Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 66 – Missy

Missy 1 (640x482)

Good morning from a wet warm muggy Hastings.

Here is an update on Missy, Dad’s cat.  Mum has Abbey to dote on, while Dad has Missy, a calico cat.

The problem with calico cats and others with white hair is that their ears  and noses are prone to skin cancer.  Dad had her ears and nose tattooed to see if that would stop Missy from getting cancer.  But I am afraid it didn’t work and last week at her checkup my parents were told she had cancer. Missy is now around 10 years old so she is getting old by our years.

So it is nice to have some photos of her to remember her by. This time she didn’t mind the camera.  Normally she turns away when she sees the camera.



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 34: Missy, Queen of the Garden


Time for an update about Missy, my parents cat.  I found her one day sitting on a tree stump in the garden, lording it over everyone.

My apologies to those who have been having trouble with my photos not loading.  I have also been having trouble uploading photos onto my post as well.  Just a minor glitch I hope.  Sorry Michelle.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 30 – Missy


Good morning from Hastings.

When I was staying at my parent’s house I also had two pets to take photos of.  This is Missy.  She has been featured before.  One thing I have discovered about Missy is that she is camera shy and moves a lot so that I have a lot of blurry shots.  More about that later.  At least I managed to get her sleeping so she didn’t move here.

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