WPC: The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have it-4

Good morning from a glorious summer’s day here in Hastings.  Sorry to rub it in, as I know that the northern hemisphere are now into winter.

Yesterday I went out with my Social Snappers group to find Christmas decorations – it rained and was generally miserable.  Today, what a difference.

Anyway  from The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge has asked us for our eyes.  Well our interpretation of eyes.  So I have found a selection of eyes for you.

First up was a visitor one morning.  Such a beautiful white cat.

The Eyes Have it-2

Next is Socks, my parents new cat.

The Eyes Have it-3

Then there is Abby, who has recently passed away. She was totally blind by the time she died.

The Eyes Have it

Finally Mindy is winking to say hello.


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Abbey has a haircut.


Last week I took my mother with Abbey to get groomed.  She looked so pretty.  With both my parents being unwell they haven’t been able to groom her for a while so she was looking rather bedraggled. I had washed her once as the heat was getting to her and she was so funny running around drying herself.

This time she couldn’t wait to get home and show of her new coiffure.  I had to quickly snap some photos before she leapt out of the car to go to her dad.

Here is Michelle’s post to find out more about this challenge.


And Steve’s great post too.

Hide & Seek…


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