Floral Friday: Apple Blossoms

Apple blossom (497x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings.  It seems grey in the mornings and then we have clear blue skies in the afternoon and it is definitely heating up now.

We have an apple tree in our garden so I thought it was appropriate to show off some of these fragrant blossoms.

Apple Blossom 1

Apple Blossom 2



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The Daily Post: Signs of Spring

Sign of Spring

Good morning from another sunny spring day in Hastings.  The spring equinox winds are in full force which is another sign of the change of the seasons.

Why am I talking about signs of spring? The Daily Post prompt this morning is for signs.


Another sign is the coming of the spring bulbs and of course the most important insect on earth – the humble bee.

Signs of Spring 1

There are so many great signs out there – check out these awesome posts for some really different signs from around the world.




WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Sign of the Times


It’s Just Another Sign Of The Times…




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Floral Friday


Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.  The spring equinox winds are here for the next few days.  I am looking out into the garden as I write this and see the last of the spring blossoms being blown around in the wind – it looks like snow.

So onto something bright and cheerful today.  My neighbour has a tiny garden and in the past week these gorgeous two-tone tulips are flowering.  So I have been making the most of the opportunity of taking photos – as you do.

DSCF6114 copy copy copy (497x640)



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Wordless Wednesday? Michelle’ Weekly Pet Challenge: Spring is Here

Spring family

17 September 2014





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The Daily Post: Humanity

hastings 014 (640x476)

Good morning from a wet and miserable Hastings.

After a week of warm and sunny weather it has now turned to heavy rain.  Just for the blossom parade.  So I won’t be going as I don’t want to get ill again.  So I searched through  one of my hard drives and found these photos of the blossom parade in 2006 in sunnier times.

I also think it goes well with this weeks theme by the Daily Post – humanity. Usually the town is packed and the atmosphere is just so happy and cheerful and just full of colour.

hastings 027 (640x476)

hastings 023 (640x476)

hastings 017 (640x476)

Front and

hastings 020 (640x476)


hastings 032 (501x640)

And this is my gorgeous daughter aged 10 dressed in an old girl guide uniform as they were celebrating 100 years of the movement.

There are hundreds of hours put in behind the scenes cutting up crepe paper and making the blossoms, and then gluing them on the floats.    The council does award prizes but that is not the point as the prizes don’t cover the money and effort to go into making these floats.  All in the community spirit.



WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

A Marseille Moment




Scotland? A Fresh Start Or Ripped Apart..?

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Spring Jonquil


Good morning from a grey spring day here in Hastings.

I am feeling a bit better so I thought I would see if I could start up my blog again.  I want to thank everyone for all their nice and supportive comments.

I still have no mac computer with all my photos so am rather limited for the challenges so will just post every so often with mostly flower photos and the odd pet photo. Ex-hubby still has the computer, even though his lawyer has written to say I am to get it.  I now have a trespass order against him as once he hears that he has to pay me out he will go crazy and I had to protect myself.

But anyway we are now officially into spring but the weather has been lousy with wet days.  It is a lot warmer though and the blossoms are out.  Next week we have our blossom parade so I hope the weather improves for it.

Tonight we have the All Blacks versus Puma (Argentina) rugby test, the first time in 18 years in Napier so I would imagine it would be buzzing over there today and tonight.

I hope everyone is well and taking lots of photos for me to admire.


The Daily Post: Spring


Good morning from a rather cold and chilly Hastings morning.

The prompt from The Daily Post today is spring. Well here in the southern hemisphere we are well into autumn and driving around yesterday I noticed the lovely autumn colours of the trees now losing their leaves.

So for this post it was a matter of diving into my archives for some photos taken last spring.


So for the first two photos I have gone for a New Zealand theme.  We always know when spring has arrived and the native bush goes gold with these golden flowers.  They are a very sweet flower and very popular with all the birdlife.


Then there are the usual blossoms.



Spring 4

And I can’t forget the daffodils.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected


Good morning from another sunny, warm Hastings day.

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is unexpected  byThe Daily Post.

Ah it is good to be able to access photos again.  Last night I scrolled through all my photos for anything that went with unexpected.  A lot of my photos do deal with the unexpected.  Walking around a corner and finding something awesome such as my dawn photos in the mists.  But then I found these photos.  These were taken back at the start of spring.  I have no idea what they are but they are spring blossoms but in a totally unexpected way.  They are not generic with their petal shapes at all.


I found these flowers under a tree, I think they are a creeper or parasite  plant as such.  I have never seen them before.





Anyway they are bizarre.

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