Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge: Nature

DSCF6310DSCF6310 1

Good morning from a cloudy Hastings Boxing Day.  Some will still be celebrating Christmas Day so I will still wish you a Merry Christmas.  My day yesterday was spent quietly with my parents and then skyping family.

Now it is back to some challenges.  I am so happy to see Sonel back with a new challenge –Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge.  Her  split toning challenge was the first I took part in and it taught me a lot about photo editing.  So now the challenge has been broadened to include all areas of editing.  Right up my alley now.  It is sooooo much fun to play around with images.  They may just be so so but with editing you can add the wow factor.

These photos were taken yesterday in my mother’s garden.  I couldn’t help myself even on Christmas Day.  Actually it is a routine that when we visited her we had to go on a tour of her garden.  But she has been rather sick lately so that both the tours and her garden has been neglected.  So it was nice to see her out in her garden and showing me around.

I did quite a lot of editing last night and some of them went crazy when I uploaded them onto ViewBug.Com.

DSCF6219DSCF6219 1

DSCF6266DSCF6266 1

DSCF6275DSCF6275 1

DSCF6336DSCF6336 1

These have all been edited with FX Photostudio Pro.  I just upload the image and then go through the different filters to see what I like and what suits it.  As you can see I tend to use the vignettes a lot.  Mostly the black one.  I find that a lot of my photos are of flowers in the centre of the image.  So by using the vignette I really bring  the focus to the flower and the background really fades away.

I chose these ones for the different filters I used.

So enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Take care and thanks for visiting.


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Playing with FX Studio Pro

vintage rose

Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I haven’t posted for a couple of days as I have been trying to restore 300 GBs of photos from Time Machine onto a hard drive.  It has taken a couple of days but I have managed it.  I felt lost without these photos.  My husband needs some photos so I am searching for them but so far no luck.  Anyway it is all done and I feel whole again.  It did take all night to update all the thumbnails so now I can see again.  Ah the joys of computers.

Anyway I spent some time last night just playing abound with FX Studio Pro.  I just tried out the different filters.  I was inspired by‘s post yesterday. I thought her images were amazing. I was also interested in the     Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I    by The Daily Post.

Black and White bubblesSoft bubbles

These two are obviously the same image.  The one on the right was edited again in Photoshop for the colour.

Orange beauty 1Tritone rose

Some more roses.  Again I edited the right one in Photoshop to bring out the leaves a bit more.

Night Vision leavesX Ray leaves

For these two I wanted a more dramatic feel to them, accentuating the pattern of the leaves.

Ranunculascolour explosion

I tried to keep the orange colours of these images.  But with the right image I added a little rainbow affect.

Rainbow watersSolarised leaves

For these two images I gave them colours that wouldn’t occur in real life.  The image on the right has a rainbow filter on a diagonal to go with the pattern on the water while the one on the right has been solarised so that the green has turned purple while retaining the red leaves.

Glowing rose

Finally a glowing rose which I just really added a vignette to get rid of unwanted background.

It is soooo much fun playing around with images.  It can take an average photo and turn it into something amazing.

So have fun with editing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Double Ranuncula

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge topic is layers byThe Daily Post. So it is back to florals again.  I love the way the petals are layered in this double ranuncula.  It is ready to burst out, but slowly, layer by layer.  Actually that is why I love taking photos of flowers.  It is interesting to see each day how the flower opens, so that it is never the same.  Here are some more of the ranunculus.

Pink ranunculaDouble Pink RanunculaRanuncula

Roses are a big favourite of mine.

Rose layerslayers

I love editing them with FX Photstudio Pro.  I have used the vignette filter so that the focus is on the layers and then changed the colour temperature.

red camellia budLayered rose bud

These two buds show just how tightly the layers are.

pink camellia

With this one I wanted to focus on how luminescent the leaves are.

textured camellia

Finally I love the textures and layers in these flowers.

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Learning about watermarking

Final watermark for blog

Good morning from a  grey Hastings morning.

You might have noticed that I have changed my blog.  For some reason my blog lost it’s background etc so I decided to change it.  I have also added a new PNG image at the bottom of each blog – The cheers and have a nice day.  I have been playing around with Photoshop to try and get my own watermark as all photos are my images and I don’t want others to use them without prior permission.  I googled how to do word art and then had a go.


For this water mark I used three different layers for each letter and then resized them before placing them together.  I have been trying to remember what the font was but can’t find it again.  I also used some affects to make the three dimensional look.  Now I make sure all my images have a water mark.

Next, as I love roses I searched through some PNG images I had for this one.


I then altered the opacity of it to fade into the background.

I added the writing _ Cheers and have a nice day – also using the same affects as the water mark. on a separate layer before adding to this rose.  The font of that is Zapfino.

For the butterfly I found this photo –


and cut a butterfly shape using the cookie cutter.  I then added the water mark on top of it.

and voila –

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The number Two



Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

This weeks A Word A week Challenge is two.  So again I got into my archives and found these photos of two blooms.


The roses tend to grow in packs so to speak so it was easy to pick out photos of 2 blooms together.


Two budding peonies.


Two golden ranunculus.


Two blooms on this flower head. This was used for my Halloween photos.


Finally two gerbera.  I thought that this photo had some great potential for some special affects so here is what I did.


A bit more dramatic I think.  I hope you think so too.

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Travel with Intent – Above and Below


Good morning from a sunny Hastings this morning.

I loved the poppy themed post last night by Travel with Intent.  I am working on my own remembrance images of the poppy.  In New Zealand we remember our fallen soldiers on April 25th – our ANZAC day.  Usually with dawn services at the cenotaph in each town around the country.  It is a sombre day.  Anyway I digress.

Whenever I am walking around my head is usually up looking above me, or looking down for images to take.  At the moment I can’t go out much so have looked in my archives for some photos looking up and down.  I love the colours of these roses that really stand out from the sky.


I have no idea what these flowers are but again they look strong against the sky.


This one the leaves are highlighted in the sun against a building.


As usual I have included some reflections in water.



Cheers from Raewyn

Daily Prompt – Dawn



Good morning from a sunny warm Hastings.

Today’s     Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour    is right up my ally.  During the winter the dawn is at a civilised hour so I was able to head out around 7 AM in the weekends to take these photos while my family were snug and warm in their beds.  The downside of course is the cold.  The upside is the light was amazing and it was a serene experience watching the sunrise.  Spiritual really. Anyway this first shot was taken as I was talking to a friend and watching the sun rise at the same time.  He was understanding that I was slightly distracted by the view in front of me and having to take photos at the same time as trying to talk to me.  I am quite proud of this photo as it was shown on national TV that night.  We can upload our photos to the TV station website for the weather report.  It can be anything.  I had only been doing it for 3 or 4 days so was totally shocked when this was shown at the end of the weather report with my name.    it was a nice feeling.

Anyway these photos have been taken over several days with a Fujifilm X-S1 on the SP sunset filter which brings out the orange and red light a lot more.  It adds a sepia filter to the photos, while still maintaining some colour.



As you can see the light was very magical.

DSCF3586DSCF8392 2DSCF2876DSCF8493


Another day and the light was completely different.

DSCF7825 2DSCF7821


Another day I drove to another park – Pakowhai Park to catch the sun there.  The mists were amazing.  Again a very cold morning.  It was like stepping into another world.



Another day and the light is completely different.


For this photo I went to the Rose Garden at Frimley Park and sat there waiting for the sun to rise and managed to catch it through this rose.



Finally this photo is showing the colours of the sunrise in a large puddle on the side of the road.

Apart from the sepia filter on the camera I haven’t edited any of these photos as I think they are strong on their own.

Cheers from Raewyn

Having fun with FX Photostudio Pro

vintage garden


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.  WE have a long weekend this weekend.  Today is a public holiday for us as it is our anniversary day and then Monday is Labour Day.  Traditionally it is the time to plant your veggies for the year.  That I will avoid.

Anyway thanks to Sonel and Amanda ♥ Unique So Chic I am learning so much about photo editing.  I headed to the app store and downloaded FX Photostudio Pro.  Well, what a lot of fun.  I have always wondered how to get the frame affects and now I have them.  The affects are amazing.  I have also joined an online camera club – view  This is an incredibly positive club where only positive comments are given – you get points for liking and faving other photos and generally encourage them.  There are contests to enter as well.  But these photos are getting well received.  In two weeks I have received over 800 likes and 150 peer recognitions.  It really does make you feel that you want to learn more as well.  Anyway there are quite a few photos today as I have just had so much fun it was hard to stop.  I go out and take photos which I love, but then what do you do with them afterwards?  Have fun editing of course.

Rose with edgingrose vintage greenrose sepiaA full bush - agedBilbao budsold roseRoses pink backgroundBilbao rose


I have found my roses to be really popular with a lot of likes and peer recognitions.

unusual seed headtritione seed head


These two photos were of an unusual seed pod of some flowers I had taken before.  They were just amazing and of course made for some awesome affects.

tokyo leafCabbage treeOrange leaves


Lines are amazing for photo editing.

marine reflectionsCharcoal sketch Cornwall Park


The first photo is a reflection at Cornwall Park.  This is with the marine filter and it really gives a depth to the photo, while the other is the charcoal sketch filter.  I love the creativity of the filters and how it can completely transform an average photo and really lift it.

Aged daisies


The sepia toning is good on this app as well.  I love the G & A frame on this which gives an old postcard or photo look to it.

Sepia forest

Finally this is the photo that everyone seems to like.  There are two sepia filters with this app.  The other sepia photo above was the aged photo toning but this one was with the sepia filter itself.  I am not sure as I can’t really remember how I got to this, but I think I changed it to black and white first, before adding the sepia filter.  The colour photo was good, but the toning and editing have really brought out the rays of light and added depth to the photo.

So have fun with photo editing.

Cheers from Raewyn


A whiter shade of pale – Weekly Challenge – The hue of you – Day 4

DSCF8572 DSCF8573


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

This has been quite a challenge finding photos that follow a colour theme, but fun too.  Todays colour is white.  White is just not white.  There are so many different shades of white.  I have about 3 different shades of white for my machine embroidery – natural white, snow white etc.  There are so many different hues of white.  So I focused as I do on roses as they are just so lovely at the moment.



The rose on the right had a bit of a pink hue to it.



While this definitely has a pink hue.



This shows how the colours can change from a tight bud to a full blown rose that is white with a pink hue.



This full blown rose is more of a white white if I can say that.



Backlighting can really show up the colour hue as well.


This is more of a yellow hue than white.



This flower is also a strong white against the strong blue sky.

White is like red, it is hard to photograph out in the sun as it is hard to get the textures right and the hues can come out really different to how you saw it..

Cheers from Raewyn



Pretty in pink – Weekly Challenge – The Hue of You. Day 3



Good morning from a wet and miserable Hastings today.

Today, as you can see the colour is pink.  All these photos this week have been taken on the same day so that the lighting conditions are the same.  I looked for 5 different colours to focus on.  Easy really as there are lots of roses out for this colour.  Pink has so many variations.  Yesterday I was doing a photo book for my step daughter of her wedding.  Her favourite colour is pink.  I did all the pages and then realised that the  pinks didn’t match.  I ended up going back and replacing all the backgrounds with the same pink background.  It made things so much easier.  Her bridesmaids were dressed in a cerise pink and her flowers had cerise, white and pale pink roses which I then tried to match up with embellishments of the roses I had taken.  Anyway I hope she likes her Christmas present.



As you can see the rose on the left has a slight purple or blue tint while the rose on the right is more of an apricot tint.



These roses had a yellow centre which changes the colour of the pink a bit as well.



I like the two tone affect of these petals.  The light leading to the deeper colour on the edges.



Different shades of pale pink here as well.






No two rose has the same pink tones and hues.  It also changes with the light as well, whether in the shade or in full sun.



Here are two different size flowers to contrast against each other.

Have fun looking around for pink colours and hues.

Cheers from Raewyn