Steve’s Snap & ZapChallenge: Selfie

Original selfie (616x640)My hear sank when I saw the prompt from Steve this week.


Oh no

I hate selfies as they are so unflattering.  So I got my daughter to take this photo of me when I got all dolled up for my son’s graduation dinner.

It is time to move on from the selfie I have been using as it was before my marriage break up.  I did the usual thing and went and got a radical hair cut – I cut all my curls of.

So  I wont go into all the gory details of my editing to save an overload of images of my face.  I have narrowed it down to 2 photos.

IMG_0673 (616x640)

As you can see I got rid of the wrinkles and mottled skin tones and blacked out the background to soften my face.

Final Selfie (616x640)

Then I used these great app that I found out through another wonderful blogger called Glaze.  Here you can find some more great photos with this app:

It gives an oil painting affect and best of all it is free.  So I thought I would go for an oil painting.  I love watching the Antiques Road Show and look at all the portraits that are centuries old.  So here is my version.

So I am asking which version is your favourite.

The photoshop version or the oil painting.

Thanks for your imput.

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Snap & Zap: Let Me Take A 100 Year Old #Selfie…

For each Snap & Zap I will suggest a new theme so take a new photo or use an existing photo and edit it with any software you like, so…

  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

The theme for this “Snap & Zap…” is Selfie.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Photo on 12-09-13 at 1.22 PM #5

Good morning from a saturated Hastings.  We are in for a wet weekend so a great time to be at the computer.

This week’s challenge by The Daily Post is a dreaded one.  Selfie.  That is something I absolutely hate.  I love being behind the camera, definitely not in front of it.  Actually this week I made it onto the front page of our local free newspaper.  In full view.  This happened when I was filming the memorial service for the 1931 earthquake on Monday.  I did know that there were lots of photographers around taking photos, but didn’t take any notice of them.  Even when I looked at the paper I didn’t notice who was this woman was holding a cell phone up.  It was my husband who noticed.  And my mother-in-law who rang me up to check it was actually me.   But that doesn’t count as a selfie.

On the local paper website they have one page dedicated to the worst selfies of the week – not a pretty sight.  Downright embarrassing I say.  This is the one and only selfie that I have taken and that is using the Photo Booth on the computer.

Anyway here are some other selfies to enjoy:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

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