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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: A Colourful Spring


Good morning from another beautiful spring morning here in Hastings.

At the moment when I go for a walk it is rather stressful when I leave the camera at home.  So frustrating for me.  The colours at the moment are glorious.  Spring has been about a month late in coming.  But it was worth the wait.  To start with I just tried to walk.  But no, I couldn’t just walk.  So out comes my iPhone 6S. The only problem with the new operating system is that the music is cut off while I access the camera.  Have to work on that one. Anyway at least I do have a camera on me. So here are some photos just taken around the block where I live.





No need to edit them as the colours speak for themselves.

This is for Sally’s great challenge for mobile photography.





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One Word Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring Blossoms-8-2

Good morning from a cool Hastings spring day.

Yes I am back.  Sorry about taking so long but a lot has happened.  I had to shift house so that meant packing and organising everything and then when we moved we found that we had no internet.  We used to have VDSL which is a medium speed broadband and this house has ultra fibre which is a fast broadband.  We tried to set our modem for the slow broadband setting but found that when they had installed the fibre box they cut the slow copper cable.  So after a few phone calls we finally got our ultra fast broadband set up last night.  Phew.

Anyway thank you for liking my Monochrome of the Day and for your lovely comments.  I do appreciate it.

So where do I start.  Well, when I saw what Jennifer Nichole Wells  had for her challenge this morning I knew just what to  show this morning.

Spring has come very late this year.  Normally we would have loads of blossoms for the Blossom Parade a month ago,  but not this year.  All the trees are really colourful now so here are just a few photos I have taken over the past week.

Spring Blossoms-8-10

Spring Blossoms-8-9

Spring Blossoms-8-8

Spring Blossoms-8-7

Spring Blossoms-8-6

Spring Blossoms-8-5

Spring Blossoms-8-4

Spring Blossoms-8-3

And here are some adorable ducklings

Cornwall Park-1-42

Cornwall Park-1-6

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One Word Photo Challenge: Spring

One Word Photo Challenge: Spring

WPC: A Stunning Day at Keirunga Gardens in Havelock North

Keirunga Gardens-9499

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Today   for the Weekly Photo Challenge has asked us photos from an ideal day.  Perfect timing to show off some photos from my Social Snappers group’s outing to Keirunga Gardens in Havelock North.  The weather was perfect.  The gardens are just coming alive with the first signs of spring – the first daffodils,

Keirunga Gardens-9510

Some snowdrops,

Keirunga Gardens-9550

some jonquils.

Keirunga Gardens-9593

Trees were coming alive with blossoms.

Keirunga Gardens-9523

Keirunga Gardens-9712

Keirunga Gardens-9620

And we were serenaded by the Tuis which are now very active.

Keirunga Gardens-9629

Keirunga Gardens-9630

All in all, my favourite way to spend the day.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day




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A Serendipitous Winter

Autumn -151

Good morning from a freezing Hastings day.

Marilyn over at SERENDIPITY showed some of her summer photos today.  But here in the southern hemisphere we are still in the depths of winter.  It has been a strange winter.  Our autumn was very colourful and long.

Winter frosts-102

But the winter frosts did arrive earlier this year than normal – in April. But the days were reasonably warm.

Then we had some warm balmy days but then we had some freezing days with snow low on the hills around us.

Winter snow-8881

Normally the snow doesn’t fall this low around us.


Then we have been having some warm balmy days, so that the spring blossoms are starting to make an appearance.

It is hard to believe that in a couple of days we will be in August.  Only a month to go until we are officially into spring.  Then in September we will have our blossom parade.  Then we know that we are really into spring.

I live in a warmish temperate climate.  Yes, it can get cold, but then it normally doesn’t last too long.  This week I haven’t needed to light the fire.  But then this morning I got up and it was freezing again so the fire is going strong.

The weather is such a fickle thing.

Go and check out Marilyn’s Photo Prompt for her amazing summer photos.


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Weekly Pet Share: A Friendly Blackbird

A Friendly Blackbrd-108

Good morning from a cooler Hastings day.

One thing I have noticed lately is that our bird life has been getting more and more active, not to mention rather noisy at time.  I have seen birds flying around with twigs and grasses in their beaks.  I like to think that spring will be coming early for us.  Some trees are out in blossom already and it is only the end of July.  And we have been having some warm balmy days which is great. But then winter decides to tease us and come back to bite us.

This photo was taken last Friday with my social snappers group.  What I like about Hastings is that it is more like a country town and there is a lot of active bird life even in the centre of town.  Which is where this photo was taken.

I must get organised  one night and actually record some of the birdsong. It is deafening at times and the birds are just so active.  I have decided to learn more about the birds in general so that I can recognise them when I shoot them with my camera.  I am finding that I am not just helping these ladies with their photography, but also teaching them about fauna and flora so I do need to up my game a bit.

This is for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.



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The Daily Post: Warmth

Good morning from a warm and sunny Hastings.

This week The Daily Post are warming up the cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere by getting us to post our warm and cosy photos. So I have chosen some warm spring photos just to brighten up your day and reader.

These photos were taken this spring just as our side of the world was warming up after our winter.



WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth



On The Inside…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

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Travel Theme: Belonging.

Belonging (511x640)

Good morning from a calmer, sunny Hastings day.

Yesterday we were buffeted by heavy winds.  Trees came down and someone was injured north of Napier.  Trucks were blown over and generally it was very unsettling.  But now that I have just written that it was calmer, the wind is picking up again.  The only positive was that my washing dried within minutes, well pegged of course.  There is nothing worse than having your smalls blown around the neighbourhood.

I managed to get three quarters of my quilt quilted yesterday.  I am the queen of unpicking.  At times it seemed I was unpicking more than sewing.  But I am making progress and will post it when it is finished – so another achievement.  I will actually finish it in time for Christmas as it is a Christmas/house warming gift for my step daughter.

Anyway onto my photos for today.  Ailsa has given us the challenge to find photos of belonging.

Travel theme: Belonging

Ailsa has given us intriguing interpretations of belonging.  I have gone for belonging to a family.  That is a family of ducks.  The mother ducks are fiercely protective of her babies and can get quite aggressive if threatened.  Her babies belong to her and no-one is going to take them.

Belonging 5 (640x478)

Belonging 3 (640x601)

belonging 4 (579x640)

Aren’t they cute?



Floral Friday: Freesias

Freesia 2 (506x640)

Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

As I am doing this I can watch outside and see our local family of blackbirds digging for food in the grass under the orange trees.  They are fun to watch.

Anyway onto my floral photos for this week.  I took these freesias with my iPhone 5S at my parents house.  I had made arrangements to visit them but they had forgotten and weren’t home.  So I wasn’t going to waste my trip so I went around taking photos.  I found these freesias tucked away hiding.  I have done very little editing.

Freesia 1 (506x640)

Freesia (506x640)


Floral Friday: Delicate beauties


As usual I will catch up with everyone later.


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