get the light and the dew this morning.  Make the most of the good weather I say.

Anyway it is Monday again.  That means Mandarin Orange Monday.  I loved LorikArt‘s  post last night where she joined up with her sister with a strict brief -one photo each and 3 edits with Photoshop.  I have gone for one photo, but with two end images.  Some of the edits were with FX Photostudio Pro before I headed back to Photoshop to use the gradient map for the orange and to adjust the shadows and highlights.


While I was out walking yesterday I came across these stickers in some windows.  I thought was a great one for the challenge.  What I was also interested in was the reflections as well as the stickers.

Cropped version

Firstly I cropped it just to frame the windows.

Noir Effect

For the first image I used the noir filter to give a glow affect.  It still kept some of the reflections, but not much.

Final cropped noir

Then I used the gradient map for the orange hue.  I used a different simple gradient but I just couldn’t get the orange a real orange.  With this one, the reflections got lost with the filter but really made the stickers the focus of the image.

So next I used the napa filter.

Napa Effect

For the second end image I used the napa filter.  The reflections really popped out with this one.

Final Image

I used another gradient for this one and it is a real orange.  The reflections also show up really well with this image.  Still I like both of them.

Thank you for visiting.

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Mandarin Orange Monday 71


Good morning from another hot and sunny Hastings.  We have been sweltering with temperatures reaching 28 Degrees here, somewhat different to the northern hemisphere to say the least.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and safe in the north.

Anyway, yet another Monday has rolled around and it is time to go orange.  I love this challenge as it gives me a chance to go mad on Photoshop and FX Photostudio Pro.  Today, though I have just played with Photoshop’s filters.  I also learnt about the gradient tool on the right where I can determine the angle of the gradient as well.

First up is a photo which I have used for it’s simplicity.


I wanted some of the wood grain to come out so with the help of a couple of filters – sorry I can’t t=remember which ones I go to this stage.


I darkened the wood somewhat.


Played around with the colours.


Before adding the gradient map and had it on an angle.


For my second photo I wanted to again have something that stood out from the background.


I posterised it.


Then played around with filters to get to this.


Then I added the gradient map, determining myself the angle of the gradient.


I thought it was a bit pale so then I went to the colour enhancing tool and increased the saturation and darkened the shadows and lightened the highlights for more contrast.


And here is the final result.  A lot different to the original.

Anyway check out the lovely work done by LorikArt this week.

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Mandarin Orange Monday: 70

     Mandarin Orange Monday 70      


Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

 Well a new week has rolled around.  I swear that time speeds up the older we get.  Anyway I am on time with the challenge by LorikArt.  I found these photos as I scrolled through my archives for something different today.




So as usual I went to FX Photostudio Pro just to emphasise the areas I wanted to focus on.

DSCF7345 1

DSCF7405 1

DSCF7423 1

I find that some of the filters can edit out some unwanted background.

Then it was over to Photoshop for more editing to get to the final orange image.

DSCF7345 3

DSCF7405 3

DSCF7423 2

It is fun to see how the images become almost like science fiction compared to the original photos.  I can’t say what I did but just went with the feel of the photos.  So if something didn’t appeal to me, then there is always the undo button to click.  Ah the joys of digital photography.  Aaaaah.  Love it.

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