Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Puss Puss and Socks

That feels sooooo good 1-

That feels soooo good.

What are you staring at 1-

What are you staring at?

My revenge 1-

My revenge!!! I believe that is your camera bag!

Food is more interesting 1-

Food is more important.

Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.  I have just been outside yet again.  I sit at the computer and I see the beautiful light and colours of the clouds in the sky and my fingers get itchy.  So, of course, I have to go out to capture this glorious start to the day.

Anyway onto Cee‘s Fun Foto Challenge.  So to make my post a bit more fun I have done a little photo story.

Puss Puss has settled in well with my parents.  She is very shy of strangers, i.e. those with cameras poking out at them.  It is always a challenge for me to get some good photos of her.  Especially when she is scratching herself and moves so fast.  But she got her revenge attacking my camera bag.

And Socks – he was more interested in his food.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

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Travel Theme: Sock’s Feet

Sock's Feet-0283

Good morning from a warmer, sunnier Hastings day.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our feet photos.  Feet are something I generally don’t take photos of . The only ones I could find are mostly of Socks, my parents cat.  He is rather naughty and likes to sleep on the table.  Of course I had to have my camera out to take some photos.  So you can see why his name is Socks.

Travel theme: Feet



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Weekly Pet Share: Curious Socks

Curious Socks-051

Good morning from a slightly warmer Hastings day.  Yesterday was a very frosty day and it didn’t really warm up to much.  It has been like that over most of New Zealand.  Ah, the joys of winter.

So another photo of Socks, my parents cat.  I just love the expression in his face as he wonders what on earth is this person is doing with the camera.

My father is now chasing him around and taking photos too.  He took a really good one with Socks stretched out on his back on a chair in the sun.  Poor Socks.


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Weekly Pet Share: Naughty Socks

Naughty Socks-1893

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Well, I survived my dental surgery yesterday.  The hardest part was getting the local anaesthetic and that wearing off.  I just lay there with my headphones plugged in to focus on that instead of the sound affects.  I am not too bad this morning.  As long as I take the pain relief regularly I should be okay.  Yesterday I just lived on ice cream.  I wasn’t allowed to  have anything warm or hot so I had stocked up on ice cream and yogurt the day before.  I am not really an ice cream eater.  It has to be really hot for me to eat it.  But I found a really yummy thick and creamy one – Peaches and Cream.  I could find myself eating more.  But then again I would always associate it with this surgery.  It is weird that you get hungry but you can’t eat something solid.

On Monday, our public holiday my son and I visited my parents.  This naughty cat had ripped some of their net curtains.  So I (or my son) had to take a curtain from the ranch slider and replace the torn curtain with it.  I had brought it home to shorten it and then washed it.  Even when I took the torn curtain down Socks was determined to have a last play with it.

Naughty Socks-1880

Believe me he is in there somewhere.

He is very cheeky but does entertain my mother which is really important.  My mother had tried to sew some other curtains but didn’t know what to do with the sewing machine.  Both her and Dad had tried to measure them up, which I had then sewn but they were about 2 inches too long.  So Martin and I then measured them up, after locking Socks up and I sewed them.

This is my entry for Michelle’s challenge at Hope* the happy hugger



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Phoneography Challenge: All creatures great and small.


Good morning from a cool Hastings day.

For this week’s challenge for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally it is the challengers choice.  So I have gone for both small as in this insect to birds in the sky at Port Ahuriri


This was the most successful of my attempts to take photos of seagulls in flight.


Then there is Abbey and…

Socks (1 of 1)


Everyone will have to wait for any photos of me going horse riding.  We just worked with ponies yesterday and learnt how to care for them.  I did take a couple of photos but was limited as only one person gave their permission to take their photos.  It was fun and the weather was great for us.  Thank goodness.





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Sunday Stills Challenge: The Letter U – Up and Under

Up on the Lamp Post-1726

Up on a street lamp

Under the chair-1732

Under the chair.

My entry for Ed at Sunday Stills challenge for this week.


Sunday Stills The Next Challenge: The letter U (Ukes and underground)

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Michele’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Abbey and Socks

Abbey (418x640)

Good morning from a very hot Hastings.  Here is some proof of how hot it was at 2 PM yesterday.


This was only 2 PM.  It got hotter and hotter. Even last night at 8 PM it was still 27 degrees.  It is hard to sleep as well.  Very stifling.

Anyway since my daughter is leaving us next week we went and spent the afternoon at my parents.  We had a lovely time just chatting and enjoying both Abbey and Socks.

Socks (485x640)

Socks is getting into everything and climbed up the curtains which promptly ripped and made him fall.  The curtains were over 20 years old so they had to be replaced.  It was hard for me to see that my mother can’t use a sewing machine anymore.  I took my machine over and sewed the curtain for them.  My two children are very tall so they put the curtains up.

But is nice to see Mum enjoying the company of both Abbey and Socks.




The Daily Post: Express Yourself

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.  I am a bit late today as I had to take my children shopping before they went to work.  Plus it wasn’t so busy as well.

Express yourself is the Photo Challenge and the Daily Prompt.  I express myself through my photos.  I love cats so here are some more photos of Socks, my parents new kitten.  After some time playing with me he decided he was tired and just plonked himself down in the sun and went to sleep.





Daily Prompt: Express Yourself



WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself





WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Express Urself

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 72: Socks

Good morning from a grey Hastings morning. This is only the second time since before Christmas that we are having any rain.  The grounds are drying out and we are now having water restrictions along with the fire ban.  Actually the night before we moved it rained.  But it had stopped just in time for us to move.

So here is a new addition to the family.  Socks.  Just before Christmas I had posted my last photo of Missy, my father’s cat.  She was suffering from cancer and a couple of weeks ago they had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down.  My father was devastated.  So the next day they went to the SPCA and came home with Socks.  He is sooooooooo adorable and a bundle of energy.  It is a big change from the sedate Missy.  So much personality.  But then again, they have forgotten what it is like to have a kitten around.  He has helped my father in particular to get over the loss of Missy and really entertains them.  I have noticed an improvement in my mother as well.

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