A golden day – Weekly Challenge – The Hue of you – Day 2

DSCF8809 DSCF8792

Good morning.

Today’s colour is yellow.  When I was taking these photos I noticed a lot of the songs I was listening to had the word = sunshine in them.  It was a gorgeous day and it really was as the hymn says “I have sunshine in my soul today”.  I just love these poppies.  They are just such a strong yellow colour and really stand out from the background.  As you can see these were taken in the shade.


And these were taken in the sun.  I tried to get the texture of the petals in the sun, using the sun to create the shadows and contrasts.


This is my favourite as I love the lines of the petals.



Of course there are the ranunculus as well.  – I checked for the spelling on that one.  Anyway their yellow is a richer, deeper colour – the petals are not as delicate as the poppies but they are rich and vibrant – a real gold colour.



This peony is hidden away among the leaves and is a softer hue than the flowers above.



I found these yellow daisies or margaritas making a show on the way home.  I like the strong contrasts of the green and yellows.



These roses have more of a orange hue to them, than yellow.

Another colour tomorrow.

Cheers from Raewyn



The colour red – Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of You


Good morning from a very warm sunny day here in Hastings – sorry Amanda ♥ Unique So Chic, I know you are going into your winter.  We are expecting 25 Degrees.

Anyway this week I am just going to focus on colours so I went out yesterday focusing on what was around me.  As you can see today is red.

Red is a hard colour to take photos off.  It depends on the actual tones of the red as well as the light.  Even these reflections are as strong as the real deal.  But I gave it a go.


Now I know for sure that these are peonies.  But the colour is a lot less intense than the deep red, with more of a black hue to them, that I saw.


This poppy and the ranunculas are more true to the colours in real life but these were taken in full sunshine as well, while the peonies are more in the shade.  A totally different shade of red as well.


These photos are more or less true as well.

It almost seems as if the black colour of the peonies was absorbed by the shaded light.  Whereas in the bright light the colours were more true.

It is a great challenge for me to go out and see how I can improve my photography based on colour tones and hues.

Cheers from Raewyn

A rosy day



Good morning from a grey, foggy morning.

Well yesterday was an interesting day.  My family got the chance to meet the All Black legend Jonah Lomu and his wife and listen to them both talk.  An amazing experience.



He is a sick man but is dedicated to his wife and two sons.  We were privileged to be able to shake hands with him and talk with him afterwards.  No photos of me with him, I was behind the lens of course.

While walking on the way home (we only live a few minutes walk away) I sent my family ahead as I spotted some gorgeous roses.  My camera was in my hand anyway, as it always is when I have it on me.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I am always looking around me anyway, whether I have my camera on me or not.  My children just left me to it.

So here are some gorgeous roses I came across.











Then, last night during the rugby test my daughter happened to be walking past a window and noticed the bright moon and remarked on it, saying that it would be impossible to take photos of.  Well challenge accepted.



I grabbed my camera and raced outside.  The first photos were shaky so I found a spot to rest my arms on and took these two photos.  I haven’t edited them at all.  She liked the affect of the clouds just covering the moon for a spooky affect.

Cheers and have a nice day,


Roses, roses, roses

Enthusiasm makes the work lighter


Good morning from a windy Hastings day.  Well actually at the moment it is calm, but the night was rather wild.

I have had this idea in the back of my head about using the same rose, but at different stages.  This is my attempt at it last night.  I have been taking photos of this rose around the same time each day, but over a week.  It was a beautiful old fashioned rose that was lovely full blown.  I wanted to have the affect of zooming out from the bud to a full blown stage.

Arches of roses

This is the background image.  I edited it with Photoshop filters and changed the opacity .



This is the rose right at the back.  I started off by editing it with different filters, but couldn’t get rid of the background so ended up changing it to a PNG image and using the magic wand tool, got rid of the background but still kept some of the effects of the filters as I wanted it to distance itself from the bud in the front.  I also changed the opacity to around 85%.

Orange rose 3


This is the second rose.  I didn’t edit this or the other ones in front of it as they were still in their prime so to speak.  I did change the opacity to around 90%.

Orange rose 2


The third rose.  The opacity was around 95%.  I didn’t want too much of a difference between the different PNG images.

Orange rose


Finally this is the top rose at full opacity.

It was just a matter of resizing the images to get the affect I wanted.  I am not 100% sure that I achieved what I wanted or what I had in mind.  I will try it again at a later stage but with something different.

Cheers and have a nice day.



The sweet smell of roses.

Dewdrops on roses  Shades of pink


Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

Going for a walk is supposed to be exercise for me.  Instead I end up stopping all the time to smell the roses.  Or take photos of them.  Roses are my favourite flower and I have used them a few times on My Word of Inspiration blog.  They have so many different meanings for colour as well as the blooms themselves.  Anyway they are coming out and some of the rose gardens I walk past are just stunning.  I should be going to the park but instead get side tracked.  I love the pink shade of these roses.

Pink rose poking up at the backPink tints


Proud and pinkProud roses in a row


As you can see I stopped at this garden for a while.

Double apricot rosesFull blown

Getting ready to open upPoking out behind the leaves

Some of them are now overblown, I have been taking photos of them just about every day from a bud to this.

gold going into redKissed by the rain


I love the colours in these roses.

Rose enjoying the sunRising above the rest


This garden was amazing with the rose bushes growing really tall.

Reflections of roses


Here is what was hidden behind the fence.  Just stunning.  I love the reflection of the roses in the windows.

Minature yellow roses


Then there are these miniature roses.  The colour is so delicate.  They make quite a show.

The smells are just wonderful, and strong on a good day.  It lifts the spirits to see them.

Cheers and have a nice day.




Embellishments made easy

Good morning from a sunny Hastings this morning.

I am so excited that I have learnt a quick and easy way of doing digital embellishments.  I have spent the past week working on Photoshop and Preview trying to find a quick and easy way of doing them.  I would do one but then I would forget to how I did it so it was basically back to square one again.  Then late Friday night I suddenly clicked – in other words I clicked on the right icon and it was then soooooo easy.  So then I spent the weekend doing embellishments.  I use a mac but I would imagine Windows is very similar.

I asked my son how to video it and he showed me how to use screen capture to film what I was doing on screen and voila.  I had a video, which I then uploaded to YouTube.

Red and white geraniums


This is the embellishment I did with the video.

A rich world

And this is the finished result.  The background, photo and embellishment are all from the same photo.

Here are some of the other embellishments I did over the weekend.  I did found out that a good mouse and mouse pad is essential.  My son  has promised to get me a good mousepad for Christmas – so that he can get his one back.  I ultimate wish is a drawing pad.  Sigh.

striped roserose - orangeRose budsred rosemulticoloured roseMonarch Butterfly 1IvyIvy 2


I found that having a distinct outline of the image makes it a lot easier to trace around, whether freehand or using the magic wand.

So have fun trying this out.  I am.

Cheers and have a nice day.



Coming Up Roses

Page 13


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I have a lot of photos of roses so decided to do something with them.

Rose back ground paper

I will start with the background paper.  This was the original image.

I then edited them using the filters from Photoshop Elements 11 to give these two papers.

Rose backRose background


Using a smart template I was able to place these papers on top of one another to give a semi three dimensional look.

As the background itself  I used this paper.

White rose

This paper I also used for the ribbons.  I found that by using papers as ribbons I was able to get a more interesting affect.  But the colours also matches up as opposed to the ribbons I have in my kits.  It was also used as the card background to the rose photo.

Rose in black and white


This image was originally edited on the Aviary Website with Flickr.  Once I had edited it to the black and white, with the soft pink rose I softened it with the soft focus editor which I preferred as it made the rose more delicate.

Twotone RoseCoral roseyellow RoseRose - coral


These four rose embellishments were then added at the bottom of the page.

I will be getting together some papers which will be available as a download on my website, deco crafts.org.   The link it at the top of my blog page.

Cheers and have a nice day