A Photo a Week Challenge: Trapped


While reading all the blogs this morning I found that these photos would be great for this great challenge by

nancy merrill photography.  This week the challenge is trapped.  These chrysalises show the  butterflies  which are trapped until they are ready to hatch out.



Check out Nancy’s post here with the most adorable child.


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A Photo a Week Challenge: The Eyes Have it.


Good evening from a cloudy Hastings.

While I was at my parent’s house today I chased their cat Missy around the house, trying to get some decent photos.  It was hard to get decent photos as the light was bad and I was avoiding the flash.  This first photo was when we arrived.  She was quite happy for me to take her photo.


This second photo shows her patience with me was growing thin.  The eyes are turning black.  It was like she knew what I was doing but she was in control.  Not me.

Anyway here are some great posts to check out.




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Photography 101: Editing Basics

Good morning from a cool and grey Hastings.

I have been following this blog by The Daily Post on learning new ideas of editing and general knowledge about photography.     This weeks challenge      Photography 101: Editing Basics      is great for me.  I have only recently learnt some of the editing tools on IPhoto and Aperture and now Photoshop Elements 11.  My daughter edits her photos all the time on CS6 and tried to tell me what to do but really, the only way to learn is to just experiment and click on different tools to see what you prefer.  I did appreciate the comment that it is soooooo important to know about the undo button.  So, if I didn’t like what I did I can always undo it.  A great plus over the old fashioned black and white printing in the dark room.  There the trial and error can cost a lot in paper and chemicals.  Plus it was time consuming writing down every step as well to remind myself what exposures I used etc.

So I chose 4 photos of reflections which are hard to get a correct exposure.





I wanted to bring out the details of the leaves and branches by sharpening them and altering the exposures.  With Photoshop Elements 11 I just used the auto enhancing which then did what I wanted.  I also used the Auto Sharpen tool on a couple of them to make the lines more bizarre.

Reflections 2

Reflections 6

REflections 3

Reflections 5

The most notable change was with the reflection of the cabbage tree leaves.  There is so much more detail in them, and they are not lost in the image as a whole.

If I wanted to I would have done it just as the blog says but didn’t have much time.  Plus I found the auto enhance feature really handy.

There is so much fun to be had with photo editing.  I love the way that editing can change a mediocre image into something much more interesting.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

Eerie 1

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge topic is Eerie from The Daily Post  It was coincidence that I was thinking the same thing when I took these photos in Hastings CBD the other night.   It was the twilight zone really and so looking at these chandeliers through the window brought some interesting affects.  I have taken them at night so the just the lights show but taking them at this time of the day added another dimension.  I have edited these photos with the vintage filter on FX Photostudio Pro and added the same G &A frame as they were all taken around the same time.  The vintage filter let me keep some colour while adding a sepia affect as well.

Eerie 2

Eerie 3

Eerie 4

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Photography 101: Shooting in Black and White

DSCF2300Vintage Hastings

Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.

This weeks challenge from     Photography 101: Shooting in Black and White    was a great one for me.  I love black and white, having done a lot of old fashion dark room printing, but the digital age now takes it so much further than I could have done in the dark room.

These photos were taken last night in the CBD of Hastings.  My daughter had to take a last series of shots for her portfolio for her final assessment at school.  So, of course, I went along for moral support, but also to take my own shots.  We had to be careful not to get in each other’s way.

I used Aperture to change to black and white or sepia and then went to FX Photostudio Pro to add the frames and other affects.  The first set of photos show the Art Deco lighting around the CBD.

DSCF2303Hastings black and white light

I used the medium contrast conversion to give a sharper look, but not take too much of the detail away.  I pixilated this photo for the grainy affect.

DSCF2306Hastings lights black and white 1

For these chandeliers I inverted the image so that the background got lost and the focus went onto the lights themselves.

DSCF2353Hastings train

The train tracks run directly through the centre of the CBD, right bang smack in the middle of this water feature.  I used the vintage setting and a grunge frame to give an antique feel to it.

DSCF2391Hastings train tracks

I had already converted to black and white, and then sepia tone to this image looking north.  Then I added another sepia tone to it to change the colour tone completely and then added the grunge frame to give this a more rural setting.  Not an urban setting as it is in real life.

DSCF2461Hastings statue

For this one I went for the Noir blue conversion.  I wanted to give this a more surreal look about this sculpture.

DSCF2477Hastings nuts

There are some tall sculptures to the side of the main square with some really interesting nuts and bolts which make for some interesting photos.  I used the vintage filter for this one.

DSCF2481Hastings chain

This photo had a vintage green filter applied to it which I think enhanced the texture of the iron on this link.

I love black and white, but also enjoy adding filters to make completely different photos.

Cheers from Raewyn

Daily Prompt – Dawn



Good morning from a sunny warm Hastings.

Today’s     Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour    is right up my ally.  During the winter the dawn is at a civilised hour so I was able to head out around 7 AM in the weekends to take these photos while my family were snug and warm in their beds.  The downside of course is the cold.  The upside is the light was amazing and it was a serene experience watching the sunrise.  Spiritual really. Anyway this first shot was taken as I was talking to a friend and watching the sun rise at the same time.  He was understanding that I was slightly distracted by the view in front of me and having to take photos at the same time as trying to talk to me.  I am quite proud of this photo as it was shown on national TV that night.  We can upload our photos to the TV station website for the weather report.  It can be anything.  I had only been doing it for 3 or 4 days so was totally shocked when this was shown at the end of the weather report with my name.    it was a nice feeling.

Anyway these photos have been taken over several days with a Fujifilm X-S1 on the SP sunset filter which brings out the orange and red light a lot more.  It adds a sepia filter to the photos, while still maintaining some colour.



As you can see the light was very magical.

DSCF3586DSCF8392 2DSCF2876DSCF8493


Another day and the light was completely different.

DSCF7825 2DSCF7821


Another day I drove to another park – Pakowhai Park to catch the sun there.  The mists were amazing.  Again a very cold morning.  It was like stepping into another world.



Another day and the light is completely different.


For this photo I went to the Rose Garden at Frimley Park and sat there waiting for the sun to rise and managed to catch it through this rose.



Finally this photo is showing the colours of the sunrise in a large puddle on the side of the road.

Apart from the sepia filter on the camera I haven’t edited any of these photos as I think they are strong on their own.

Cheers from Raewyn

Weekly challenge – Horizons

sunrise at Cornwall Park Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

This is my contribution to the weekly challenge by The Daily Post @ WordPress .  Which this week is horizons.  This photo was taken early one very cold, frosty morning at Cornwall Park last winter.  The sunrise was just amazing.

The other photos I have shown before are of Napier at the Sound Shell.  I liked the way that the columns provide another horizon line as well.

Framed horizonLooking into the distanceNapier coast lineARt Deco Horizon

Cheers from Raewyn

A whiter shade of pale – Weekly Challenge – The hue of you – Day 4

DSCF8572 DSCF8573


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

This has been quite a challenge finding photos that follow a colour theme, but fun too.  Todays colour is white.  White is just not white.  There are so many different shades of white.  I have about 3 different shades of white for my machine embroidery – natural white, snow white etc.  There are so many different hues of white.  So I focused as I do on roses as they are just so lovely at the moment.



The rose on the right had a bit of a pink hue to it.



While this definitely has a pink hue.



This shows how the colours can change from a tight bud to a full blown rose that is white with a pink hue.



This full blown rose is more of a white white if I can say that.



Backlighting can really show up the colour hue as well.


This is more of a yellow hue than white.



This flower is also a strong white against the strong blue sky.

White is like red, it is hard to photograph out in the sun as it is hard to get the textures right and the hues can come out really different to how you saw it..

Cheers from Raewyn



Pretty in pink – Weekly Challenge – The Hue of You. Day 3



Good morning from a wet and miserable Hastings today.

Today, as you can see the colour is pink.  All these photos this week have been taken on the same day so that the lighting conditions are the same.  I looked for 5 different colours to focus on.  Easy really as there are lots of roses out for this colour.  Pink has so many variations.  Yesterday I was doing a photo book for my step daughter of her wedding.  Her favourite colour is pink.  I did all the pages and then realised that the  pinks didn’t match.  I ended up going back and replacing all the backgrounds with the same pink background.  It made things so much easier.  Her bridesmaids were dressed in a cerise pink and her flowers had cerise, white and pale pink roses which I then tried to match up with embellishments of the roses I had taken.  Anyway I hope she likes her Christmas present.



As you can see the rose on the left has a slight purple or blue tint while the rose on the right is more of an apricot tint.



These roses had a yellow centre which changes the colour of the pink a bit as well.



I like the two tone affect of these petals.  The light leading to the deeper colour on the edges.



Different shades of pale pink here as well.






No two rose has the same pink tones and hues.  It also changes with the light as well, whether in the shade or in full sun.



Here are two different size flowers to contrast against each other.

Have fun looking around for pink colours and hues.

Cheers from Raewyn


A golden day – Weekly Challenge – The Hue of you – Day 2

DSCF8809 DSCF8792

Good morning.

Today’s colour is yellow.  When I was taking these photos I noticed a lot of the songs I was listening to had the word = sunshine in them.  It was a gorgeous day and it really was as the hymn says “I have sunshine in my soul today”.  I just love these poppies.  They are just such a strong yellow colour and really stand out from the background.  As you can see these were taken in the shade.


And these were taken in the sun.  I tried to get the texture of the petals in the sun, using the sun to create the shadows and contrasts.


This is my favourite as I love the lines of the petals.



Of course there are the ranunculus as well.  – I checked for the spelling on that one.  Anyway their yellow is a richer, deeper colour – the petals are not as delicate as the poppies but they are rich and vibrant – a real gold colour.



This peony is hidden away among the leaves and is a softer hue than the flowers above.



I found these yellow daisies or margaritas making a show on the way home.  I like the strong contrasts of the green and yellows.



These roses have more of a orange hue to them, than yellow.

Another colour tomorrow.

Cheers from Raewyn



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