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Good morning from a beautiful sunny Hastings morning.

This morning the prompt from the daily post is dreamy.

I love the sunrises at the park.  Each time I go it is different – the light is different along with the colours.  It is a great time to take some dreamy photos of sun beams shining through. I just love the show that mother nature puts on for us.  Usually I am alone and it is a very spiritual experience and hard to capture on camera.

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All but the last image was taken at Cornwall Park, while the final image was taken at Pakowhai Park, which is on the way to Napier.

They were taken in the winter to give the misty feel to them.

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Sunday -Stills- Challenge: Bridges

Directions 5

Good morning from a muggy Hastings.  I have just been reading about the big freeze in the States.  Wow.  Too cold for even a polar bear at the Chicago Zoo, or even an escaped convict who handed himself in just to keep warm.  So take care and keep warm.  I am thinking of you.

This weeks challenge for

So bridges.  We have bridges here in Hastings but they are boring compared to some of the blogs I have seen.  But then I remembered that I had taken some photos at Pakowhai Park very early one morning in the frost.  This first photo is one of the small bridges that cross a small stream.  I loved the misty look from the steam rising from the water in the cold.  The photos I got that morning were just amazing.

Here are other photos of bridges from that day.

Bridge 1

Bridge 3

Bridge 2

Here are some other great photos for this challenge.

Sunday Stills: The Next Challenge: Bridges

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Daily Prompt – Dawn



Good morning from a sunny warm Hastings.

Today’s     Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour    is right up my ally.  During the winter the dawn is at a civilised hour so I was able to head out around 7 AM in the weekends to take these photos while my family were snug and warm in their beds.  The downside of course is the cold.  The upside is the light was amazing and it was a serene experience watching the sunrise.  Spiritual really. Anyway this first shot was taken as I was talking to a friend and watching the sun rise at the same time.  He was understanding that I was slightly distracted by the view in front of me and having to take photos at the same time as trying to talk to me.  I am quite proud of this photo as it was shown on national TV that night.  We can upload our photos to the TV station website for the weather report.  It can be anything.  I had only been doing it for 3 or 4 days so was totally shocked when this was shown at the end of the weather report with my name.    it was a nice feeling.

Anyway these photos have been taken over several days with a Fujifilm X-S1 on the SP sunset filter which brings out the orange and red light a lot more.  It adds a sepia filter to the photos, while still maintaining some colour.



As you can see the light was very magical.

DSCF3586DSCF8392 2DSCF2876DSCF8493


Another day and the light was completely different.

DSCF7825 2DSCF7821


Another day I drove to another park – Pakowhai Park to catch the sun there.  The mists were amazing.  Again a very cold morning.  It was like stepping into another world.



Another day and the light is completely different.


For this photo I went to the Rose Garden at Frimley Park and sat there waiting for the sun to rise and managed to catch it through this rose.



Finally this photo is showing the colours of the sunrise in a large puddle on the side of the road.

Apart from the sepia filter on the camera I haven’t edited any of these photos as I think they are strong on their own.

Cheers from Raewyn