The Art of Quilting – weekly blocks

Page 15

I love quilting and have made four so far and have about 4 others on the go.  I decided I would love to know the history of the different blocks while sewing them into a quilt so joined up with the weekly magazine The Art of Quilting.  I found a really good iScrapbooking kit called the Vintage Quilt kit with these papers and embellishments.  Another kit I used was the Seamstress kit.  It is a great way to keep the information about the individual blocks as well as showcasing how I am progressing as each block gets more and more complicated.

Here are the other pages I have done so far.

Page 14

The ShooFly block.

Basket of Flowers

Basket of Flowers.

Windmill Sails

Windmill Sails.

Trafalgar Block

The Trafalgar Block.


The windmill block.

Cactus Pot

The Cactus Pot

Diamond Square

The Diamond Square.


The whirlwind block.


The Sailboat.

Chequer Square

The Chequer Square

Double Four Patch

The Double Four patch.

Sawtooth Star

The Sawtooth Star.

Windmill Sails

The Sawtooth Star.

Page 11 2

The Windmill Sails Square.


As you can see some are more similar than others.  In the beginning I begun with a blank page and then built up the image.  Then I discovered the smart template that made things so much easier.  The layout was already there.  It was just a matter of clicking and dragging the photo over and then the papers and embellishment.  I could be pedantic and go back over the first ones and use the template but this is just as much about improving my scrapbooking skills as about the quilt blocks themselves.

I will set up a new blog and explain each one but that as they say is another matter.

Time to log off.

Cheers and have a good night.