A daring adventure

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Good morning from a rather grey Hastings.

This morning I am not going to tempt fate by watching the America’s Cup.  My nerves can’t handle it.  But anyway, I want to wish Emirates Team New Zealand all the best.

A bit ironic this morning’s image – taking the plunge so to speak, when I can’t even watch the race.  But I took these photos yesterday and love the colour combination.

I wandered down to the park to feed the ducks and just managed to take this photo of a duck diving into the water.  Then later on as the sun started to come out I saw these really interesting water ripples, which I then edited with Photoshop to make great background papers.

Multi coloured reflections


This is the background image.

Gold and GreyDark ripples


These are the accent papers.

Waves 1


While this is the background card for the photo.



I finished it off by embellishing with these buttons.  I chose these buttons for their earthy feel to them.

The font is discover beauty.

Well must go and see what is happening in San Francisco.

Cheers and have a nice day.


The Chequer Star

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Good morning from a warm but slightly overcast Hastings.

Every time I have been patriotic with my posts our boys in San Francisco we lose.   So today I will just wish Dean Barker and his team all the best for today’s racing.  All of New Zealand are expecting you to win the Auld Mug today so no pressure!

Anyway this is the Chequer Star.  It is a combination of the double four patch which I did in the first week and the flying geese motif.  This design has been around since the 1900’s and is very popular today.  It is relatively easy as there are no set in seams but it requires some skills to match the seams and points.  There are a lot of pieces to cut out and having a cricut machine would be so great.  It is easier but also a lot more accurate.  So I would say if one pieces a lot then there is merit in getting one.  Me?  It is on my wish list.

For this page I have been using the Vintage Quilt set from iScrapbooking.  I want to now add my own touches to the book so yesterday I spent the afternoon going through my large button collection and took photos of them to make embellishments.  So here is a selection of them.


I also did some ribbons and tried my hand at scissors.



I also tried my hand at  a lace motif as well.



So next week I should be a bit more personal.  I need to see what I can do for the papers as well.  I have a few quilts that I have made so maybe over the week I will take some photos of them.

I found that with the buttons that with Photoshop it was a lot easier and quicker to use the cookie cutter to do a nice even circle.  I was able to save it as a PNG file and that was it.  No need for any other programmes.  With the more intricate designs I used the Photoshop app to delete the background and then use the Mac’s Preview app to make the background transparent.  It is long winded but easier for me, while I am learning to navigate Photoshop.

Well the race is nearly on TV, must go.

Cheers and have a nice day.




Scrapbooking Reflections Papers

Reflections - Gold

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings.

I love going to Cornwall Park sometimes just to take photos of the reflections I see in the different ponds and streams.  Some days with a strong sun there are some amazing images to get.  Some are black and white while others such as the paper above are multicoloured.  I then edit them with Photoshop to make great digital scrapbooking papers.  This is my first collection, called reflections.  It is a set of 10 papers and is available as a winzip file at my website above 0 deco crafts.org.

Reflections - Purple

This was edited with the neon brush and is called purple.  It is a great all round paper.

Reflections - Pied

This is called pied for the many colours in it.  It is so versatile with the colours in it.

Reflections - Green

This green paper is great as a background for all those nature shots.

Reflections - Marble

This is a great background paper for backing cards for photos.  I use it a lot.  This one is called marble.

Reflections - Brown

This is another great background paper for nature, called brown.

Reflections - Yellow - Grey

This is another versatile paper, called yellow grey.  It makes a great statement as a background.

Reflections - Yellow-Green

Another stunning background paper.  Called yellow-green it gives an impressionistic look to your page.

Reflections = Blue

This blue paper is a great background for those water images you want to show off.

Reflections- tree

This tree image is also another great nature paper.

As I love taking photos of nature it is hard to find just the right background paper to match my images.  Plus New Zealand has a distinctive light and colours of the bush compared to other lands.  These match up to my photos perfectly.  I am constantly working on new papers so keep an eye out for new collections.

Cheers and  have a nice day.

Coming Up Roses

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Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I have a lot of photos of roses so decided to do something with them.

Rose back ground paper

I will start with the background paper.  This was the original image.

I then edited them using the filters from Photoshop Elements 11 to give these two papers.

Rose backRose background


Using a smart template I was able to place these papers on top of one another to give a semi three dimensional look.

As the background itself  I used this paper.

White rose

This paper I also used for the ribbons.  I found that by using papers as ribbons I was able to get a more interesting affect.  But the colours also matches up as opposed to the ribbons I have in my kits.  It was also used as the card background to the rose photo.

Rose in black and white


This image was originally edited on the Aviary Website with Flickr.  Once I had edited it to the black and white, with the soft pink rose I softened it with the soft focus editor which I preferred as it made the rose more delicate.

Twotone RoseCoral roseyellow RoseRose - coral


These four rose embellishments were then added at the bottom of the page.

I will be getting together some papers which will be available as a download on my website, deco crafts.org.   The link it at the top of my blog page.

Cheers and have a nice day





Faithful Gardens

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Good morning from a cool but very sunny Hastings.

Yesterday ended up cold, wet and totally miserable so I spent most of my time on the computer honing my Photoshop skills.

One day, while out for my walk I came across this fantastic garden with poppies of all colours and sizes.  So of course the camera was busy.

I took a picture of the garden itself.

Flower garden

Then I went through my photos, looking for well defined flowers that I could easily outline them to make them into embellishments.

PansiesPurple PoppiesVioletPurple FlowerSnapdragonFreesias

I wanted photo bright colours.  It is easier to cut out the flowers when the background is a lot darker than the object.

I used the main photo of the garden as the background.  I didn’t want the whole photo as the fence didn’t fit in with my garden theme.  The iScrapbooking allows you to fit the image to size, in proportion to the size of the page or to use the centre of the image which is what I clicked onto.  That got rid of the unwanted parts of the image.   I clicked several times to increase the transparency.  I wanted the background to be defined but the the main image.  I then arranged my flowers how I wanted and then added the text using the text editor.

As you can see I love colour and this all went well together.

Cheers and have a nice day