One Four Challenge: June Week 1

Social Snappers Cornwall Park 208

A new month and a new image to work on for Robyn’s challenge at Captivate Me.  This is where we take a photo and edit it each week to see what we can come up with.  It is also a chance to learn new techniques as well with Photoshop and other photo editing programmes.

My image this month was taken last Friday at Cornwall Park.  For this first week I played around with the exposure, tweaking the clarity, sharpness and colour cast slightly.

So it will be fun to see how this will end up.  Any ideas and constructive criticism is welcome.


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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Large Objects


Good morning from a damp Hastings.

It is funny how you can walk through a park so many times and never really notice what is there.  Yesterday the rain finally eased up I decided to go for a walk to get rid of the cobwebs in my brain.  Actually I am now able to use my arm to manipulate the lens on my camera so rather than doing physiotherapy I would rather take photos.

I headed down to Cornwall Park for some more autumn colours when I passed this.  I though this would make a great subject for this challenge.


As you can see it is a memorial to a visit back in 1927 of the then Duke and Duchess of York.

Actually it fits in well as at the moment we have the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting New Zealand and I am so in love with baby Prince George.  He is so adorable.

Anyway back to the challenge.  I edited these photos with ColorStrokes using the soft filter.  This just adds a little more contrast to the photos so that they so look so bland or flat.


I just love the regal look on it’s face.

DSCF5320 1

When I first did this photo I didn’t like it as there was just too much detail in the background which was rather distracting.  So I used a vignette filter to soften the background in FX Photostudio Pro before using the ColorStrokes app again.

DSCF5316 1

Same with this photo.

For more information visit Cee’s blog here.

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