Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 25


Time for Michelle’s Weekly pet challenge over at Hope* the happy hugger

My other post this morning had nothing to do with the Art Deco festival so I have to rectify this with these photos.

There were literally thousands of people walking around Napier’s CBD.  It had all been blocked off to traffic for the vintage car display.  While I was walking around I found this lovely dog owner looking after her dog by pushing it around on this baby stroller.  A thoughtful and caring owner.  It was a toy poodle who would have been distressed by all the people mingling around.  It looked like it was enjoying the ride.


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Can You Hide Behind The Blind? It Seems Not…

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Abbey

DSCF0035 2

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This is Abbey.  A toy poodle.  She belongs to my parents and is coming up to 13 years old in our years.  She has started to go blind again, despite having cataract surgery.  I think her companionship is really what keeps my parents going.

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Sunday Stills: Happiness is .. the unconditional love of pets.


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Good morning from a cool sunny Hastings today.

Sunday Stills, the next Challenge: Happiness is.

I have been thinking about this challenge by Sunday Stills for the past couple of days.  What is happiness?  I browsed through some of the blogs I follow and they are all so different, but it was great to see what made people happy.  Then I remembered these photos I took on Christmas day.  So I thought about how pets can bring such happiness into peoples’ lives.  

This is my mother holding her pet poodle Abby. Abby is 12 nearly 13 years old and going blind. My mother has been rather unwell lately but Abby has been a constant companion with her.  This pose will always be how I will remember both.  I didn’t want a photo that was stiff and posed so I got Mum to pick up Abby and just took the photos.  I am not sure she would like the editing so I will print out a “normal” photo for her.

The second photo is their cat Missy.  Yet another calico cat.  Missy is a gorgeous long haired cat and just dotes on my father.

So today I get to kill two birds with one stone.  I can put this towards Hope* the happy hugger‘s Michelle’s weekly Pet Challenge. Week 17.

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