WPC: Pure Moments in Nature

Pure Moments-

Good morning from a warmer and sunny Hastings day.

This week  from The Daily Post has given us the prompt to showcase what pure means to us.

To start with I love sunrises and every Sunday I drive down to the market when the sun is coming up.  It is hard to concentrate on the driving when the scenery is pure magic.  Especially when it is freezing and misty.  Last week I wasn’t the only photographer on the road.

Pure Moments 1-

I love finding new places around Hastings and this park has just been opened for the public – again the air was pure and still for this reflection.

Pure Moments 2-

Another favourite spot of mine is Pekapeka Wetlands. I am on my own when I go so it is pure magic again to find these wonderful reflections of our wonderful countryside.

Pure Moments 4-

Finding the pure rose is a bonus in winter.

Pure Moments 3-

And then ending the day with another pure moment when the sun goes down.

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The Daily Post: Pure



One Word Photo Challenge: Flaming Skies

Flaming Skies-05

Good morning from a very cold Hastings day.  The coldest morning so far.  So winter is starting to come in here.

This week for Jennifer’s challenge of her one word was ‘burn’.  I searched through my archives and couldn’t find anything suitable.  In the end I decided to go for flaming skies.  I edited this photo to make it look like the sky was on fire.


One Word Photo Challenge: Burn

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WPC: High Summer in Hastings

High Summer in Hastings 1-

Good morning from another hot sunny summer’s day here in Hastings, New Zealand.

Jen H. has asked us for our season photos:

The word “seasons” can also describe a period or phase of your life. If this context resonates with you, share an image that expresses the seasonality of life itself or the present season of your life.

So at the moment New Zealand is in late summer.  Our fruits are being harvested and the hills surrounding us are brown and barren looking.

High Summer in Hastings 2-

So I decided to show some of the scenery that I pass as I drive down to Otane every Sunday.  I leave very early in the morning and the light is amazing.  It is hard to concentrate on the driving when all I want to do is stop and take photos.

High Summer in Hastings-

I have managed to go down on other days just to stop and take photos.


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WPC: An Inspiring Day

An Inspiring DAy-022

Good morning from a very cold and frosty morning. The sun is up now so the internet connection has thawed out.

What is your inspiration? What moves you? What is it that never fails to motivate you, to get you going, or make you happy? It could be the bench in a quiet section of the park where you go to center yourself. Maybe it’s a favorite piece of music or book passage that boosts your enthusiasm. Or, maybe it’s the face of the love of your life, a treasured memento, or the unconditional love you see in the eyes of your pet.

This morning  has asked us for photos of what inspires us.  There are so many things that inspire me so here is my day.

An Inspiring DAy-019

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is look at the sky.  I have been known to run out in my PJ’s with my camera to capture the morning skies.  Some have been totally awesome.

An Inspiring DAy-042

I am always looking around me for new photo opportunities.  Cats are another favourite.  We have so many that come to visit me.

An Inspiring DAy-5691

Nature is always inspiring and ever changing.

An Inspiring DAy-5697

Bugs and butterflies are always inspiring.

Stretching the wings (1 of 1)

Especially as they are in decline.

Our feathered friends and their birdsong is beautiful and inspiring to the soul.

An Inspiring DAy-096

At the end of the day sunsets can be so colourful and an awesome way to end the day.

An Inspiring DAy-036

And then the moon comes up.

An Inspiring DAy-052

There are so many things around me that inspires me to pick up my camera and take photos.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration






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WPC Challenge: Half and Half

Half and Half-5837

Good morning from a freezing cold Hastings day.  I know this because I have already been out to shoot the sunrise which was amazing.  But I had a serious case of the shakes.   Even with a tripod.  So my next investment will be a remote release for my camera.

Anyway the prompt this week from Weekly Photo Challenge is half and half.  I do have a lot of photo of half and half photos.  Mostly when I don’t use a tripod and I move, or when the wind moves the subject.  But these were composed.

Half and Half-5894

And a couple of photos of our sunrise.

Purple Skies-032

Purple Skies-030



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

A Part of the Whole #photography #haiku





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WPC: Roy G Biv – colours of the rainbow


Good morning from a warmish cloudy Hastings day.

This week we are asked for our colours of the rainbow.  This was a hard one for me.  It was a matter of going through and trying to find some new photos. The colours of the rainbow.  Roy G Biv is the one acronym  that everyone knows.  So here is my kaleidoscope of colours today.


More Rain




The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Rainbow Colors


#FridayFoto: The Colours Of Love


African Rainbow



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One Word Photo Challenge: Sunrise, Sunset

Panorama Sunrise-


This week Jennifer has asked us for our clouds for this series in her challenge.  So it was a great excuse for me to try out the panorama feature in Lightroom.  After a couple of hiccups and checking out the videos I have these two photos to show for it.  Actually I had a couple of panoramas in my Wordless Wednesday post.  I just had to do panoramas as the clouds were just too much to show in one single image.

For these I used the dusk/dawn filter on my camera to get the deep colours of the clouds.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy


One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy


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