Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers all Alone

All Alone 2-

Good morning from an unseasonally warm autum’s day here in Hastings.

I was just talking to my son saying that in 2 weeks we have the official start of winter and I am still wearing my summer clothes and sandals.  I don’t mind if it stays warm like this all winter, but that is not going to happen.

This series of photos was taken last Friday with my Social Snapper’s group. I have lots and lots of photos of poppies now.  All around the town the council gardeners have planted poppies as a tribute to our ANZACs.

All Alone 1-

But we also found some calendula flowers.

All Alone-

All Alonge-

For more about this great challenge go and check out  Cee’s blog.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Single Flowers or Buds

I must apologise that I haven’t answered all your lovely comments, or commented on your wonderful posts.  Life is getting away from me.  I must try and get myself more organised.  This morning is the same. I am now teaching a sewing class down at the centre, followed by soft toy making.

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Sunday Stills: Roses are Red

Red Rose-430

Ed from over at Sunday Stills is feeling lazy this week so he has asked for our red photos.  I have so many photos of red roses. So here are a couple.

Red Rose-218

Plus another red poppy from last Friday.

Red Poppy-073


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WPC Challenge: Getting Up Close and Personal

Friday 24th July 2015-199

Good morning from a cool but sunny day.  The sun is just coming up and it should be a good day.  I am heading over to Napier again today with a couple of lovely ladies from my social snappers group.  So it should be fun.

Today’s challenge by  over at The Daily Post has asked us to get up close and personal with our photos.  Macros.  Which is great as yesterday we had a great time just wandering around the Women’s Centre taking photos.  It had been foggy which went very quickly.  Which disappointed me a little.  But that was okay because it left a very heavy dew and with the early morning light we had a fabulous time wandering around and just enjoying the opportunities.  We also found some early blossoms too.  So spring is showing some signs of arriving.  I am hanging out for some warmer weather.

 Friday 24th July 2015-031

The light was just right and the colours of the flowers were so bright and vivid.

Friday 24th July 2015-021

So I took a lot of photos….

Friday 24th July 2015-034

But to my surprise

Friday 24th July 2015-182

I only took 314 photos….

Friday 24th July 2015-202

I have now a lot of photos of poppies.

Friday 24th July 2015-210

Showing both front and back views…

Friday 24th July 2015-224

Some fully open views….

Friday 24th July 2015-226

Some on the verge of dying…

Friday 24th July 2015-282

And finally some colourful leaves in the sun.

I know I have a lot of photos today but it was a case of which to chose.






Close Up #dpchallenge #photography


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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Odd One Out.

A Red Poppy Among the Orange Poppies-594

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

So it is now the last Monday in June.  Where has the time gone?  The year is nearly half over.

So, even though it is Sunday for Cee at Cee’s Photography , it is time for her wonderful challenge. This is where we get to showcase those great photos that don’t seem to fit any category but are still good to work on.

For a change I am showing this photo taken last Friday.  Among the sea of orange poppies there was this pink poppy.  So the odd one out.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 26


Binnaz and Sefil – Hers and His




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Travel Theme: Miniature Roses

Minature Roses-376

Good afternoon from a warm and sunny Hastings day.

Please excuse my tardiness.  I have just changed Internet Providers and they spent the morning tweaking our internet.  I suppose they thought that no-one would be awake before midday in this household, and therefore are not online.  Well they got that wrong.  So I have just done some editing and then sat in the sun to paint.  Now it is a case of watching paint dry.  But the internet is now back on and a tad faster – methinks.  My son is just over the interruption and now couldn’t care less about the speeds – which he normally does.

Anyway onto Ailsa’s challenge over at Where’s my backpack?, which this week is tiny things.

So here are some miniature roses taken on Friday at the Frimley Rose Gardens.

Minature Rose-388

These are not true macros.  But the roses were about the size of an old New Zealand 50 cent piece – about 3 cm or just over an inch and a bit in diameter.

Minature Rose-386

I just used the macro setting on my camera, just to enable me to focus right up close and then braved the thorns to get right up close to them.


But for this bee, I stood well back and zoomed on it.  The bees were just a little too active for my liking last Friday.

Travel theme: Tiny



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WPC: Muses in Nature

European Goldfinch-316

Good morning from a warmer, sunnier Hastings day.

This week  from The Daily Post has asked us what inspires us.  What do we take a lot of photos of.

My muse is nature.  Yesterday I took a group of lovely ladies to Frimley Park to enjoy the sunshine and to find the last of the summer roses.  We had a fabulous time wandering around and taking photos.  I find it so hard to tear myself away from it all.  There is always that last photo you just can’t not take.  Sounds weird but I am sure everyone knows what I mean. First up I found this European Goldfinch hiding among the roses.


There were still a lot of late roses.


Mostly yellow and pink roses.


But even before we left the Heretaunga Women’s Centre I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the poppies in the frost.


And then after we had finished I had to take some more photos of the poppies in the sun.



And there were a lot of bees so I had to take photos of them too.



The other ladies haven’t done much in the way of taking photos – I took over 700 in all – I shocked them I think.




WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

Study in Fuschia at Green Spring Gardens

#FridayFoto: A Muse From Behind



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse


Light as Inspiration

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Cee’s Fun Fotos: Three’s Company


Good morning from another cold and frosty Hastings day.  Hopefully things will warm up.  The whole country is cold – with snow around as well.  So it is nice to see some summery photos from the northern hemisphere bloggers.

So for Cee’s challenge over at Cee’s Photography is for showcasing the number three – so I delved into my archive to find some of my florals – what else.


Three poppies


Three pansies.


Sorry Cee, I know you are not keen on bees,  but I found these three bees on this poppy.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Three Items for the Number Three

Three Crowns in Stockholm

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Three items or number 3



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Cee’s Fun Fotos: One of a Kind

One White Rose
One White Rose

Good morning from a warmish, windy Hastings day.  We are expecting rain later today so it will be back into winter mode again.  It was nice not to have to light a fire.  That was how warm it has been.

Anyway onto this great challenge hosted by Cee at Cee’s Photography.  This week she has asked us for our photos showing one item.  As usual I have my florals, but also a monarch butterfly and a super cute duckling.

Just a bit of trivia today.  I have just been asked about my name. It is very unusual.  Though it is a little more common here in New Zealand.  I actually quite like it as it is different.  What I didn’t like is that no-one knows how to spell it.  All the cards I get with some many different spelling.  It is also why I watermark my photos with my name.

So drum roll please………..

[ syll. raewyn, ra-ew-yn ] The baby girl name Raewyn is pronounced REY-UWIHN †. Raewyn has its origins in the English language. Raewyn is a variant form of the name Raeven.

Raewyn is not popular as a baby name for girls. It is not in the top 1000 names.

Now, I always thought it was Welsh.  But no, it is English……



Actually I don’t know how many websites I went to before I found this one.


One Yellow Dahlia
One Yellow Dahlia
One Poppy
One Poppy
One Monarch Butterfly
One Monarch Butterfly
One Duckling
One Duckling

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number 1

Lone Bull at Sunset

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One’s in Hoi An



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WPC: A Broken Poppy

Broken Poppy-1

Good morning from a cold and miserable Hastings day.

This week Cherie from The Daily Post has asked us for photos of broken objects.  This photo was taken on Thursday at Cornwall Park.  We have been  having some beautiful warm autumn days so the poppies planted there for ANZAC day last month have managed to bloom rather well. But the frosts are coming and these beauties are starting to show signs of wear and tear.   I have a few monochrome images coming up of these poppies.




Something Broken #dpchallenge #photography



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken


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