Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Double Ranuncula

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge topic is layers byThe Daily Post. So it is back to florals again.  I love the way the petals are layered in this double ranuncula.  It is ready to burst out, but slowly, layer by layer.  Actually that is why I love taking photos of flowers.  It is interesting to see each day how the flower opens, so that it is never the same.  Here are some more of the ranunculus.

Pink ranunculaDouble Pink RanunculaRanuncula

Roses are a big favourite of mine.

Rose layerslayers

I love editing them with FX Photstudio Pro.  I have used the vignette filter so that the focus is on the layers and then changed the colour temperature.

red camellia budLayered rose bud

These two buds show just how tightly the layers are.

pink camellia

With this one I wanted to focus on how luminescent the leaves are.

textured camellia

Finally I love the textures and layers in these flowers.

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