A Serendiptious One Word Photo Challenge


Ok, I have probably shown some of these photos before.  But they are a perfect fit for Jennifer’s challenge at Jennifer Nichole Wells which this week is to showcase our rain photos, and for a Serendipitous story for Marilyn’s challenge over at SERENDIPITY.

So this was the start of the day in late February when I went to Taradale Primary School over at Napier to help my parents out with my father’s stall.  When I got up in the morning the sky was a clear blue colour with only a few fluffy white clouds.

This top photo was the sky scene that greeted me when I got over to Napier.


It didn’t take long for the clouds to gather and the umbrellas to come out.


I got bored.  It was cold, wet and miserable.  If we had known that the weather was going to be that cold we would not have gone.  But then again we were not to know that the weather forecast got it horribly wrong.


I passed the time trying to get some good photos of the different umbrellas.  It was hard trying to get just the umbrella without the people under them.

With the bad weather my father had a poor day trying to sell his hand made toys.

It did clear up again.  But by then, it was too late.


One Word Photo Challenge: Wet



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One Word Photo Challege: Rain

Rain drops on daisies

Good morning from a wet and miserable day here in Hastings.  Rather appropriate for the prompt this week by Jennifer at her One Word Photo Challenge. Rain.

I have lost a few photos when I killed my computer.  In some ways I don’t mind as it gives me an excuse for taking more photos to build up my archives.  The hardest part is losing my photos I had prepared and edited for several challenges.  Such as my rain photos.  So it is back to searching older archives to find some good photos for this challenge.  These photos were taken nearly 2 years ago after a heavy shower of rain. It is entirely possible that I have used these before.  But they are great for this challenge.

Rain drops on daisies

Rain drops on daisies

I have also been trying to take photos of rain drops – not always successful.

Rain drops-1977

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More Rain

One Word Photo Challenge: Rain


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Esse’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge: Music

Rain 1DSCF5025

Good morning from a sunny but definitely cooler Hastings day.  I hope that you are all safe, dry and warm up in the Northern Hemisphere.  I have been watching the news and have seen the devastation from the winter storms.  So I shouldn’t really complain about our 33 degree heat we had yesterday.  So take care everyone and look after yourselves and loved ones. 😀

This weeks challenge by Ese’ s Voice is music.  Now I am the most unmusical person on the planet.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love music.  I just can’t produce it.  When I was about 11 I had to learn the violin.  My mother learnt both the violin and the piano, so I had to learn the violin too.  I had just lost some of my hearing with a fire cracker incident so I really couldn’t hear the notes too well.  Anyway it was pure torture.  For a whole year my father used to come up the drive, hear us kids trying to practice and then drive out again for another 1/2 hour or so until we had finished.  That is how bad I was.  Another funny story was that because I was learning the violin I had to join the school orchestra.  Apparently they were short on violins.  Anyway one morning at school assembly we were to put on a small item. Unfortunately the bus driver had’t heard of it so was late .  Very late.  I only just got to school in time to have the violin tuned (by my teacher) and then start the piece.  Trouble was, I wasn’t told that the piece had two parts to it and we were to play the first part twice.  So guess what I did. Yup, I played the whole thing through.  I wondered why the teacher was looking at me with thunder in her eyes.  Ouch.

In the end on the way home from my violin lessons on Saturday mornings I used to take the violin out of the case and fill it up with fruit I found on the way home – mostly fejioas – a most beautiful fruit here in New Zealand.

After  a year my parents couldn’t really take the torture and mercifully released me from it and cancelled the lessons.  Yea!!!!

So here is the quote.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Berthold Auerbach

So my photos are of torrential rain one day late last year. I have tried to take photos of rain and puddles before but these seem to be my most successful ones so far.  They have been edited with GIMP and FX Photostudio Pro.

Here is the a great post to look for inspiration.


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