WPC: Being Careful at Sea

Careful Sailing-1

Good morning from a wet and miserable spring day here in Hastings.

My daughter arrived yesterday and we had a great time catching up.  Yesterday the weather was hot and blustery so we made some plans to go out this weekend to take photos.  Maybe not with this weather.  I am sure we will think of something to do.

Anyway  from the Daily Post  Weekly Photo Challenge has given us the prompt to  “show us careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

So I had to have  a think about this one.  As I was going through my photos I found this photo taken at Westshore.  This is looking over to Port Ahuriri with some windsurfers in the foreground.  Because New Zealand is basically islands we are as a nation very keen on water sports – we have done well over the years in yachting and wind surfing.   The weather wasn’t ideal this day, but that didn’t stop the windsurfers from going out – they are being cautious as there is a support boat out there with them.  You can never be too careful in the water.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

#FridayFoto: Let Sleeping Cats (And Men) Lie…





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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: A Cool Ride

A cool ride-102

Good morning from a warmish, to be hot sunny day.  Such a weird winter.  One week freezing,  the next week spring weather.

Last week my son and I went over to Napier and after visiting my parents my son and I went down to Port Ahuriri just to see what was around.  I was itching to get some more beach photos.

The first thing I found was this cool dude on this trike.  He was advertising something but I just thought, very cool.  And he is keeping safe with his seatbelt on as well.  Perfect for Cee’s challenge every Sunday/Monday over at her blog  Cee’s Photography.

A cool ride-094

This second photo is taken looking back towards Napier.  So this road runs along the beach.  All high end and expensive real estate here.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 27

The Aftermath




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One Word Photo Challenge: Tsunami

Port Ahirii-245

Yesterday I went to Port Ahuriri.  Last week we were battered by a storm.  This looks calm but you can only just see some patterns of the pebbles left from some strong surf.

One Word Photo Challenge: Tsunami


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: A Serendipitous Ice Cream

At Hot Chick-292

Good morning from a foggy Hastings day.  After the cold blast last week we now have a warmer week.  It is nice not having to have a fire all day and to sit in the sun knitting.

Yesterday was another warm day.  I had to go over to Napier for an appointment so I visited my parents with my son for lunch.  After the appointment I then headed down to Ahuriri.  Which is Maori for Napier.  An iconic eatery is the Hot Chick.  Basically it grills chickens and has the best hot chips in town.  This coffee price is actually a good price as well.  Even in winter there is a spot to sit and enjoy watching the surf.

At Hot Chick-291

They also have a good selection of an iconic New Zealand brand of ice cream.  My son had a chocolate ice cream, while I had a peaches and cream one.  The ice cream always tastes better at the beach.

At Hot Chick-305

There are some interesting names – such as this goody goody gum drops.

At Hot Chick-299

Finally Coca Cola is everywhere.  It was the top number that caught my eye – extremely cold and the -3.1.  Just a bit too cold to drink in winter.  But in summer this is the chiller to go to.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Numbers and Letters



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Three


I will also add this to Marilyn’s challenge at SERENDIPITY  for a Serendipitous Photo Story.


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Phoneography Challenge: All creatures great and small.


Good morning from a cool Hastings day.

For this week’s challenge for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally it is the challengers choice.  So I have gone for both small as in this insect to birds in the sky at Port Ahuriri


This was the most successful of my attempts to take photos of seagulls in flight.


Then there is Abbey and…

Socks (1 of 1)


Everyone will have to wait for any photos of me going horse riding.  We just worked with ponies yesterday and learnt how to care for them.  I did take a couple of photos but was limited as only one person gave their permission to take their photos.  It was fun and the weather was great for us.  Thank goodness.





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Phoneography: Black and White at Ahuriri

IMG_1013 (800x605)

Good morning from a cold and cloudy Hastings.  We should be in summer but it feels like winter.  I wish I could send some of this cooler weather to South Africa as I know they are sweltering and are having to endure power cuts.

I am madly beading at the moment for this weekend.  I didn’t realise just how much I will be beading.  Needless to say I don’t want to see another bead for quite some time after I have finished it.  Even The X Files isn’t doing the job in keeping me going.  My dress is getting heavy but it looks good.

So onto this challenge by Sally where we get to use our phones for photos.  These photos were taken at Ahuriri beach, looking the other way from the port.  I am not sure what these old wooden posts were. Probably an old pier.


IMG_1015 (800x605)

I wanted to be a bit more serious this week with my black and white so only did minimal editing with Snapseed.

IMG_1014 (610x800)




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